Vulkan Runtime Libraries (What is it & What You Should do?)

vulkan runtime libraries

While scrolling through some files of your computer you came across a file named ‘Vulkan Run Time Libraries’. But you don’t know what that file is and whether you should delete it or keep it. If you’re wondering what is Vulkan Runtime Libraries and what you should do about it then stick to this article.

Attention: There are chances that you could think of it as some kind of a malware or virus but the thing is it is not!

vulkan runtime libraries

What is Vulkan Runtime Libraries?

Vulkan Run Time Libraries is installed by the display manufacturers like Intel, AMD or NVIDIA. It gets installed when you update your device driver. It also is known as Vulkan Run time Libraries or VulkanRT. It provides direct control over the GPU hence leading to lower CPU usage. It is comparable to Direct3D and Mantle if that helps you to understand.

So now you know that it is not a virus or a malware and so there is no need to worry about it and thus you can use your updated Graphic Card normally just the way you used before.

However, now the question arises that What can you do about Vulkan Runtime Libraries?

Well as you now know that this is not a harmful thing so it is completely okay and safe to be installed in your system. However, there are games in which it is not required so if you do not have any game in your computer that requires Vulkan Runtime Libraries you can simply uninstall it.

But uninstalling the following cannot be done manually. So what you will have to do is install the most recent version of driver of your graphic card, which will ship Vulkan to get it back. If you do not know as to how you can update driver manually then follow the instructions given below-

  • Open the Start Menu and then search for Device Manager.
  • In device manager check all the devices by simply right clicking on them and then selecting Update Drivers.
  • Simply select Search automatically for updated driver software simply update the driver.

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