Top 10 Twitch Alternatives For Live Game Streaming!

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It is entertaining to watch live streams of skilled video gamers playing games online. It is not only entertaining but also enlightening for both novice players and game makers because the former can learn how to play by observing the strategy while the latter can get feedbacks from the skilled players regarding where improvements are required and such. Twitch is one such live streaming platform for video games where you can watch live streams of games while people play them or live stream your own games.

In fact, Twitch is all the talk around gamers right now and has got over 22 million visitors daily. But with such a huge audience, it is quite easy to feel a bit overwhelmed. Or you might just get bored with the site. Whatever, your reasons may be, if you are looking for sites like Twitch, then you have come to the right place. Take a look at the list of sites like Twitch that we have compiled below and take your pick.

Top 10 Twitch Alternatives For Live Game Streaming:

1. UStream

UStream can be thought of as one of the mainstream Twitch alternatives owned by the renowned IBM now. It offers native clients for smartphones running on Android and iOS platforms and allows users to find talk shows, sports events, private live streams and more in addition to the gaming streams. In fact, this site is responsible for almost a third of the live business videos and is employed by Facebook, NASA, LinkedIn, Intuit and Salesforce.


UStream is embedded into the Sony’s PlayStation 4 just like Twitch and thus allows you to stream directly from the console very easily. It is supported by the platforms Windows, Mac, PS4, Android and iOS. The site supports streams of any kind of streams, something that Twitch has failed at and although Twitch does have a lot of gaming streams, it has had many downtimes as well. But this one offers better service and rarely faces any downtime.

2. Mirrativ

Mirrativ is a streaming service dedicated to smartphones and the name is a combination of ‘mirror’ and ‘narrative’. It is available for Android and iOS platforms and allows the smartphones users to directly share their screen online for the world to see. Just like in Twitch, the people watching your stream can interact with you by submitting comments or asking questions or they can also like your stream which you can see as stars on your screen. The service combines untethered mobile broadcasting, social interactions and screen sharing all into a single app.


While Twitch requires a third-party client and tethered connection to stream from your smartphone, Mirrativ does not require any of that. It does not require you to connect to a computer for streaming mobile games and can do so directly from your phone’s screen. In addition to the gaming streams, you can also use the service to share anything that is on your screen like apps or menu or working of something that is on your phone or tablet.

3. is another one of the Twitch alternatives and a considerable competitor to the latter. If you have been a fan of online games for long, you might have heard the terms Hitbox and Azubu which were considered the best streaming sites of their time. Well, these two popular brands joined forces to create which is holding its own in the market. The end-user experience is great and fluid due to HTML5 and JavaScript integration.

The service offers a ‘lean-in’ experience just like Twitch to interact with their favourite¬†players, gamers and organizations and no matter, if you are a viewer, partner, organizer or streamer, the site has got features tailor-made just for you. It runs on the Mac, Windows, Android and iOS platforms and has got superior streaming technology, chat-casting capabilities and a lot more features. now claims to have higher quality eSports streams than Twitch.

4. sure has a delicious name and like the name, the site is also quite different from other twitch competitors. This site is a streaming platform which takes a social media approach to connect the viewers and the streamers and make the interaction more sociable than the others. You can scroll through the platform which resembles a Twitter or Facebook feed to look at various broadcasts and find the one you like. The site also claims to have no delays between broadcasts and viewers because of how fast the site is.

Caffeine, although primarily focussed on games and has a lot of related contents, it also has contents like podcasts, talk shows, news, fashion and a lot more. They have their own built-in software for broadcast which just takes a few clicks to set up and you can dive right in from your browser or iPhone. You can’t find the traditional chat window on the side but instead shows chat bubbles which appear beneath the stream, as in a group chat. A minor problem is that Caffeine is not supported by Edge and its running on Firefox is rather inconsistent, so you’d be better off using this with Chrome.

5. is another site like Twitch with a cool user-interface sporting a dark theme, this looks especially interesting to the visitors. They boast using the latest cutting-edge technology to make sure that the creators can upload their passion with as much perfection as possible and also allow real-time interaction with the viewers. They also offer different streaming qualities so that you can broadcast or watch from wherever you are and with whatever set up you can afford at the time.

It will feel like plunging right into the world of eSports games when you first start using the site and is the exclusive home of Cell games and hosts streamer contests with huge prize money and over $150,000 is already spent for the purpose. Instead of waiting around for the biggies of the industry to host tournaments on the site, they host their own tournaments like weekly Dragon Ball Fighter Z tournament series, War of the Gods series, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament, a similar thing for Injustice 2 and has got its own PUBG Invitational.

6. Mixer

Mixer is Microsoft’s own live streaming video platform and worthy of the list because it is one of the best among its kind. It was formerly known as Beam and is dedicated to video gaming including playthroughs of video games and claims to have enhanced features which allow maximum interaction of the user with the streams. It is a streaming service which is most appealing to the Windows 10 and Xbox gamers as it becomes fully integrated into Microsoft’s cross-platform plans. An upper hand that this one has over Twitch is that it does not require third-party software to stream in the service.


By using an SDK, features can be combined with the games to influence the gameplay or vote on elements using the buttons displayed alongside the stream. The service also shows featured streamers, streams happening at a particular moment and you can search for a stream by the name of the game or a specific channel. It also supports multiple languages and allows you to search based on these languages too. It is supported by Xbox One and Windows platform.

7. YouTube Gaming

YouTube is nothing new to even the most ignorant person around and now they have YouTube Gaming, which can be thought of as Google’s answer to Twitch. It focuses purely on on-demand video game streams and the entire look and feel of the service resemble YouTube a lot aside from the fact that the theme is a bit darker. It contains a plethora of game-related videos for all the gamers in the world ranging from soundtracks to walkthroughs to live reviews and is one of the best sites like Twitch that there is.

gaming youtube

The site has got sections like ‘Recommended’, ‘Trending’ and ‘Spotlight’ to make the search for the preferred content easier and simple. Also, considering the popularity of YouTube, this site not only serves gamers but has an influence over a large user base because of the popularity of YouTube whereas, in Twitch, only gamers are the audiences and visitors. There is a ‘Live’ tab which will take you to the latest contents on the site and there is an added comments section to the right which will allow you to interact with the viewers in real time. YouTube Gaming is supported by the web, Android and iOS platforms and monetization of content is quite easily achievable.

8. Periscope

Periscope is an app for Android and iOS platforms which was brought back by Twitter in 2015 and is a very good streaming service used by many. The services allow the people to stream videos directly from their phone and uploads these streams to their Twitter feed for reaching the maximum number of users. In fact, Mirrativ is a hybrid of both Twitch and Periscope and it was one of the main contributing factors to Mirrativ. Still, this service is much preferred by a lot of users around the world because of its many features.


The service allows the users to interact with the streams in real time and the users can leave hearts and comments on the stream they are watching if they like it. It also allows the users to block unwanted viewers like Twitch and users can also stream directly from their camera, unlike Twitch in which users can only stream the screen of the user’s device. You can choose either portrait mode or landscape mode for broadcasting and even save the finished streams for later use.

9. Facebook Watch

Facebook is not something we imagine when we talk about gaming or streaming video games but it surely is a good site as any on this list for live video game streaming. The main factor for this is the number of users it actually has which is far greater than comprehensible. Facebook has made deals with many gaming giants to become their official streaming partner. To get in on this action, Facebook is your only way.

Facebook Watch

Facebook has signed the deal with eSports leagues and you can watch live streams of popular games like Heroes of the Dorm, ESL One which is a collegiate of the Heroes of the Storm tournament, a tournament league for Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Street Fighter V or the Paladin’s Premier League, then Facebook is the site you are looking for and your only bet to watch them. They have also introduced a monetization system for the content creators, so a few of your favourite streaming channel may pop up on your feed occasionally.

10. Vimeo Live

Vimeo is a site which is more similar to YouTube or other streaming portals than Twitch because it is not exclusively dedicated to streaming live gaming videos. But there are a number of channel in Vimeo that offers this service and hence its place in this list. It is an ideal place for earning money if you don’t want to rely on Google Adsense revenue by building a solid subscription base for your gaming channel. There are a number of channels in Vimeo focussed entirely on gaming.

Vimeo Live

You have to have an account on Vimeo to be able to use it in any way. Free accounts and paid accounts are possible and if you go with the former, you can always upgrade to a paid account later as needed and if you like their service. By creating a free account, you can share 500MB worth of videos per week which may or may not be too little depending on what you use it for. The service makes it very easy to sell the content or you can even set up a subscription service for your channel through Vimeo.


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