If you’re a regular Printer user then there are high chances that one day you would see the following message The active directory domain service is currently unavailable. You’ll mostly not have any idea how to solve this error.

The active directory domain service is currently unavailable

First of all, it’s not a serious error, this error has been faced and reported by a lot of printer users. This error is easily fixable by the user and in order to fix this error the user has to follow the steps that we have explained below.

There are couple of ways which would solve this issue. We have given 2 fixes but you mostly wont need to try them both of them, as one might just do the trick for you – In most of the cases!

How to Fix The Active Directory Domain Service is Currently Unavailable

Fix#1 By Changing the Printer’s Spooler Settings

This error is sometimes caused due to a change made by mistake in the Spooler settings of a printer. In order to correct this error you will have to follow the steps given below:

  • Open the Start Menu and search ‘run’ in order to open the run box.
  • Now in the box simply type “services.msc” command and then follow by pressing Enter so that the Services dialogue box is opened.

run command

  • Then in the window simply find and then right click on the ‘Printer Spooler Services’ after that a list of options will open and then click on Start.

Printer Spooler Services

  • Now a new Window will open then in the ‘General’ tab find Start-up type and set it on ‘Automatic’ and finally click on OK to save settings.

Printer spooler settings

Now check if you are able to print files easily without this error or not. If issue still persists then move to the second fix.

Fix-2 Via registry entry

In order to fix the issue via registry entry, follow the steps given below:

  • First of all open the Start Menu and then search for ‘run’ in the searchbox in order to open the run dialogue box of Windows.


  • Now in the run box type ‘regedit’ COMMAND and then click on Ok in order to open the registry window.
  • Now in this Window navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER then Software and then Microsoft after that to Windows NT and finally to CurrentVersion.
  • In CurrentVersion locate and right click on Devices and then select Permissions in order to open a new Window.
  • Now in the new Window, click on your Account and then  tick in the Allow box of Full Control and then finally click Apply to save changes being made.

permissions for devices

  • Tune the same settings to the Printerports and Windows in order to completely and efficiently use your printer.

the active directory domain service is currently unavailable

Now in the end close all the Windows and check if you are able to use your printer or not.

Did These Fixes Helped You?

If this tutorial helped you to fix this issue then do comment below so other can see the results. However, if it didn’t help you then make a comment below so that we can help you guys ASAP!