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[Solved] Service Host Superfetch – High Disk Space Usage Error!

SuperFetch is a feature that has been provided in Windows since Windows Vista to the latest and greatest Windows 10. It is the part of Windows Memory Manager. Easily said, it is a technology that allows Windows to manage the amount of RAM required so that the machine runs efficiently and smoothly.

It makes often-accessed data be readable from the fast RAM rather than the slow hard drive. So basically what SuperFetch does is that it caches data and makes it easy and quickly available for the application. Sometimes this can affect the performance of certain applications as it tends to not work well with gaming, leading to slow down, but it can improve performance of business apps by a drastic measure

Also, it leads to causing an issue due to which the performance is highly affected, it basically starts showing error 100% disk usage hence giving us a reason to disable the feature.

How to Solve Service Host Superfetch: 100% Disk Usage Error

When the disk is 100% full, you will first notice that the performance of your computer will be at its lowest. To check or confirm, open the task manager and then under Process and Performance tab you will notice that the disk utilization reaches to 100%.

service host superfetch

Fortunately there are two quick ways to resolve this 100% disk usage error caused by service host superfetch.

Method 1- Disabling from ‘Services’

Hold the ‘Windows key‘, and press the ‘R‘ key to open up ‘Run‘ dialogue box. Then type in the command ‘services.msc’, and hit the ‘Enter’ button. The Services window will pop then find ‘Superfetch’ in the list.

When you find, right click on the ‘Superfetch,’ and select ‘Properties’ then followed by the ‘Stop’ button in order to stop the service.

Or in the ‘Startup type’ dropdown menu, choose ‘Disabled’ and the service will be stopped.

Method 2 – Disable from ‘Registry’

Hold the ‘Windows key‘, and press the ‘R‘ key to open up the ‘Run‘ dialogue box. Then type in the command ‘Regedit’ and hit the ‘Enter‘ button. The Registry Editor window will pop up and then navigate to the following location in the Registry.

  • CurrentControlSet
  • Control
  • Session Manager
  • MemoryManagement
  • PrefetchParameters  

On the right side of your screen right-click the “PrefetchParameters” folder, then choose ‘New’ followed by ‘DWORD Value’ and give it ‘0‘ value. It will disable the SuperFetch feature.

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