Top Sites like Soundcloud – 15 Alternatives!


Music junkies are not at all unfamiliar with the name SoundCloud because it is one of the largest audio distribution platforms online where you can promote and share your originally created audio content. It is like a budding musician’s paradise and inspiration all rolled into one and is considered a great indie alternative to commercial services like Spotify. You can find many offbeat tracks and music that most of the mainstream sites won’t promote in SoundCloud.

However, SoundCloud has been on the receiving end of criticism for a long time from back in 2014. It first removed the ‘groups’ feature which angered a lot of users and in 2014 started serving ads and began charging money for ad-free versions further frustrating its users. Though we don’t know for sure who is to be blamed, it is always good to have alternatives in case SoundCloud ever fails. If you are looking for SoundCloud alternatives, look no further because we have compiled a list of such sites for you to go through.

Top Sites like Soundcloud – 15 Alternatives!

1. Bandcamp

Bandcamp is the best alternative to SoundCloud for upcoming musicians and audio artists; they have been around for a long time because of their features. It is the perfect place for an artist to build a really tightly knit fanbase and for publicising your music. The artists can decide on what to charge for their music and most of it goes to the artist even though Bandcamp takes a small cut of it.


This is a great deal because a lot of the artist can’t even make money off of their creation because of all the involved parties and middlemen who profit from that. Artists can also use Bandcamp to sell physical merchandise like copies of albums and maybe t-shirts etc. Artists can also get a domain to their names like ‘’ which will take people to their Bandcamp page where they can shop for the artist’s merchandise or browse through their music thus making it a one-stop site for fans and musicians alike. It is a great place for fans to directly get in touch with their favourite artist and artist to reach directly to your fans.

2. BeatStars

BeatStar was designed with the fact in mind about the difficulty of a producer to earn money and be recognized for his music in the current industry. Hence, it has got all the features that can help a really passionate budding beatmaker rise to the top and is an ideal platform for you if you are a beatmaker who wants to make your beats famous or if you are a beat lover looking for some cool new beats. BeatStars also make it very easy for the recording artists registered on the site to easily connect with other professional artists who wish to purchase their recordings and beats.


BeatStars allows producers to record and upload their beats and set a price and the beats are also sold with non-exclusive rights meaning that the producer himself owns the beat and he can sell them over and over again. Also, the site is rich in content for users that can be filtered like recently published, most popular and under most popular you have most popular with a chorus, song reference tracks, most popular collaborations and so much more. There are also chat rooms where artists can chat with producers about anything, share anything, host Q and As and this feature alone is available as an app called BeatStars Chat which can be downloaded in mobiles so you can stay in touch with like-minded people always.

3. is a site like SoundCloud with a huge repository of content, though it is not as popular. In fact, is like SoundCloud on steroids with a look very similar to the former and contains feed, ability to like, comment and share, profile pages and what not, everything that you can find on SoundCloud. It is also similar to SoundCloud appearance wise.

HearTHIS has a lot of additional features like “Maps” which allows you to discover music in your locality by showing you the artists near you who have uploaded music tracks. Another cool feature is that you can sort your feed by the length of track, genre and time of upload. You can also choose to hide or show the details like track plays, number of likes and shares and it also applies to popular tracks that appear on top of the feed. Also, it has got the groups feature which was removed from SoundCloud which is like a public playlist where you can share your favourite tracks and music.

4. Audiomack

Audiomack is another top-notch alternative for SoundCloud. It has been gaining more popularity over the years ever since it partnered with 4 years ago. It has got all the usual basic features of Soundcloud like share/repost, favourite/like and such. It has got many additional features and has a more balanced layout thenSoundCloudd with proper management of the streaming system, network and community and is just a very clean and professional looking website.


You can embed videos along with your track which can be watched on site. All the song information is included in the Song banner and they are linked to the relevant pages and if your song has featured on it then Audiomack links your profile right underneath the song track details. The site also has a ranking system to make it easy for the user to find the trending tracks and also lets you know how well your track is performing on the list. The ranking is given for today, this week, this month and all time.

5. is a site like SoundCloud where artists can upload music. It is also an easy and useful way to easily upload and share single tracks and works more like a storage account or Google Drive but dedicated for audio. It has all the basic features like sharing, comments and so on and is really dedicated to music more than the artist behind the music.

The problem is that lacks in the popularity department a lot and is rather poor when factors like discoverability and community are considered. is for people to find random music and if you are looking for a specific kind of music or for a particular artist, you wouldn’t have much luck with the site. But if you just want to quickly share your music, then you can go for because that is what it is good at.

6. YouTube

YouTube is no new name to almost anyone of this era and not surprisingly & along best sites like SoundCloud for aspiring musicians. You might think that it is the place for high-quality videos but not anymore because you can find many unconventional and offbeat tracks on the site with just still images as the ‘video’. It is the best place for discovering undiscovered music and reaching more listeners.


The main advantage of YouTube is a large amount of user base that this site has which can help artists reach more fanbase and also that it is a very user-friendly platform. Just upload your tracks on YouTube with all the necessary branding information and description and start building your fan base. When you have made enough audience and have a good reach, you can make good videos to go along with your track as well. If used cleverly, YouTube can be your ticket to success.

7. Mixcloud

Mixcloud is a site that some might love more than SoundCloud and is similar but very different from SoundCloud as well. Mixcloud emphasis on podcasts and mixes more than single tracks and hence the name obviously. You can also browse around the site to hear different music genres and also upload mixtapes too. The standard of the site is single track and you can only upload single track contents in the site (albeit as mixtapes).


A notable feature about Mixcloud is that it is for the real music lovers who need a very intimate or personal experience because Mixcloud wants the user to find music that suits their taste and creating their own listening experience. Most of the content on the site are talk shows and others in the form of podcasts or radio shows where people upload a mix they have put together, and finding a mixtape is rare. The fact that only single tracks are allowed is really not a good thing because most people don’t prefer to hear a large single track with a mix of lots of music which can be quite time-consuming.

8. Soundclick

Soundclick is one of the oldest music distribution platform and streaming site around and it might be even the oldest one existing, having started in 1997 and still going strong. So imaginably, even though the site is like SoundCloud, it is not that visually pleasing or aesthetically appealing like its counterparts but is pretty sturdy in terms of the content it still offers which is a lot. You can easily look for cool music from specific artists or genre.


The main advantage of SoundCloud is that the community of the site is very strong and you can easily interact with other users and artists. Obviously, this is due to the fact that this site is very old and has a strong history and the members have been around for a very long time. This site also allows artists to sell their music and is very popular among beat makers looking to sell their beats to rappers and essentially, this site is like a social hub of music artists more than fans and it is a good site to consider if you area music creator.

9. RepX

RepX is still in the beta form even though it has been a while since it was launched but is very popular on Reddit. Also, since it is a beta, it can change in the coming years and as of now, it is a very minimalist site with a lot of control to the artists over their content. This control exists in all forms like how users should pay and also what they should pay which is a very rare feature unique to RepX. you can check out a large number of songs, videos and playlists uploaded by original artists on their marketplace.


RepX has this feature where it gives artists different business models to accept payment for their content. They can either allow users to purchase the music to access it or they can accept payment from users for streaming their music. The other models involve ad-based, subscription-based and tip-based. But as mentioned above, RepX is still a beat and thus does not have a huge popularity or user base and is not well-known or well established but it may get very popular in future when it is past the beta stage.

10. Reverbnation

Reverbnation is one of the most popular sites like SoundCloud than its other alternatives and it can be even said that it lost some of its shine since SoundCloud was launched. The site is so popular because it is jam-packed with tons of features for artists as well as for music enthusiasts. the features for artists include electronic press kits, social syncing, email marketing digital distribution and so much more.


Reverbnation has a very good design, layout and content and their focus are on catering to local indie artists. It also has a shows feature which lists out all the music shows going on near you and helps in connecting local artists with fans. The discovery feature of the site is also very much on point which makes it easy for users to discover music suitable to your taste.


  1. The writers of this articely had better go and do some searching of reviews of these websites before making them sound so great, because according to a lot of people I found who reviewed several of these web sites, there are LOTS of complaints about several of them!!

    By writing about them the way you have you are putting your own credibility at risk of being tarnished! You may not think so , but you are causing damage to yourself by not checking out these sites a bit closer. All you did is review how they work and the features they have. Those features are no good if the sites don’t properly pay the artists or provide good customer service!!!!

    You might want to re-think this list!


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