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Who doesn’t like to indulge in movies whenever they can? Especially now that we have sites like Rainierland which help us to stream movies online. Rainierland is one of those cool websites that let us watch high-quality movies without the intrusion of ads. In addition to movies, it also allows users to stream their favourite series.

Rainierland is not the only website that is heaven on Earth for the movie fanatics. there are other too that can stand toe to toe with this one and provide unlimited entertainment. Here we have formulates a list of some such sites like Rainierland.

10 Best Sites like Rainierland:

1. Putlocker

Putlocker is a very popular site like Rainierland. It has a huge collection of media ranging from popular movies to TV shows. And all the media are of high quality, perfect for a weekend binge or download. It originated in the United Kingdom around the year 2011. You can also download them in any quality of your choice. Visit Putlocker Website.

putlocker website alternative to rainierland

The earlier version of Putlocker was shut down so website got shifted to a new URL. Even though the site is the same, the user interface has gotten a bit too different from the earlier version causing confusion among the users. The current version does not have slideshows of posters. Hence, you might have to search using a keyword or title of the movie that you want to watch or download. We’ve also published Top alternatives to Putlocker.

2. XMovies8

XMovies8 is a site like Rainierland with so many additional features. It has a huge collection of movies and series in its data repository. All the media are of high quality and no inappropriate content can be found on the website. It is also easy to download from the site in any quality. Visit XMovies8 Website. website

A feature quite rare that can be found on XMovies8 is that you can browse for movies and series using director names. Also, it has a lot of genres from which we can easily pick out the movie we are seeking. It also has filters for sorting by genres like horror, thriller, comedy and so on. It also shows the trending movie and most watched movie, so you can conveniently watch them when you don’t know what to watch.

3. FMovies

FMovies is ideal for downloading movies and series. It also has a big collection of movies and dramas for you to choose from. You don’t have to register or make an account in FMovies to access the contents which is always a major plus. The quality of media is also very good. Visit FMovies Website.

fmovies website

This website gives the users option to choose from a number of languages. It has contents in thirteen different languages, which makes it all the more preferable. FMovies also has the extension and So if you find any trouble while accessing the site, try out these extensions as well. Also, the number of ads on the site is pretty low, which makes the streaming experience all the more attractive.

4. Hubmovie

Hubmovie not only has a vast collection of movies but it also has an even bigger collection of TV shows, series and drama. In fact, it is quite popular for the latter. And all the shows and movies are of HD quality. Hence, it gives the experience of HD TV all in your system. Visit Hubmovie website.

hubmovie website

This website is a very good alternative for Rainierland. It has a simple and easy to use user interface. If you can’t find a show you are looking for on the site, you can request it. The same goes for missing episodes too. It also has a number of filters like thriller, sci-fi and so much more, making it very easy on the user while searching.

5. Geeker

Geeker is a website which contains everything that can be called entertainment. It has got high-quality movies and TV shows that can be downloaded with ease. It is not free and unlimited subscription requires payment. Visit Geeker Website.

geeker com site

Geeker is even more fantastic because of the fact that it contains eBooks and PDFs in addition to movies and TV shows. They can also be downloaded as you wish. It also offers unlimited music to its user. You can download as many songs as you wish. Hence, this website is the package and great alternative to Tainierland.

6. is a site quite like Rainierland. It offers unlimited entertainment and keeps itself at the top of the game by frequently updating its contents so that you won’t miss anything. In addition to movies, this one also contains TV shows. All of the media are of very high quality and there are more tha enough filters to make the searching process easier. Visit Website.

newmovies ws site

New Movie has made the internet crowd happy because it is totally free. You can access its contents without any payment. It does have a generous amount of content. Like Hubmovie, this one is also more famous for the TV shows and series. It also has a very simple user interface.

7. Movie Flixter

Movie Flixter is a very attractive alternative to Rainierland. It is different from other sites of the same type in the way it gives users access to contents. The site does not directly have media on it but provides the users with links which when clicked, will take them to the destination where they can watch the movies. Visit Movie Flixter Website.

movieflixter website

The quality of media is very high. The users are not required to create accounts or make any sort of registrations to access the media contents. The user interface is quite plain and simple. Also, the added advantage worth mentioning is that this website is completely free of cost.

8. Watch Free

Watch Free is a site like Rainierland but it is more focused on movies. All the movies are of high quality. True to its name, Watch Free does not require any kind of payment for accessing its contents. And it is widely accessible and popular. Visit Watch Free Website.

watchfree website

Watch Free is a website that stays on top of the contents. The media are frequently updated so you will not miss anything if you go for this site. Also, this does not require the users to create an account or register at all for watching its media. Additionally, this website also has a few TV shows and series though not too much of them.

9. Movie4k

Movie4k is a website that offers a lot of content, mainly movies. Almost all of these movies are in HD and if not in HD, they will be of high quality. They also contain some TV shows and series to suit your needs. All of the contents and media are kept up to date on this site and if you can’t find a movie or show you are looking for, then you can always request for them in this site. Visit Movie4k Website.

movies4k site for watching movies online

Movie4k is similar to Rainierland in its content but it does not stream anything on the website itself. It has links to movies and shows which will take you directly to where you can watch it for free and in high quality. Also, for each media, it provides at least two working links using which you can access it. It does contain some ads but not too much that it will exasperate you.

10. HouseMovie

HouseMovie is a site like Rainierland but it is different in the fact that it has an even simpler user interface. Itis very easy to use and offers simplicity. It has a lot of movie and TV shows in it. They are all of very high quality. It has more than one viewing option for its media. Visit HouseMovie Website.

house movie website

This website does not require you to create an account or register in it. You can access the contents easily and free. HouseMovie is kept up to date with regard to its content. So it can even replace your TV channels. Additionally, some account regarding the trending and new movies or TV shows are shown on the website.


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