Top 10 Alternative Sites like


Sync-watch websites are all the hype at the moment what with all of the things they can make it easy, be it watching your favourite videos with your loved ones at the same time or streaming videos directly from your phone. Rabbit or is a world-famous sync watch service which was initially made as a video chat app for Mac and was released in 2013. you can create a chat room or a virtual room where you and your friends can share screen to video chat or watch something together.

This site is one of the best offering this service and offers a commendable quality to all the videos. So if you are intrigued by the site and want to try more or if you are just bored of and would like to shift to something new, then this post is for you. take a look at the list of sites like that is given here and enjoy sharing as you go!

Top 10 Alternative Sites like

1. Synaptop

Synaptop is top website like that allows you to share files and have fun with your people wherever you are. It was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Pennsylvania, United States. The site is also available as an app that you can install on your Android or iOS device with ease. You can also access this site on any operating system like Windows, Linux or Mac.


The service is totally free and you can use it to watch movies and TV shows or to listen to music or play games. You can use this site to even read books together and you can sue it either by creating an account or by just starting then and there. The main features of the site are control devices, real-time collaboration, video and text chats, gaming and opening and managing files.

2. Together Tube

Together Tube is one of the best sites like and has all the main features and more than the latter. The site looks and is very user-friendly. Just paste the link of the chat and you are good to go. The site was founded in 2012 and its headquarters is in Germany.

Together Tube

It only takes a few clicks to get up and running. Share the links with as many friends as you like and they will all get access. Another cool feature is that you can search for the video you want and play it using the search feature. Top services of this site are synchronized player, voting system, long-distance relationships and built-in chat system.

3. myCircle.TV

myCircle.TV has a neutral interface and is very simple. It was founded in 2011 and headquartered in England. Creating and joining a chatroom is very easy with this site and you don’t have to register or make an account to do so and it is absolutely free.


myCircle.TV also offers a synchronized player and chat service which is cool and you can invite your friends to your virtual rooms to watch videos from top hosting sites. You can also upload your own videos and share them through the chatroom. Main services of the site are you can manage playlists, create or join existing chatrooms and upload to watch together.

4. Watch Together

Watch Together allows you to share your experiences in real time with your loved ones. It is good alternative to to watch movies, listen to music and do so much more. In fact, you can even go shopping together with this site. It was founded in 2011 and also headquartered in Germany.

Watch Together

To start using it, just visit the site and create a free room and then share the links with your loved ones. Use Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or anything you wish to share them. The important features of the site are it allows you to create playlists, shop from Amazon, and watch contents from Vimeo, YouTube, SoundCloud and more.

5. BlaTube

BlaTube has all the similar functionalities to You can create virtual rooms in the site very easily and use them to stream videos or to watch something with friends. The site does not require you to register in it and is absolutely free as well.


With a really good user-interface and high quality, this one has gotten really popular over time. It also has a mobile application for you to share everything on the go. You can share videos from all the top sites like YouTube or Dropbox and there is even a channel option which gives the user total control over the activities in his or her room which is a feature unique to BlaTube. If you are new to the site and feeling a bit hesitant, then the site also gives you a list of active rooms in which you can join with just a click.

6. SimulChat

SimulChat is another popular site like for sharing content with your loved ones and enjoying wherever you are. It is the best service for maintaining long distance relationships with easy usage and convenience. It was founded in 2014 and its headquarters is situated in South Africa. You can video call, share files and more with this site.


This site allows you to watch YouTube videos together with your loved ones and you can also talk to each other while you are watching which really gives a close feeling. Also, you can comment on the videos as well. It does not allow you to stream the videos but you should have your own copies to watch them. Just share your ID with your partner or enter your partner’s ID and start watching while you can also enable the voice call option too as you are watching.

7. AndChill

AndChill has a no-nonsense approach with to the point in the presentation. It is a site like but with a simple but impressionable user-interface and you will feel very comfortable using it without all the clutters. You can easily create a new room by simply clicking on the create room option and that is it.


When you are done creating your own virtual chat room, you can start sharing stuff like music, videos and more with whomsoever you share the link with. It shows a list of all the active public rooms that you can join and has a video link box to the left where you are supposed to paste the link when you create a room. It is all very simple and you will have a relatively better user-experience with this site.

8. Sync-Video

Sync-Video is easy to use and efficient even though its user-interface ism’t the best. It was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Poland. Just like the other sites mentioned on this list, you can watch videos together with your partner, regardless of the distance between you. They also add new features rather consistently so they will feel much better much faster too.


If you want, you can register on the site but it is not mandatory to create a virtual room or to use the other features. You can easily create a new room for directly watching a YouTube video by just adding the word ‘sync’ before the URL of the video you want to watch. They also have extensions that you can install for Chrome and Firefox with which you can easily create a room with just a click. In addition to allowing you to watch videos from Vimeo and YouTube, it also supports ogv, mp4, flv or webm files.

9. Gaze

Gaze provides a commendable service if you’re on the hunt for alternatives. To top it off, the site is very easy on the eyes and was founded in 2014. You can use the site to chat via text or by the usual video sharing which is a rare feature. You will also receive suggestions from the site to enhance your experience while you are watching the videos with your people.


For the users who feel like they might get confused with the workings of this site, they give a demo option which will help you along. It also provides an overview of all the features and tools they have onboard for you to make use of to have a smooth experience. Play any video or audio files that you have on your device or via the net and start sharing.

10. Wavelength

Wavelength allows you to do more than just share contents with your people, but a whole of a lot more. It is more like a social media site where you can stream videos online for free. You can play both audio and video files using this platform and you can decide who has access or permission to join your chat room and you have the complete control over it as well.


This site requires that you register on it before you can use which is a small drawback but the process doesn’t take any time and is very straightforward. You can create chat rooms which you can use personally or publically and as soon as you register, video sharing room and chat room options will appear for you. You can also build playlists in a live chat, listen to music together, watch videos and as a whole, socialize a lot more using this site by just inviting your friends over to your virtual room.



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