10 Best Alternative Sites like Primewire to Watch Movies


Who gonna watch TV when we can see the same stuff online? With all the different alternatives for watching our favourite shows from among a lot of websites and apps, some of them do really stick out for their quality and the variety they offer. Primewire is one such website popular for online streaming of media right from your browser or the Kodi app which is very convenient. It offers its users a variety of entertainment in the form of music, movies and lots more.

The best part about Primewire is the fact that the contents are free for you to pick and watch or listen. You can even download some movies for free from this cool website. That being said, Primewire is not the only site out there which offers this service and there are other ones that are similar for you to make use of. So check out this list of sites like Primewire to make your weekends more enjoyable.

List of Top 10 Primewire Alternatives:

1. Putlocker

Putlocker is one of the best Primewire alternatives. This website is very popular among the users because of the huge collections of movies, shows and other entertainment it has which will pull you right in and you will keep on binging. The collections of these movies are maintained top notch and organized in categories as well. And most of these movies are of HD quality which is a bonus. Visit Putlocker.

putlocker website

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The user interface can be quite confusing when you enter this website for the first time because it does not show any reels or demos of the movies and media in it. This is because they leave it to you to search for and find what you want. So, make use of their categories or search for what you want yourself and you for sure will not be disappointed. Also, if you wish to watch a movie that is not there on the site yet, you can make a request for it as well.

2. Viooz

Viooz is a site like Primewire but is designed just for streaming movies and there are not TV shows or series on this site which might make you doubt using it. But fear not, for this site makes up for the lack of other media with its huge collection of movies that you can choose from. Moreover, they add a new movie to the site every day which is more than enough to have enough content to not make its users bored at all. Visit Viooz.


You can access all of the features of this website by creating an account and this process is totally free. The site is global and serves users from different parts of the world, so it is no wonder that it has movies of over 25 different languages. You will be able to find most of the legendary movies on this website no matter how old or new they are, they will be there. You can filter your search by languages, year, country, genre and many other categories

3. Niter

Niter is another site like Primewire and is perfect for watching movies without many complications. It is focused on movies and has got a huge collection of them as well. It has got well-defined categories like genre and year to make the searching experience less tedious. The user interface of Niter is very simple and user-friendly and the layout quite resembles Netflix. Visit Niter.


Like most of the other online streaming sites, Niter has also got its fair share of ads. So, it might be a good idea to use an ad-blocker for smooth usage of this site. On opening up Niter, you will be able to see the most recent additions to the website though you can also browse by categories. After clicking on the desired movie, you will be able to read a brief summary about it, watch its trailer and to also see its IMDB rating.

4. 123Movies

123Movies is a site like Primewire and has got a huge collection of both movies and TV shows to make its users very happy. This one has got an old version and new version with both of them having their own features so that user can opt for the version based on what they prefer. 123Movies stresses on simplicity without losing the modern elements and is designed to make the user experience more comfortable and rich. Visit 123Movies.


This website has options for users to search for what they want by entering the title or giving some keywords to look through their huge database. There are also a number of categories to make things easier. The movies are well labelled and you can also see their IMDB ratings. A great feature of this site is that you can sign-up in this site to receive email updates about latest additions and also connect with social media to share your favourite entertainment with your friends.

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5. Yify

Yify comes in our list of top PrimeWire alternatives because of its more than big enough collection of movies in every genre you can imagine. It is only for movies and you cannot find any TV shows or other media over here. There are a lot of categories that you can browse through to make your search easier. This site is perfect if you are seeking the latest movies to watch. Visit Yify.


The movies recently uploaded will be shown on the homepage of this website when you open it, just like in Primewire. You can always opt to sign up to this site for getting some extra features that you won’t be able to access otherwise. A peculiar feature of this website is that you cannot stream movies online. You have to download the movie so that you will be able to watch it and sometimes the site might be too slow as well which is a setback.

6. SolarMovie

SolarMovie is a site like Primewire and a repository of a huge collection of movies and TV shows. Though there are many alternatives by SolarMovie for the same purpose, this one is best of them all. It is rich in contents and most of them are of high quality which is another attractive feature of this website. It has a collection of movies ranging from animation to classics to old movies. Visit Solar Movie.


It is always recommended that you register on this website for a better experience and access to its features though you can achieve that without registering as well. There is a large number of categories on this site like romance, action, Japanese and a lot more which add up to over 30 different kinds.

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7. MegaShare

MegaShare is an online streaming service like Primeware with a focus on Tv shows and series rather than movies which makes it a bit different from the other alternatives. That being said, it doesn’t mean that there are no movies on this site but rather that you will find only the most iconic movies, regardless of how old they are. It also contains an amazing collection of series movies which is a unique find. Visit MegaShare.


MegaShare, like most of the sites like Primewire, does not host any of its contents on its own server and acts as a medium between us and other sites which stream media online. A feature worth mentioning in MegaShare is that it also allows you to share your own files. The user interface of this site is very user-friendly and well organized so that you can select from different categories like Manga, Classics, comedy, action etc. Also, it keeps you up to date on new episode releases of series that you are watching so that you won’t miss out on your favourite shows.

8. CoolMovieZone

CoolMovieZone.com is a very neat alternative to Primewire because of its different interface which is not at all cluttered and is quite conservative in appearance with only the necessary stuff displayed on the page. The user interface is not that mild but it is manageable and navigating through the site is not at all difficult. It is a site focussed on providing its users with movies and has got a huge collection. Most of the movies are of high quality which is an added bonus. Visit CoolMovieZone.


The site does not host its own contents and deliver from third-party sites and if one of the links fail to take you to your movie, then it has additional links to make sure that you will get your movie. Also, the movies can be downloaded with just a single click and you can download them in various formats like MP4, MOV, WMW, 3GP and FLV. Unlike most other sites like Primewire, this one is not packed with ads and has got a relatively low number of ads to provide a good user experience.

9. Netflix

Netflix is another  Primewire alternative for watching movies, TV shows and a lot more online. It is a video on demand service rich in content and is guaranteed to never make you bored with its high-quality contents which can be accessed easily based on categories or can be searched for. Netflix also has a subscription model and the popularity of this site is evidence enough for the fact that this model works well than having to pay a huge amount upfront.


Netflix is so popular among the users even though it is not free because of its very user-friendly interface, engaging engagement and very large amount of contents with a layout that is easy to navigate and use. It gives a highly personalized experience to its user with the feedback based suggestions. The site also has a mobile-friendly view and its app for mobiles is also available which is also a factor in its large user base with a statistics of one in four households subscribing to Netflix.

10. MovieZion

MovieZion is a great place for streaming movies online and has got a huge number of movies which is quite obvious from its name. You may get disappointed with the fact that it has no TV shows or series but it more than makes up for this setback by providing you with a collection of over 33000 movies, which is humongous. This site is perfect for watching movies and they keep the site updated with the latest content on a daily basis hence making it perfect for movie fanatics. Visit MovieZion.


MovieZion is totally free to use and you don’t even have to sign up to make use of its great features which saves a lot of time. It also has got multiple categories and genres to make your searching experience better. This is a smart website and once you start using it and it understands your choices, it will give recommendations based on it. With all these features and a cool user interface, it sure is popular for a reason.

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