Have you ever felt that it would be cool to get to know some random strangers and make new friends? If you did then you must be familiar with Omegle.

Omegle is a website that allows you to meet total strangers and chat with them. But Omegle is not the only such site that you can use to be social. There are many other sites like Omegle & even better.

10 Sites Like Omegle:

Below, we’ve listed real-time chat sites like Omegle to connect with new friends.

1. Chatrandom

ChatRandom is a top website similar to Omegle. You can get acquainted with people all around the world just within the comfort of your room. It spans the globe and is available in 25 languages like English, Portuguese, Spanish and many more.

chat random site

ChatRandom offers many sections of chat like Gay chat, Random chat and chat rooms. It has enhanced features and is very comfortable to use. You can use any of these options to connect with other people.

ChatRandom lets you interact with other people using a webcam. The whole experience of this site is based on the fact that you can see the person that you are interacting with. It allows texting only to those users for whom you have enabled your webcam.

2. TinyChat

TinyChat is currently a big name in social websites. It allows its users to chat via text messages or audios. You can also video chat with the other person. It claims to produce an airtime of 5 million minutes per day when all of its users’ minutes are combined.


TinyChat is a website which works on any system with Adobe Flash. It is also possible to use it as an Android app. It is owned by a New York based company called TinyChat.co.

You can chat through a number of chat rooms on the website or if you wish to create your own chat room about a topic, you may do that too. It supports up too 12 video feeds per chatroom. Also, you can live stream shows in TinyChat. And the best part is that it is totally free.

3. Friendfinder.com

FriendFinder is much more restrictive in terms of versatility in the sense that it is an online dating service. They boast themselves to be the largest dating service online and has been existing as a social networking site since 1996.

friend finder

FriendFinder helps its users to find people that they are interested in for fun, love or intimacy. You can use it to discover like-minded people and connect with them.

You can use FriendFinder if you wish to meet people locally. If you prefer to remain anonymous and are looking for some fun only, feel free to connect with people long distance which makes you feel a lot safer. You can also use webcams to video chat.

4. Bazoocam

Bazoocam is a website similar to Omegle. It is based on webcams and lets you connect with people over it. Another major plus of this site is that it is heavily supervised to maintain clean content. So you can look for fun in a safer environment. Its quite straightforward too. Just connect with whome you like and skip those you don’t.

bazoocam site

Just like the other sites of its kind, it also allows you to meet new people online. But if it gets too boring talking about stuff, you can always try out some cool inbuilt games the site provides and bond over it. To get more people to talk to you, they even suggest going for some out of ordinary stuff while advising you strongly against any kind of nudity.

Though it offers so many good features as noted above, it is still not as prevalent due to its poor functionality and very mediocre design. Also, it asks you to give your credit card information before you can chat for free. This is a great market tactic to sneak in extra charges. So that is an issue. But do give it a go if you want to have some safe and secure fun with charming strangers.

5. Hey-People

Hey-People is one of the easy to use Omegle like websites to meet new people. It alleges that it is an experimental and non-commercial project. And true to this claim, there are no ads on the website.

hey people site

The process to use this quite normal. Just register yourself in by giving some information and look for interesting people. You can connect to these people based on the mutual interests which, is an option in the site.

If you see someone that you are intrigued by, connect with them using the ZAP button. If the person manages to make you feel uncomfortable or if you are not interested in them, you can blacklist them and they will never be able to connect with you again. But if you like to keep in touch with them, then use the Friendship button to get connected to this person again.

6. Fruzo

Fruzo claims to be the first dating social network which uses video chats to connect with people. More than that, Fruzo lets people make friends, follow their status and find their matches. So it is an all in one service.

fruzo site

Fruzo is also available as an app so that you can easily use it on your mobile. You can start using this service by logging in with your existing Facebook account or by creating an account just for Fruzo.

If you find someone that you are interested in and wants to keep in touch with, you can follow them. You can also post pictures in Fruzo. It allows you to search for people using keywords so finding engaging strangers is much easier as compared to the other sites that provide similar services.

7. iMeetzu

iMeetzu is another growing website that offers socializing options so that you may meet new people. It has lots of new members joining it every day. It helps you find friends but also allows you to look for potential dates.

imeetzu site

iMeetzu also offers chatroom setups so that you can talk about some topic that you love. An additional feature that makes iMeetzu better than other sites similar to Omegle is the anonymity option it offers. It doesn’t require you to divulge your private information unless you want to, making it a lot safer.

Its working is pretty much similar to the other websites of the same type. You can connect with people that you find interesting or leave them if you find them not worth your time. It is as simple as that.

8. Chatroulette

Chatroulette is a very famous and is a site similar to Omegle. It is based on video chats and requires a webcam. You are matched randomly with strangers. You can chat with them using messages but you will remain connected through the webcam.

chatroulette site

The working of the site is compared to the game Russian Roulette which is like a gunfight. Here, the difference is, you exchange words instead of bullets and that is so much better. It was found by a 17-year-old Russian boy who got curious about the technology after chatting with his friends in Skype.

This site acquired its popularity by the word of mouth but it grew a lot in the past few years. It was founded in 2009 and now, after so many years, it has been updated to the point that it can identify and eliminate offensive content. You have to agree to some terms and conditions to join the site and the violators will be cleaned out.

9. FaceFlow

FaceFlow is more like a site for making friends than for dating. It is very similar to Omegle because it allows people to find friends among strangers. It allows you to connect with your friends.

face flow site

You can make an account in FaceFlow and construct a profile. This profile is searchable and your friends will be able to find it. You can share pictures and videos on your profile. The best feature of this site os it allows users to video call with up to 3 friends at a time. You can video call directly from your browser. One on one video call is also possible. So it similar to Skype too.

FaceFlow developers have worked hard to make the site very interesting. They have now released a new game in FaceFlow. It is called Flappy and sounds fun.

10. ChatRad

ChatRad can be thought of as the sterner versions of sites similar to Omegle. They have strict policies regarding behaviour and is tough on the people who violate its terms and condition.

chatred site

ChatRad is created with the expectation that people will behave appropriately as in the real world. Thus it is very safe compared to the other sites. You can use ChatRad if you are 18 or older and fancies a secure environment to meet new people.

As of now, ChatRad is still not as popular as many of the other sites similar to it but its developers are working constantly on it. Thus it is always up to date and does not contain bugs and if found, they are fixed quickly. This site is for those who are genuinely enthusiastic about getting to know other people and does not wish to use such services for sexual gratification.