Top 10 Alternatives Sites like Offerup to Buy/Sell

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For all of those who are into crazy shopping, the internet is the best place. If you’re someone who does that a lot, you might have used sites such as Craigslist and eBay. Chances are that you might have heard of OfferUp, an app that offers the same kinds of services. OfferUp boasts to be a combination of all things good in Craigslist and eBay.

It scales down the global aspect of eBay to a more localized market and has eliminated the difficulty of reading through headings as in Craigslist. Though this one is cool enough, there are sites like OfferUp which provides more services and has even more listings. Let’s go through some of them. Below, is the list of sites similar to the OfferUp to buy and sell stuff online.

Top 10 Alternative Sites Like Offerup:

1. AliExpress

AliExpress is a business site based in China. Launched in 2010, it is now very popular due to the number of products and the considerable amount of services and places it spans. It is owned by Alibaba and is very successful in countries like Russia and Brazil. Now it’s popularity has spread to most of the world and it is one of the best e-commerce sites in existence.

aliexpress alternative to offerup

This site is similar to OfferUp as it allows retailers to sell autonomously to the customer by using AliExpress as a platform to market their item. The sellers can be anyone from small companies to individuals. It urges small firms to participate in the global market and works to support them. This has resulted in the presence of a large number of listings on the site. Thus you can find just about anything that you are looking for with attractive deals and offers.

At present, AliExpress supports 8 languages and serves English by default to countries whose language it does not support. More than easy buying and selling, it also assists in drop shipping, which has attracted and encouraged individuals to start their own marketplace with the help of this cool website.

2. eBay Classified

eBay classified works like the classified section of your newspaper. We must have all used eBay once or twice in our online shopping ventures. We order and it is shipped to us and we go for this service all the time while using eBay. But the fact that eBay has a classified section might be missed by many of us though now the same fact is more popular than ever and many people are using it.

ebay site

eBay classified is a site similar to OfferUp because it enables people to list items out for selling and supports a local exchange of items, just like OfferUp. It works like a classic classifieds section of a daily newspaper with listings and ads of items and services that are put up by local sellers. You can go through them, see that if any of the products match your interest and if they do, fill out the contact form and the sellers will contact you. You may then make arrangements with them to exchange the products that you need,

eBay Classifieds does not allow the users to make payments online through eBay. You may put up your listing for a particular amount of time and for that time, you can revise the details as and when you like. They make sure that you strictly adhere to their policies and conditions or you will be kicked out of the community. Thus it’s a more reliable option.

3. Oodle

Oodle combines listings and ads from different sites like eBay, and many others and offers them in a single platform. Thus it can be called a classifieds aggregator and it is the largest one at that. In addition to listings from other websites, it also has ads from local newspapers and other small-scale websites running locally.

oodle site

Based in California, this online marketplace is quite old with an age of  14. It was launched in 2004. It has a really wide span covering over 1000 regions in United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, United States and India. So you can buy and sell over a large marketplace, unlike OfferUp. Also, the number of listings are practically infinite. So you are bound to get what you are searching for with assurance.

Also, if you are looking for pets, you should check this one out instead of Craigslist because unlike Craigslist, they have a large number of listings of pets. Oodle also supports the classifieds section of newspapers like The Washington Post Express and New York Post.

4. Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace designed especially for handmade and unique goods. Though some people might find this restrictive, the number of items on Etsy is quite huge and its active user base is pretty impressive as it has over 20 million active buyers and 1.5 million active sellers, as of 2014 which can be expected to have increased even greater in the last few years until now.

etsy site

Though Etsy is a site similar to OfferUp, it is very much designed for vintage and handcrafted items. It also has unique items that are factory manufactured. It has set a condition for vintage items that they must be at least 20 years old. Etsy has a huge collection of crafts, photographs, clothing, quilts, jewellery, beauty kits and so on. They extract a feeble fee of 20 cents per item for listings.

This website was launched in 2005, which also makes this one more solid as it has a track record that we can inspect and so far it is satisfactory. It is a vibrant online marketplace that is sure to pull you in with all the colourful goods and services.

5. Hoobly

Hoobly is another famous site like OfferUp. It is very similar to Craigslist in the way it is presented. Just like the other web-based systems mentioned in the list that is similar to OfferUp, Hoobly is also a classifieds website. It works like the classifieds section of a newspaper.

Hoobly site

This website has been around since 2003, so it’s got history too. That makes it more trusted among the users. And you can find just about anything in here. There are ads for services, goods, and many more. So it is sure to not leave you disappointed. You can post ads or browse through the site for products without any sort of payment.

Though there are so many categories on the website, it is very famous for the listings of pets, which is numerous. If you are looking to buy or a sell a pet animal, then Hoobly should be your go-to place. There are also additional products listings in Canada and Europe too.

6. VarageSale

VarageSale, as the name indicates, is an online garage sale. It is a mobile application. This one is the closest to OfferUp because it operates locally. Also, it is remarkable in the safe and secure environment under which all transactions takes place. Just follow the instructions put forth by the site owners and admin and you are good to go and enjoy a secure shopping experience.

varagesale offerup alternative

You can find great bargains and steals in the app as it operates locally and this is perfect for you if you are hesitant about using these kinds of services for buying goods. It takes away the feeling of insecurity by making it necessary for its users to connect to their Facebook account. So if you do not have a Facebook account, you cannot use this app.

Thus, it keeps away scammers and brings more assurance to quality. VarageSale can be thought of as an online community close to each other in location, interested in buying and selling of items to make some money and get their money’s worth.

7. LetGo

LetGo is getting so famous that it is called the successor of Craigslist. It is as popular or even more so than OfferUp. This one similar to OfferUp. It is a classifieds application designed for mobiles. As suggested by the name, it encourages people to let go of stuff they do not use anymore while making some money off of them. Interesting take on marketing and this tactic does work.

letgo site

LetGo operates locally like OfferUp. The process to use it is simple. If you are a buyer looking for an item, search for it using the various methods, find a seller, contact them and if you feel like bargaining, you may do so. But if you just want to get it as is or give them an offer in return, that is also possible.

A very good feature of LetGo is that it auto fills information. If you are a seller posting a listing in the app, it auto fills most of the information for you. You can make edits to this information but it does make the entire process a whole lot easier. It also scans images for the listings and fills out the appropriate information just by scanning these images. I’d say that is a pretty handy feature.

8. Newegg

Newegg can be called the oldest online marketplace of all that is mentioned in the list. It was founded in 2000 and is a site similar to OfferUp. It was one of the top 10 online retailers in 2005. This site is very popular and is focussed on electronic goods and services. It is based in City of Industry in California, United States.

newegg site

Newegg is a retailer focussed on electronic parts, hardware, computers and items of the like. It has large product reviews and ratings. You can go through them before choosing to invest in an item. This gives confidence to the quality of the product which is kind of very important while you are buying electronic goods.

This site also sponsors technology-based events and computer gaming. Though it is primarily based on electronics goods like computers, software, hardware, gaming peripherals and the like, it also has listings of housewares, tools, furniture and many more products.

9. Yerdle

Yerdle is an app and site just like OfferUp. But it is very different fromOfferUp and any of the sites with similar context. It does allow users to buy and sell goods on the site. But the method of payment is very specific and different than the traditional methods. They use the pay forward principle for making payments. The only money a buyer needs to spend is the money for shipping. Rest of it comes from credits.

yerdle alternative to offerup

When you first sign up in the app, you receive some credits. You can use these credits to buy an item listed in the app. Credits can be purchased with money also. But you can only make payments for products listed in the app using these credits. Also, as you post an ad for an item you want to sell and when it is bought by a customer, you get more credits. You can use these credits to buy things from other sellers on the site.

Yerdle is not really neighbourhood based. It supports shipping of items as well as picking up of items directly from the sellers. It is based in San Francisco, California. Registrations to the app are free for US residents since December 2014.

10. Facebook

Facebook is a very popular and widely used social media across the world. But what a lot of people do not realize is that it is also a site similar to OfferUp. If you want something to be sold off quickly, you should always try Facebook. It is faster, familiar and safer.

facebook marketplace site

Facebook is now widely used as an online marketing place. Due to the number of users, ease of use and the features it offers. You can search for specific groups that deal with a category of items and join it to buy or put up ads and posts to sell an item. Or you can search Facebook using some keywords to find a product. Or you can always make use of the ‘Buy and Sell Groups’ option in the menu.

Just make sure that you always conform to the policies and rules put up by the admins of the group or you may get thrown out. If you market your product well and follow these rules, your item might get sold even quicker than in other sites of the similar kind.


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