Top 10 Sites like modcloth (Sexy & Trendy) for Your Girl!


For all the women out there, you know shopping is fun. There was a time when we had to go out to have this fun but with the advent of the internet era, you can have this fun remotely. There are a lot of online shops the has got huge collections of beautiful clothes if you feel like shopping from where you are without moving an inch. ModCloth is a noteworthy online shop for this where you can find cute and vintage fashion at affordable prices.

ModCloth is popular for the user experience and also for their vintage inspired women’s collections. If you love ModCloth or if you are looking for more options to shop beautiful vintage shops online, then keep reading. Here is a list of sites like ModCloth for all your fashion needs. Happy shopping!

Top 10 Sites like modcloth for Your Girls:

1. Missguided

Missguided is a very good site like ModCloth with big collections of feminine and girly clothes with a soft retro touch and is for the woman in you, so to speak. Even though the collections are a bit girly, that doesn’t make them any less cool because of the fact and they do keep up with the trend. Their collections range from party dresses to casual dresses and they also have shoes, accessories and a lot more. The prices are very affordable as well without compromising on the quality.


They have many features to make sure that you are getting what you want and if you find that for some reason you can’t use the item you purchased, then they also have a 14 days return policy. As a cherry on top of, they give out special offers for students too in addition to the usual offers and the price point of most clothes will fit your budget. If you are into the sweet and feminine vintage items in ModCloth, you will find something you love here as well. So do check the site out.

2. Ruche

Ruche is your site if you are the kind of girl who is all about soft colours, floral dresses and frilly blouses because the site is a more feminine version of the famous online store ModCloth. Even though the clothes are all of the vintage styles, this one adds a modern touch to the items with trendy twists and unique accessorie that perfectly compliment your clothing item. Ruche also has items beside women’s fashion like children’s accessories and home supplies. The collection of items is pretty huge too.


A great feature of Ruche is the stunning lookbook archive which is just a great collection of photography and designs which you can go through if you are into fashion. This retailer also ships to Canada, UK and many other countries across the world through United States Postal Service. You can also get great offers from the site and it also has a ‘feature’ section which will help you keep up with the latest fashion.

3. Uniqlo

Uniqlo is for those ladies who like to strike a chord and stand apart from the crowd because that is the kind of collection this site has. It is a Japanese brand of fashion and is perfect if like to be unique and different in the way you dress. It has got clothes oozing simplicity and chicness at the same time without making it look boring but more contrasting. Also, if you are building your wardrobe, then do check this site out because everything will fall within your budget because that is the kind of prices they offer us.



Uniqlo has got all features that are basic for sites like these and has got some additional features as well like free shipping for orders that cost more than $50. The quality of all the products on the site is very good without being expensive at all thus making it very good for the common girl. If you wanted added discounts and offers on top of the ones that are there already, then you can opt to become a member of the site as well and you will get offers exclusive to you.

4. Pinup Girl Clothing

Pinup Girl Clothing is a sexy alternative to ModCloth with an alluring take on feminine items which is reflected on the kind of clothing that you can find on the site. All your clean lines and soft colours are given a dose of sexy to make sure that you stand out with the right attention on all the right places. Also, just like ModCloth, everything in their collection is vintage inspired and the collection is just huge and downright sexy.


Pinup Girl offers items ranging from clothes and accessories to a large collection of swimwear, shoes and bags. The price point is affordable enough but can seem a bit too much but rest assured that it is well worth the quality they offer us. They also offer international shipping on orders above $350 excluding VAT and shipping but rest assured that the items will be well worth the price. This site is just splendid for curvy girls because you will find a lot of clothing to your taste in the site and I insist that you must check this one out.

5. Heart Of Haute

Heart Of Haute takes you back in time with their retro, rockabilly style of items that just look so cool. They have a huge collection of vintage rock dresses, accessories and more and is the perfect destination for you if you love the rock era. Also, different pieces of clothes are given cute attractive names like ‘Beverly’ or ‘Marseilles’ depending on their look. The plethora of options you can choose from is just too vast.

Heart Of Haute

Heart of Haute has a lot of great features like they ship internationally depending on the weight of the package and your location. Most of their options are feminine and you will find similarly designed items here as in Modcloth. The price point of the items stands within the budget and you will find clothing you love which you can afford. It also has got collections for all body shapes and sizes which makes this site a rather good option for girls who have difficulty finding the right cut and size.


ASOS is a site like ModCloth but it focuses on unique and trendy indie pieces of clothing and fashion and is the go-to place for girls who love that kind of look. It has got a very huge collection of such clothing and you can cross off your old destination for indie clothes because ASOS is dedicated just to that. You can find all sorts of such clothes in ASOS that can be found in ModCloth as well. This site has got dozens of international retailers, so you are sure to find something that will suit your taste.


Some of the better features of ASOS include free shipping on orders above $40 and free returns as well. In addition to free returns, they have a 28 days return policy if you for some reason wish to return your item. Also, it has got a similar style of ModCloth and the clothes are super vintage and chic just like in ModCloth and up to date in trend. The range of collection in ASOS is much cheaper and affordable than ModCloth without compromising on the quality.

7. Nordstrom

Nordstrom is as cool as its name and is one of the best sites like ModCloth with affordable and trendy clothing options for girls who love to dress up. This site has got a number of brands with all sorts of style ranging from classic to indie and vintage look so you will surely find something you love. Another great thing about this site is the customer service they provide you with which is perfectly on point and the items are all of very good quality.


Some of the notable features of this superb retailer site are the number of standard labels and designer brands of items they offer and the fact that you will be able to find a similar style here as in ModCloth. Another great feature dedicated to all US citizens is that standard shipping is totally free on all US orders no matter the price of the item. Alos, you can be assured of the quality of the products because they offer the best.

8. Forever 21

Forever 21 is a very common and coveted name with a huge collection of both girly and vintage fashion items. This one has a lot of items similar to ModCloth but is much cheaper even though the quality is great. It focuses more on vintage inspired fashion and updates its collection every week with the newest trends to help you stay in style.

Forever 21

Forever 21 offers free shipping of items when you shop for over $50 and has a 30 days return policy if you want to return your items for some reason. It is the site for girls of all sizes and shapes with options available for the most petite of them to plus sizes and has got designs similar to ModCloth too so that if you can’t find something you love in your size at ModCloth, you will most probably find it here. The prices are lower than Modcloth and also they have the gift card feature as well. Do check this one out for latest fashion trends.

9. Anthropologie

Anthropologie is perfect for the most feminine with its sweet collections of girly and trendy clothing. If you are in love with the style of ModCloth, you will love this site too. This site has a huge collection of skirts and dresses more than the less feminine kind, generally speaking, and is a stellar online destination for girls who love that kind of style. Most of the options are fitted with lace, florals and frills to bring out your feminine side.


Anthropologie is famous for the quality of its clothes with very good materials and items at a very affordable price range and is a bit cheaper than ModCloth. Another noteworthy fact is that the collection is just huge so you will find yourself falling in love with at least a few pieces in there. If you want more offers and discounts, opt-in to become a member and you will get exclusive savings and promotion tailor-made for your style.

10. Macy’s

Macy’s is a very common word in girl’s fashion world; this store is very popular too because of the trendy choices that they offer. Macy’s is a site like ModCloth in a lot of ways with their items from being almost all the same brands and their features being very common to each other. Macy’s also has a huge collection just like ModCloth and it has them all, be it indie, vintage or girly. If you are a floral and skirts type of girl, please don’t miss out on this site because the collection of those categories is just huge.


There are many great features on this site that will make your shopping experience even brighter like the Macy’s card which will help you save a lot more than when you shop without a card. The prices and brands are very similar to ModCloth so you can find all that you love there, here as well. A great feature is that no matter what size you are, everyone has options because the sizes of the items range from extra small to plus sizes.


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