15 Best Sites like G2A to Buy Gaming Keys & More


G2A is one of the famous sites for purchasing products related to games. You can buy games, Steam keys, gift cards, and software and a lot more on this site and is also trusted by millions of users already. It also has a lot of discounts and offers great deals on many games which is one of the reasons that has made this site so popular. G2A is also perfectly legal and you can trust this site for any of your digital gaming needs.

That being said, it has a lot of sellers from all over the world and you have to be cautious while trading with them as some can scam you off or sell you low-quality products. There are many reasons why you may be looking for other sites like G2A. Some other similar sites offer even better deals and discounts than G2A. But when you wish to use them, make sure that they are legal and legit so that you won’t be scammed. If you are in the lookout for some websites like G2A, then take a look at the list below to find some trusted sites that you can try out for all your digital gaming needs.

Top 15 Sites like G2A to Buy Games & Gaming Keys:

1. GamersGate

GamersGate has got a wide range of collections of over 5000 games from different genres like History, action, puzzle, city building, arcade, sports. roleplaying and more and is a great site like G2A. The user interface is not all that pretty but it’s good for buying some great games at great offers with heavy discounts. To serve the growing community, they have one of the best loyalty programs with the launch of the Blue Coins which are earned through various user activities on the site but can also be purchased with cash directly. They also have several accompanying functions including in-game chat functionality and other comprehensive tools.


The Game Tutor program is another feature of the site which is a mentorship system where the users can ask questions to other users regarding difficult levels or other game-related questions. The user who provides the solution will get Blue Coins as their reward. Sometimes, the site has a lot of offers with up to 90% discount on game keys and there is even a $1 or less page which displays games available for less than or equal to a dollar. You can also get access to exclusive features and notifications of flash sales by simply registering for an account on the site.

2. Kinguin

Kinguin has quickly become the largest alternative marketplace to Steam, Origin and Battle.net since its launch in early 2013 with over 4 million customers worldwide. Their mission is to provide sellers and buyers from all over the world the possibility to trade video games at a fair price with no hassle through an innovative platform. They have a Buyer Protection Program with a 30-day money back guarantee and a very competent customer support team that takes care of any issue through instant live chat which is pretty great. They also keep complete compliance with international and local laws in every major jurisdiction including the EU Directive.

Kinguin also hosts unique events like the Kinguin Guinness World Record or Kinguin For Charity Tournaments in partnership with trusted organizations like the Child’s Play Foundation has brought the necessary fund to support kids in their struggle with illness. You can find many great discounts on this site and they also have many awesome products which will be affordable even without a discount. They also have sales going on every day so that you can find good deals whenever you choose to use it. Kinguin also shows the global price of the product which means that the price you may find locally may vary from the price on Kinguin.

3. SCDKey

SCDKey is another leading digital game marketing place for buying games related products under the same roof and has a lot of choices in games that you can try out. It has been a professional and reliable platform where customers can purchase game codes and game keys since it was established in 2008. You will be delighted by their quick delivery, wide range of products and great service which is provided 24/7. It provides platforms game keys to buy like PlayStation, Xbox, Origin, Steam etc.

The site is best for European users as they get tons of discounts and other offers on many of the games they provide. They mainly specialize in providing CD keys so that they can offer the lowest price together with instant delivery through their unique automated delivery system. SCDKey is not only a retailer but also a wholesaler of MMO games merchandise. In 2010, they officially launched a game portal for selling Steam, Origin and Uplay platform game CD-keys and has obtained a lot of customers’ patronage in the years.

4. GamesDeal

GamesDeal is an online platform for digital products and offers PC and video game codes, DLC, Xbox Live and PSN credits and subscription codes, game time card codes for online games and software license codes in very affordable prices. It offers great discounts on big games which can go up to 70% or more and also provides many small games too. The site is one of the secure sites like G2A and has a strong support and user base. Their game cards are supported on various console systems like Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox.


Other than that, you can also get games that work on your Macbook, Battle.net, Origin, Steam and Uplay. Daily and regular, time-limited GamesDeal platform deals with offers and sweepstakes which can be found on their Facebook page, their blog or the Twitter channel. They also allow you to earn points every time you make a purchase and you will be notified about the latest offers if you sign up. They also have an incredibly fast delivery speed and most of the game keys are sent to the customers by email but a few of them can also be downloaded directly on to your device.

5. OnePlay

OnePlay is a great alternative to G2A and is a trustworthy site to buy any game and gaming products. It was founded in 2010 and you can buy and download thousands of best PC and Mac games through the site. It also allows you to subscribe and play over 2000 PC and Android titles at $9.99 per month and is worth the money. You can get an array of games of different genres like strategy, fighting, simulation, arcade, shooting, indie, RPG and MMO. These games are supported on PC, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, PS4, Xbox 360, Mac OS and Android devices.

They have a ‘Top Sellers’ tab which will allow you to find the most popular games on the site. You can also narrow down the search using different filters like platform, genre, age rating, release date and price range. The VIP membership of $9.99 can be subscribed to every month and you will also be given a free trial period for a week. It also has a lot of features you will love like the 10% discount given for your purchase, no ads, no contracts and no internet is required.

6. CDKeys

CDKeys is another site like G2A which specialize on providing a diverse selection of digital codes for their latest products and combines the lowest price with swift delivery through an automated system. They serve the customers across the globe and offer an extensive range of payment methods and currencies as per the user’s convenience which ranges from MasterCard to even Bitcoin. All of their products and delivered digitally through their online system in seconds and all the orders are subject to security check. CDKeys also have gift cards which you can buy and these include cards from Netflix, iTunes, Google Play, Steam and many more.


CDKeys also provides the biggest range of Xbox Live points and subscriptions PlayStation Network cards and PC games/expansion packs all at competitive prices. They also have an outstanding catalog of Wii U and 3DS digital games and even games for Steam, Google Play, Origin, iTunes and even Facebook. Creating an account and redeeming your digital codes are very simple and will set you up to receive the newest and greatest deals in a matter of seconds. Creation of an account will also keep you notified of upcoming flash sales and other promo codes. You can also buy console memberships and season passes at a very cheap rate.

7. DLGamer

DLGamer is also a digital distribution platform that offers PC games all over the world and was founded in the year 2004. They are based in France and their service is absolutely legal and all the games proposed are validated and sold with the authorization o the publishers themselves which makes this and an excellent site like G2A. There is no need to use a proxy server to activate your game which means that there are no risks of having your keys deactivated in the future. The service exclusively proposes downloadable digital versions of the games and you will not get a physical copy.


DLGamer also has a VIP service which is actually their version of the loyalty program and you will get the VIP status as soon as you spend more than $20 which gives you access to certain advantages. You will get 2% discount on all their prices which can actually go up to even 5% and you will also get exclusive package deals for you and your friends. You will also be given extra bonuses on all your pre-orders if you are a VIP member. At the moment they only have Mac and PC games and the availability of the game depends a lot on when the game is actually published as the site is legal. Signing up is completely free and you won’t be charged for keeping your account active.

8. GamesPlanet

GamesPlanet is another website like G2A and is a games download website based in the United Kingdom, France and Germany and they have been an officially licensed reseller since 2006. All of their keys come directly from the publishers which means that the service is perfectly legal. You don’t need a proxy server to activate your game and you will never have to worry about getting your key blocked. You can order products from wherever you are in the world and if there are some restrictions for some games in your region, you will find out about that in the box with the orange border on the game’s page.


Payments are made using renowned online payment providers like Paypal and all their pages where you will be asked to enter your personal information or credit card data are SSL secured. At GamesPlanet you will only receive official activation keys for your own gaming account or to send along to your friends. You will always get your pre-order and preload keys on time directly from the game’s publisher.  Users are given humongous discounts of up to 90% on some of the most popular games like Insurgency, Grand Theft Auto, Day of Infamy, Total War Saga, Borderlands 2 etc. These games are supported across platforms like Linux, Mac and Windows PC.


MMOGA is one of the first professional mediators in-game services on the European market and have more than 12 years of experience in the field making it a good alternative to G2A. Their customer friendliness and quickness of business processes with good pricing is what makes them stand out a lot from the others in the market. They have over 7 million customers so far and no matter what you are looking for, be it the latest games or classics or game cards, they have it here. Popular FIFA coins for the Ultimate Team mode of the football game, or virtual WoW Gold, Aion Kinah, Final Fantasy 14 Gil, CS: GO, Pokemon Go, game shows and a lot more are available for you on the site.


Game keys and game cards are guaranteed to be delivered within five to ten minutes by email so you can start downloading directly, extend your game time or unlock contents. Deliveries of virtual currencies take place within no more than 24 hours. Their range of products is constantly increasing thanks to their regular special offers, the seller Deals and the customers can pick up bargain buy. You can even advertise with MMOGA and earn real money. The discount on this site is not as big as on the other sites which is one of the main drawbacks.

10. GreenManGaming

GreenManGaming is global pure-play e-commerce and technology business in the video games industry with the goal of bringing games to everyone. They have around 5 million customers and almost 700 publishers as partners which means that they have some good deals and discounts for you to try out. Their games are compatible on PC, Mac and a decent number of console systems including PlayStation and Nintendo. You can check their best deals using their ‘Hot Deals’ tab and they offer up to 75% discount on popular titles like Black Hole, fall of Light, Infinium Strike and many more.


You can pay for your products conveniently using secure payment options like PayPal, Paysafe, Credit card, and debit card. They also have a VIP membership with which you can gain access to exclusive discounts and the best part is that it comes with no extra cost as all you have to do is register an account. They also have a competitions page where you can find wonderful, exciting competitions happening and the page is updated and changed regularly. This site is available in more than 190 countries in the world to buy games at a very discounted price.

11. GamesRocket

GamesRocket was founded in October 2010 and offers the customers a wide range of products in the field of interactive and electronic environment. The essential part of the website is its assortment of versatile selection of PC and Mac games of different genres which are available for instant download after purchase. They also have a great number of secure payment methods like Paysafeguard, PayPal and Skrill. They are also licensed partners of game publishers like Ubisoft or Nintendo. They have over 10 genres of different Pc and Mac games.


GamesRocket is a service provider and distributor for digital media and a wide-ranging assortment in the field of game cards and digital downloads. They have uncut and 18+ PC and Mac games and casual minigames for the occasional players. You can also use this site to download codes for consoles like Sony PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS. Gamecards for MMOs, Xbox Live, iTunes, PlayStation Network and a lot of Facebook games to charge the credit balance or extend the game time are also available. Also, e-guides for a vast number of games, especially in the field of MMOs, ranging from Gold guides to class and profession guides.

12. GOG

GOG is another site like G2A which was formerly known as Good Old Games and is the store that you should give a try if you are a fan of games like Alone in the Dark, Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura, Baldur’s Gate and many other classic computer games from the 1990s and early 2000s. You can download the game directly from the GOG.com website or you can use the optional GOG Galaxy desktop client. It also allows you to back up your purchases, activate/deactivate auto-updates and many more. You can even roll back GOG Galaxy to a previous version if you so choose and this feature comes in handy if a buggy version of the games gets released to the public.


But the thing is besides a few handfuls of titles, you will be hard pressed to find software that isn’t at least five years old and Steam is your go-to place if that is the case. The prices are cheap as almost everything costs $9.99 or less and only a very few games cost over $10 like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Planescape: Torment and a few more. Many GOG games lack online multiplayer modes altogether but many of the games come with bonuses like wallpapers, soundtracks, scanned modes and other additional stuff. GOG also has seasonal sales which are just great and lest you score a lot of games at very cheap rates.

13. Gamivo

Gamivo allows you to browse through different games on all leading distribution platforms offered by a variety of merchants and also offers security for purchases. They support a lot of payment methods like PayPal, Paysafeguard, Bitcoin, UnionPay, Sofort etc and have a lot of good reviews from customers. It offers deals of the day, gives out live offers and puts on incredible seasonal sales. You can even earn money by reviewing a game. They started their business in August 2017 and is currently one of the fastest growing game marketplaces online.


They have a fast and intuitive website design and also offers one of the best prices online along with instant delivery of products. But beware of the fact that some customers have reported that they have received fake or used CD keys but in that case, you can contact their customer support team immediately. Gamivo.com offers mainly PC gaming products like digital CD keys for many gaming platforms like Steam, Uplay, Battle.net, Origin etc. You can also buy some other stuff like Windows, Xbox or PlayStation prepaid game cards through this site.

14. Instant Gaming

Instant Gaming is also another site like G2A  and provides great deals and discounts on many different platform games. They have a lot of games and game cards and the website is quite great with a lot of filters and to make the search process very easy and efficient. They have a lot of payment option too like Hipay, Paysafecard, Skrill, PayPal and Bitcoin. They have been in the market for five years, is quite trustworthy and has got very good reviews from its customers.

Instant Gaming

They are praised for their quick deliveries, their great deals and customer support and even very responsive to social media in case you are contacting them via Facebook. They have a range of features which makes the site quite popular among the users. It is an instant gaming meta proposing the games at the best price you can so that all the gamers have access to it. They provide 24/7 customer support and games from all the popular gaming platforms like Uplay, Steam, Battle.net, PlayStation4, Indies, Origin, Xbox and many more. Some of the genres they have include MMO, action, simulation, multiplayer, cooperation and a whole lot more.

15. Direct2Drive

Direct2Drive is a popular online gaming platform offers which offer PC games through direct download and was initially launched in the year 2004 and had an exponential growth in the years. They offer you the latest digital games at great prices and also offers exclusive deals on their extensive library of games from action to strategy and everything in between for both PC and Mac gamers. In fact, you can easily find big games on this site at great discounts and they also hot sales occasionally.


They also have a program called Direct2Drive rewards which is a membership program designed to give PC gamers the opportunity to earn big discounts on the games they love. The more you spend on Direct2Drive, the greater the discount and there is no cost to sign up. The membership levels are bronze, silver, gold and platinum depending on the amount you spend and based on the amount your discount also grows bigger. Another feature of Direct2Drive is that you can trade a digital PC game that you don’t play anymore and you can also try a game for up to five days before you actually buy it. You can also play through a large library of games every month for a very low price.


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