Top 15 Alternative Sites like Fiverr


Fiverr is a freelancing heaven for both parties involved – the freelancers and those in search of affordable freelancers. It is the largest online marketplace for digital and freelance services. You can find all the services by searching through keywords or categories. Registering in Fiverr is free and it’s a reliable website.

If you haven’t given Fiverr a go yet, you really should because it is the best website out there to find quality services at affordable rates. If you have been using Fiverr and want to expand to more similar sites, then you have come to the right place. Here we have a list of sites like Fiverr that you can choose and use as you wish.

Top 15 Sites Like Fiverr Market Place For Freelance Services:

1. PeoplePerHour

sites like fiverr

PeoplePerHour is a site like Fiverr that offers high-quality services. All of the registered freelancers on this website go through a quality check so you can be assured that the work done will be quite good. It has got freelancers in the area of content creation, promotion, marketing and so much more. Visit PeoplePerHour.

PeoplePerHour ensures customer satisfaction. If you are not content with any of the services, your money will remain in until you say that you are satisfied. You can post a job for free and the relevant people will find you. Or you can directly contact a freelancer after going through their profiles.

2. Seoclerks


Seoclerks is a a marketplace for SEO community. They also focus on online marketing and hence is also a similar site to Fiverr. If you are an experienced freelancer in any of these two disciplines, it is recommended that you try this website out. They have got thousands of SEO experts and services just on site. Visit Seoclerks.

The traffic on the site is actually pretty good. You can also do trades where you give out a service in exchange for a service that you want. The work produced on the website is said to have brought almost $1000. And the choice of payment mode ranges from PayPal to Payza.

3. Upwork (earlier oDesk)


Upwork is yet alternative to Fiverr. It is easy to use and has a secure payment system. All you have to do is let the people of Upwork know about the services or projects that you want, and you will be matched with suitable profiles. You can browse through profiles as well to look for people you are interested to work with. Visit Upwork.

All the freelancers on the website are screened and verified and Upwork is fair to both parties. It was earlier known as oDesk and recently got rebranded to Upwork. You can also create your own virtual workspace to work with other people. Freelancers and clients can also communicate using Upwork chat and messaging services.

4. TaskArmy


TaskArmy is not as popular as Fiverr but a good markplace. This should be your go-to place if you are looking for reliable and quality services because they keep a tight control over the people using their websites. Only those people directly verified for quality by the people behind website can use it to provide services. Visit TaskArmy.

This website is more realistic and ensures that the prices and bidding stay within reason while at the same time, they also encourage bidding. They ensure customer satisfaction and only need to pay if you are content with the service you received. They guarantee there are no spammers and also does not encourage freelancers to decrease their prices. All these points to the high amount of professionalism these people have exhibited and you should definitely try this one out.

5. Envato Studio

Envato Studio

Envato Studio is popular for its very user-friendly interface & quality work. This one is also based on digital marketing making it a good alternative to fiverr for digtial marketers. It is an online marketplace for web developers, programmers, graphic designers and content creators. There is no scarcity of jobs and it is quite easy to find one. Visit Envato Studio.

A plus point which this one has but lacks in popular and bigshot sites of the similar kind is that this website is also very fair to the freelancers and encourages them to put up a price that they deserve. It also ensures that there are no spammers by screening and verifying the users. There are also in-built job management tools and provisions for communications.

6. Microworkers


Microworkers is another website fit for those people who are looking to give out some micro jobs. It is much smaller than Fiverr but worth mentioning because of a large number of freelancers that have registered within the site. You can use this website to create your own professional template and crowdsource it with the help of over 700,000 freelancers. Visit Microworkers.

Using Microworkers, you can also assign multiple works to the same freelancer again and again. This property is known as nifty. You can also track their progress online or you can download a spreadsheet file for the same. The templates that they provide are very customizable and you can personalize it as much as you want before you are ready to use it.

7. Guru


Guru is best explained as the guru of all online freelancing marketplaces. It has over 3.4 services offered by 3 million freelancers. So you are sure to find candidates for any jobs that you want arranged. It also encourages reasonable bidding for different services and the entire thing is quite straightforward. Visit Guru.

Guru also lets the users have their own virtual workspace. They can collaborate with their team and communicate within this workspace. You can also delegate some of the works to other members of the team and monitor the progress. This direct communication setup makes it more reliable for the individuals using the website.

8. Freelancer (Got Aquired by Upwork)


Freelancer is a site like Fiverr and is an online marketplace for expert freelancers to find work. They claim to get done anything you want and it sure must be true because there is an overwhelming number of 16.9 million workers ready to help you with any need, be it something as feeble as commenting on a post. Visit Freelancer.

This website also endorses the feature where you only need to pay as long as you are satisfied with the service provided to you. There are experts on technical professional and creative field in Freelancer. In addition to all this, they offer 850 different categories that you can look at for a suitable worker and with so many options, it’s quite inevitable that you will find a match.

9. DesignCrowd


DesignCrowd is like Fiverr, but for designers. If you are in pursuit of someone who can design or create something artistic for you, then this is the right place to search. Just tell what you need and you will get unique designs from around the world within hours. You can select your favourite one and download the files, all for a price. Visit DesignCrowd.

The website has around 6.5 lakhs of freelancers ready to work with you. They also offer a money back guarantee if you don’t get a design that you are satisfied with. As the community is worldwide, you will surely find a lot of diverse designs for your need. It is always better to have a large number of choices, right?

10. Fourerr


Fourerr is a site very similar to Fiverr. It has a lot of structurally similar aspects and the most evident one is the navigation. Fourerr offers workers ready to do micro jobs like Fiverr as well. It also allows sellers to make more profits. It also has a lot of traffic as compared to many other sites of the same kind which makes it a great place for freelancers to put up their services. Visit Fourerr.

Fourerr also has a rating system. And if it hasn’t rung a bell for you from the name itself, all the bidding starts at $4. Graphics, music and video, technology and writing are some of the categories that are offered by the website. It also allows users to earn rewards, regardless of if they are sellers or buyers.

11. GigBucks


GigBucks is an alternative for Fiverr for finding services at affordable costs. All of the gigs are priced between $5 and $50. You can search the website using keywords to find a suitable service provider or browse through categories to find a gig. This website also makes use of the rating system. Visit GigBucks.

The number of gigs that a seller can land is unlimited. Also, this website offers free registration as well. If the clients or users have any queries, they can inquire directly to the sellers. You can also browse profiles and search for a suitable candidate. The payment can be done through credit cards or Payza.

12. Zeerk


Zeerk is another online marketplace for micro jobs and works like Fiverr. It has got big and small gigs that cost as little as $2 to a $100. The maximum bid a seller can make is $100. And for very small gigs that cost like $2, no commission is exacted. It also works in many languages. Visit Zeerk.

Zeerk has got inbuilt services for communication between sellers and buyers. There is also in-built payment and tracking option provided for the users. You can post a brief about your job and request it be serviced. You only have to make payment when you are satisfied with the service provided to you.

13. Work Market

Work Market

Work Manager is a platform for entrepreneurs and workers to hire and  manage freelance workers. It is a site like Fiverr and you can find talented individuals to provide you with different services. You can verify their credentials and skills and engage with them if you wish. Visit Work Market.

The dashboard of this site is rich in tools that can help you in managing the workflow and workers. They claim to be the number 1 freelance management system and has got big clients like Nokia and Yahoo. You can find, hire, manage and pay workers all in one platform. You can also generate reports to keep track of workers and work progress.

14. crowdspring


crowdspring is another site like Fiverr focussed on designing. In fact, they claim to be the number one website for marketing of design works. It is also a bit higher on the price side of things and if you have a good budget, then you should definitely try this website for your artistic needs. Visit crowdspring.

To get started on their site, just create a brief of your project by answering some of the questions they ask you as well as you can. There are over 200k+ designers who can help you with the project. Choose the best one, and pay for it. If you prefer to work closely with a seller from start to end, you can also opt for one one one projects.

15. Tenrr


Tenrr is an online marketplace for services and gigs. It works like Fiverr and has got sellers willing to undertake any work from giving out Facebook likes to web design. It is also completely free unlike Fiverr and has no sign-up cost or registration cost. That is a major attraction of this website. Visit Tenrr.

The tasks in Tenrr costs less than $10. It also lets you communicate directly with buyers or sellers unlike in Fiverr. They do not charge any commission for the gigs and even encourage direct contact. Tenrr is basically a Fiverr, but completely free for everyone everywhere.


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