Top 10 Alternative Sites like Etsy for Crafting Entrepreneurs!


Handmade goods are all the rage nowadays with a high increase in demand for unique items as time goes on. While once upon a time it was difficult for people to get their hands on creative and unique artsy and handcrafted pieces, it is very easy now and affordable too with the advent of the internet and with it, the e-commerce sites. Of all such sites, Etsy rules because of the variety and exclusiveness of the site which only has a very large collection of handcrafted, artsy and antique items for all the art lovers out there.

Even though Etsy still reigns the market and is as popular as ever, there are other sites too that provide the same kind of services as this one and even is as popular as Etsy. Also, selling on Etsy might not be a great idea if you are looking to make profit on a particular item because, in order to make real profit using Etsy, you need to make approximately 6 units of items per day or be only limited to Etsy customers or have a 3.5% of your share taken by Etsy. So for any of these reasons or some other, if you are looking for sites like Etsy to sell your handmade goods in, then read on through this list of such sites we have made for you.

Top 10 Alternative Sites like Etsy:

1. ArtFire

ArtFire was launched in 2011 but still a very popular name when it comes to listings of homemade products from all over the world and is a much-loved artisan-supporting web-based platform till date. The popularity can be attributed to their better than average marketing techniques which use social media, Rapid Cart and even ArtFire exclusive coupon codes that attract such an amount of traffic to the site. They have everything from jewellery to clothes to home decorations and craft supplies that can sustain all your artful needs.


Almost all the items are exclusively handmade and you will find them to be very unique as well and is also a site like Etsy in many ways and you will get that feeling as well. Individual artists sell their own products and the prizes and selection are comparable to Etsy as well. There are different plans you can select unlike Etsy’s 3 fee rule and your product will easily get sold provided it is good.

2. Zazzle

Zazzle offers a different take on how stuff must be sold and is not quite similar to Etsy but still a site that sells unique items by prolific designers. In fact, designers upload a design to the site and see what items look good with their design, be it posters, t-shirts, clothing or mugs. If these items are bought and have demands, then you are paid with royalties. So this site is focussed more on established designers more than what Etsy does and also more affordable than Etsy.


It is an excellent place to try out if you are good at getting ideas for new designs rather than the ability to actually produce or manufacture items based on them. Nor do you have to worry about shipping or all the usual stuff and they also have a 30-day return policy. So what you should expect while using the site is to get brand new print based items rather than handmade craft products. So the money-making potential is pointed towards pro designers more than the commoners.

3. UncommonGoods

UncommonGoods is an  Etsy competitor for buying and selling handmade or recycled items and has quite a history because it is old since the site was launched in 1999. This site has all the convenience offered to the seller in the sense that you can sell in both wholesale and retail values. The site is also extremely secure, reliable and trustworthy thus making it very tough to get in on their website. The site has got all categories from jewellery and home goods to gifts, kitchen and has got many categories like top rated, for teens, for her, for him, exclusive, handmade and a lot more to make the search easier.


The site is a closed platform meaning that you have to pass a length submission process virtually in order to list and sell your items on the site. Buyers also vote for your items and you are contacted next to get everything approved and these measures are apparently what makes all the products on the site genuine. They also have a very visually appealing site and a strong customer support and community and a lot of features and shipping options all of which makes the site very popular and still very much used despite the age.

4. Zibbet

Zibbet allows the users to create their own stores to sell their craft supplies, vintage collections, fine arts and more. The site is a global marketplace with around 60 thousand artists and craftsmen selling on it and you can use it for gaining an exposure to millions of shoppers and visitors from all over the world. The setup is very simple and you can get started quickly and easily and there is literally no listing fees and selling fees as you can sell an unlimited number of items for free and is very easy to use and entirely customizable.


You can track your orders easily, print professionally formatted receipts and export your data for accounting purposes in a format that is very simple and easy to use. You can even create custom coupon codes exclusively for your customers and hold time-limited sale without any complications as all it takes are a few mouse clicks and minutes. You also get tools like search engine optimization and an advanced stats dashboard which gives you stats of growth and other insights into your own business and you can track your revenue, traffic sources, top keywords and so much more.

5. 3DCart

3DCart helps you grow your business by venturing online as it helps you build e-commerce platforms with great SEO thus helping you increase your sales and business. The site was voted the #1 best shopping cart of 2017 beating competitors like Volusion and BigCommerce and has got a huge number of built-in social and mobile features and many more. Although the site is a bit pricey with a fees of $19 per month, you can always try out the free trial and if it feels worth the money, then maybe start subscribing every month and is very artisan friendly though you may also find many other items on the site and is not that similar to Etsy as far as that aspect is considered.


They offer highly secure service with sitewide HTTPS and fraud tools to protect your data and is also very reliable as you won’t experience any downtime which might cause you to lose customers and money. They have 50 different themes that you can choose from and also over 100 payment options support and over 200 built-in features all of which will help you in building an SEO ready online store with no time at all. There are 50 free mobile-ready themes available and more themes available on their Theme Store and you can also edit the HTML and CSS of your store to customize the look with a professional team of web designers at your beck and call to help you if you get stuck.

6. ArtYah

ArtYah is a truly handmade website and claims that they protect handmade by not allowing any manufacturers to clog their site and is a premier site for vintage and antique goods, art and craft supplies and unique handcrafted items. They offer a healthy business environma=ent for both sellers and buyers and does not feature any manufactures products or items illegally exploiting copyrighted or trademarked images. The company is located in California, United States and was launched in 2015. The website is beautiful and they have a lot of products too.


You don’t need to subscribe or need a membership to list your items but an entry fee of $5 is required initially and that is it, your shop is done. You can list your products for a very low price which is great because in Etsy you have to price your items around $20 to make some amount of profit which restricts the kind of items that you can list if they don’t cost as much. They have all the artisan stuff and also handmade jewellery, fashion items and products for kids too. You can set up your own gallery, search for ships and items and do more using ArtYah.

7. BigCartel

BigCartel is a stunning website which just screams artwork and the homepage even opens with the line ‘We Believe In The artist’ which gives everyone who visits a sense of authenticity and art. While the website is really aesthetically pleasing, it is a very popular online store for artists and makers that allows you to build an online store with ease and manage and sell using these stores very efficiently. You can easily customize images, colours and fonts of their premade themes and tweak the HTML, CSS and JavaScript to completely customize the look and feel of your site if you are comfortable with coding.


They also provide real-time stats features to monitor your business growth and to gain other insights from the site, search engine optimization to rank your store high during web search, order management policies, promotional tools and everything else that you need to get an online store up and running without any stress and with minimum effort as possible. The site you build will also be mobile friendly so you can manage it right from your phone or tablet they also have an app for iOS platforms which will help you to handle in-person sales at craft fairs and other live events. They also support direct selling from your Facebook shop and they have both free and paid options depending on your needs and both these offers have enough features to support your store.

8. Cargoh

Cargoh is an alternative to Etsy which looks just as pretty and efficient and is worth trying and perfect for selling and buying unique goods because they have strict application rules that ensure this uniqueness. But the problem is that they take off 10% from every sale you make which is quite an amount and might not make sense for all items and the website is still a beta and they are implementing more and more features all the time. The site also has great customer service and the community is entirely devoted to making the site better and more efficient. They have a set of conditions that your products have to meet to sell them on their site.


They emphasize on a great design which is essentially unique and also demands that your product looks great in photos and presentation is considered very important. Their marketplace is curated carefully to make sure that what is being sold is authentic while making sure that the seller gets maximum exposure to different customers from everywhere. They also offer very good customer service 24/7 and fairly decent prices.

9. Spoonflower

Spoonflower is another site which is more similar to Zazzle than Etsy it allows you to sell your designs which can be later put on suitable products. This site is suitable for both prolific designers and hobbyists and you always keep the right to your work while earning 11% to 15% as a power seller. Every time someone buys one of your designs, you will earn a base commision of 10% of the retail sale regardless of the discounts and promotional price. You also get bonus commissions on retail sale between $3000 and $15000 with different per cent for a different range of sales. The earned commission will be paid out in 14 days if your commission balance is greater than $10.


The community is big with more than 16,000 designers so you can collaborate and get feedback from other creative professionals and makers and most of the designs are used for products which are often featured in sites like Etsy, Pinterest, Amazon handmade and more. The site has over 6 lakh shoppers every month so by creating your own shop and sharing your designs will get you more exposure and visibility. Spoonflower also has over 3 lakh followers on a variety of social media who use designs listed on the site for their products which means that you get a free promotion by using the #spoonflower hashtag and they also hold weekly design challenges with amazing prizes and is worth checking out.

10. LightInTheBox

LighInTheBox is a global online retail company that operates all over the world and was founded in 2007 with a wide selection of lifestyle products at affordable prices and are also available in multiple languages. They have 3 main categories of apparel, small accessories and gadgets and home and garden. You can search for handmade jewellery, shoes, crochet bikinis, and a lot more using this site and they have everything for you. Although the site does not have individual stores, it is still worth a try even if it’s no better then Etsy for selliung handmade goods.


Though they also have manufactured items, you will find a lot of items that are handmade as well. They offer free returns in case you are not satisfied with your product and express shipping facilities are also available. the home decor items are all really unique and resemble items displayed in Etsy and the pricing is also similar to Etsy ranging from affordable to costly handmade items. It is a crisp site with a lot of categories and collections and is worth taking a look at.


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