Top 16 Sites Like Craigslist to Buy or Sell Items!

letgo site

Less for more is what we all love & craigslist is a website based on just that. Post ads for free and reap maximum benefits. Find anything you want all in the same place. You name it, they will have it. From real estate and services to gigs and resumes, they contain everything and more for us to explore and to make use of.

The best part is, while newspapers post ads for a price, these sites are dedicated exclusively to ads, that too for free. So you can do something as serious as buying a car to something as ridiculous as selling junk all under the same roof with practically no cost. As much as craigslist ticks all the right boxes, there are some classified sites like craigslist out there that can toe to toe, or even go beyond in certain areas. Let’s delve into some of those.

16 Best Alternatives Sites Like Craigslist:

1. Letgo

Letgo a classified application for mobiles to help you let go of all the useless stuff that you possess. It allows users to buy and sell stuff locally. It was launched in 2015. It’s our best pick, if you’re looking for sites like craigslist.

sites like craiglists

It is quite simple to use. You post ads of items you want to sell or contact a seller to buy an item, bargain, offer a return policy or accept as is and set a meeting place. That’s it. It’s that simple.

2. Oodle

Oodle combines listings from many classified sites and even local newspapers and acts as a platform for all. It was founded in 2004 and is still going strong.

best oodle alternative

Oodle also supports other classified websites like and online classified fields of newspapers like The New York Post. Even the classified hosting sites of Walmart is powered by Oodle. It has listings from over 1000 regions of US, Canada, India, UK, and Ireland.

3. Facebook

Facebook is cool for keeping up with our friends and socializing, It is also a place where you can market your products or look for items that you wish to buy. Facebook has plenty of listings for items.

facebook marketplace site

To find these listings is also simple enough, just search for yard sale groups by typing in your location or you can use the ‘Buy and Sell groups’ button. You can search using keywords or criteria or not. Just keep to the rules specified by the groups and you are good to go.

4. Bookoo

Booko is a site for local sale, this one is more family friendly and easy to use. Everything happens close to your home. Though this site is like craigslist, the main difference is in the scale, as in Bookoo is highly local.

booko site

Buyers and sellers meet in person, and exchange money and goods. There is no online payment or shipping. You just create an account for selling an item or search by category for buying an item. If you find something you like, just contact the seller. Very straightforward.

5. GumTree

GumTree was born in 2000 as a classified ads site for the Aussies, Kiwis and South Africans. It was started as a way to help immigrants from and to the city by making it easy for them to search for accommodation and things of the sort.

gumtree site

They now have android and iOS apps and span all of UK. They have ads for everything from cars to flats and is extensively used. Also, they have a strong social media presence and customer support which makes them, more attractive.

6. Geebo

Geebo is a U.S. online classifieds marketplace website. If you are a city dweller in one of the major and semi-major metropolitan states like Denver, Chicago, L.A or Tulsa, you might want to give Geebo a try. It allows you to buy and sell items in over 160 communities.
Geebo was founded in 1999.

Geebo site

The major plus of this site is the safety it offers. If you feel that craigslist is not a safe enough setup to meet and exchange goods with strangers, then go with Geebo. It even offers SafeTrade which means that you can do your transaction at a local police department. Sounds solid enough.

7. Locanto

Locantoto spans 60 countries and has boards in all of the major US cities. So, you have better luck if you live in L.A, New York or Miami as they are their featured boards.

locanto site

An important feature is that not all ads posted in Locanto are free. There are paid ads from national sellers. So all the listings are not guaranteed to be local. You can post ads for free on your city boards but you can also pay money to extend it’s reachability or to push it to the top of the search results.

8. Hoobly

Hobbly is one of the sites like craigslist in visual aspects and feel. It also has additional products listings in Canada and Europe.

Hoobly site

This website should be your go-to place if you looking into buying or selling pets. They have more listings in this category than the other products. Also, just like craigslist, you can post ads for free.

9. AdLandPro

AdLandPro is quite an old buy/sell website, founded in 1998. It has many categories and is more secure in the sense that it is necessary to create an account for using this website.

Adland pro site

It offers various categories like jobs, pets, real estate, miscellaneous and so on. You can also report abuse on this website. This ensures that the number of spammers is comparatively low.

10. Peerhub

Peerhub is like a modern version of the classified websites. It combines sites like craigslist, eBay and Etsy together in one. It also allows online transaction of money through credit cards or Steem Currency. You can also opt to pay cash.

peerhub site

You can also eliminate transaction fees from Paypal or credit card transaction if you use Steem. Peerhub allows users to buy or sell locally or across the nation and no payment is required for posting ads or shopping.

11. AdsGlobe

AdsGlobe is a global classified service, as is obvious from the name. It offers listings from an unlimited number of categories such as travels, rentals and pets. You need an account to post ads, which makes sense as this adds to the trustworthiness of the site.

adsglobe site

Another feature that makes it even more attractive is that it detects your location automatically or you can specify your location if you want it to be more precise. You may also log in with a Facebook account but it’s advisable to not add too much personal information.

12. looks much like a classified section of a newspaper. Its layout is very similar to that with very simple appearance but with pictures. The site is completely free to post ads and buy items.

classifiedads site

The website has boards in many small regions but you will have better luck if you are from a large city. Like craigslist, you can also find everything and anything from this craigslist alternative.

13. Trovit

Trovit is like a classifieds search engine. You can search just about anything in this website. It’s international and spans many countries. Trovit is the ideal place for buying stuff though you can sell merchandises too.

trovit site

It is like a database of every listing from houses and cars to jobs and gigs. It’s a one of the sites like craigslist with simple and better design. So, if you’re looking for simple to use buy/sell site then Trovit is the best alternative for craigslist.

14. Ad to Ad

A safer Craigslist alternative, Ad to Ad is craigslist like site but requires you to have an account if you wish to post an ad. It has categories like services, shopping, hobby, real estates and many more.

adtoad site

Another cool factor about this website is that it is the only one which offers ad listings under the aviation category. Shocking, right? So if you are looking to buy a jet or a plane anytime soon, do check this website for some interesting listings.

15. Offerup

Offerup, Though comparatively small, this one is a growing application of this type with over 23 million downloads in the last few years. This is also a bit modern and versatile in the sense that it offers a variety of features. It allows rating of products which helps keep scammers to the minimum.

offer up

It also allows posting on Facebook and is also more secure. Offerup allows the buyers to accept the seller’s offer or to put forward their own offer. You can also wishlist items that you want to keep an eye out for.

16. Vast

Vast is also very similar to Trovit. It is more than just an app or a website. It is a search engine in which you can search for what you wish to buy.

vast site

Vast connects many networks and combines their classified ads thus helping you to locate exactly what you want without all the work of going through different websites. Vast is one of the site like craigslist that have kept its quality of top-notch.


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