10 Best Alternative Sites like CouchTuner

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Couchtuner offer all the TV shows that you will be able to find under the sun. They have been providing all the content for free since 2010. The website started with a .com domain but has extended to country-specific extensions since their launch, maybe because Couchtuner offer pirated media for streaming and it is not quite legal.

Since they are not legal, you can face different repercussions depending on where you live, like if you are a US dweller, your ISP can cripple your bandwidth if they find that you are streaming pirated media and maybe even something harsher. For the most part, the site is reliable but you may have to face off with a lot of malignant ads that can harm your device and navigation through the site is quite difficult too. So if for some reason that is mentioned above or something else, you wish to try Couchtuner alternatives, then read on through the list.

Top 10 Alternatives to CouchTuner:

1. TheDareTV

TheDareTV  an alternative to CouchTuner which claims that you will get addicted to the site because of the large amount contents and collections that they have in their database. It is a great place to check out all your favourite movies and TV shows and though it has its primary focus on TV shows, it does show quite some movies as well. The user-interface is good enough and navigation is not that difficult because the site is not cluttered at all.


The Dare TV does not require you to sign-up or register an account to get access to its contents as you can get it all without any procedures and the site is completely free to use as well. But if you want an up to date schedule of your favorite shows on the site, you should register and can choose among a large number of contents by sorting the collection based on the genre and other categories and also browse for whichever show or media that you are looking for. To top it off, the site gives you access to watch live sports as well and is basically a good way to spend your free time.

2. TubiTV

TubiTV is a very popular site like Couchtuner and for very good reasons. The site is just amazing with the amount of content that it has and is like a library of all shows that you will ever want. It provides non-stop entertainment and is really underrated considering the content that it offers and the fact that it is absolutely free. It has a lot of movies including old classics and old Tv shows that you might be missing and it requires registration for accessing the contents but the process is simple and easy.

tubi tv

It has no subscription fees and thousands of hours of free streaming video content from big names like Paramount, Lionsgate, MGM and more and over 7439 titles of shows and movies accessible anytime and anywhere. In fact, this amazing site can be used for free on Roku, Apple TV. Amazon Fire Tv, Xbox, Samsung Smart TVs. Sony Smart TVs and PlayStation in addition to the web and has got apps that can run on both Android and iOS platforms. Once you sign up, you can sync your account on any of these devices and continue watching from where you left off and it is very safe too without any malicious ads.

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3. WatchSeries

WatchSeries is a very reliable website like Couchtuner and has been around for quite good time with a large database full of entertainment which is kept up to date and content-rich frequently. The site also features a decent collection of anime and movies aside from the popular Tv shows like Modern Family, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, The Walking Dead and a whole lot more and is a good site for all the anime lovers out there. Though it has a movies section, that should not be your reason to use the site because the collection is not that great and most of them are just documentaries.


The site has a clutter-free user interface – Browsing through site is easy with major categories like Watch Movies, Watch Anime, My Shows and lot more. The episodes and seasons of series are all shown in a very tidy way which is very easy to read and access. All the recently added episodes are also shown on the homepage so that you won’t miss anything and is a very good site to try out for watching TV online.

4. Cucirca

Cucirca comes with lot of content for you to binge on all weekend and unlike the latter, it is strictly dedicated to TV shows only and you won’t find any movies on this one. It more than makes up for the lack of movies with its large plethora of TV shows which may amaze you because they have every single show out there on this site. It not only shows the latest shows and series but also gives you access to old shows as well so you can watch some cool shows from the past you may be missing.


This site is also completely free to use and does not require much work to get started on and you can or cannot sign up on it depending on your choice. But it is recommended that you do subscribe because the process if free and doesn’t take any time and the simple action can help you keep up to date with the shows because they give you a schedule and list of all the latest episodes and shows that will be uploaded soon. As for the user interface, it is not bad at all and rather clean so you will have no trouble using this one.

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5. SelectTV

SelectTV is exclusively dedicated to series, movies and TV shows and you won’t be disappointed with the site at all. It doesn’t stick to these media only but also has other forms of entertainment like games, events, radio channels and more and is a complete entertainment package. The site is rather on point based on the look and feels and overall it does look really nice. But the disappointing factor is that this site is not free to use and requires a monthly payment of $2 which is rather a small amount to spend for such a large number of content.

select tv

This site is like your cable TV but way less cheap because you can access thousands of channels through the site and it has got all sorts of media that you need to fill up your free time. Signing up is a must for the site in order to avail all the features provided by it and has no other hidden fees, requirements or installation. You can also personalize your smart guide and save your favourite movies and shows for easy access when you want to revisit the old favourites. You can also combine all your subscriptions into one easy to use guide and is overall, a great site for entertainment.

6. LetMeWatchThis

Let me Watch This is a popular site where you can watch all the best and trending TV shows of the time for free. The site is flooded with an array of content that you can possibly watch forever and has got both old and new Tv shows for you and you don’t need to pay a single penny to watch them all. You can make an account on this site for free or you can browse through without making an account.

Let Me Watch This

This site allows you to comment on the shows and read comments by other people so that you can select from among the hundreds of great shows on this site. It also has all the categories like Movies, TV Shows, Top Users, Playlists and Forums displayed on the topmost section of the homepage and you can also search for the shows using their titles. A major plus of the site is it also allows you to download music, that too for free.

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7. Watch Episode

Watch Episode is heaven for TV show lovers because of the huge database of content that it offers. From The Walking Dead to Game of Thrones, the site has everything and you can access all these for free and stream them even without signing up or registering on the site. It has all the basic features such a service usually has and has nothing more or less special besides the fact that the site is well maintained and updated regularly which makes the user experience very good.

Watch Episode

Also, the user interface is just okay, because the theme is attractive but the arrangement of contents is a bit too cluttered to be comfortable and that makes navigation a bit irritating the first time around. It has got really old classic Tv shows and some of these shows are as far back from as old as to 60s itself and has shows from every era. The top 10 section shows the top 10 shows on the site on a daily basis and changes every day.

8. CMovies HD

CMovies HD is a site like Couchtuner for watching movies. It’s not as popular as couch tuner, but you will love it once you get the hang of it. It not only has movies but also has a good collection of Tv series for you to binge on and almost all the latest content is available on the site because they try to make it available as soon as the movie or show airs and you will never get bored while using this site.

CMovies HD

You don’t have to make an account for using this site and all of its contents are absolutely free to access and the site definitely deserves more popularity than it has now. The user interface is just perfect and features a dark theme which is easy on the eyes and all the contents are given along with an image and a description so that navigation is very easy and smooth. It has many categories like Most watched Today, Top Rating, Top IMDb, and also has a category called Suggestions and more.

9. Cafe Movie

Cafe Movie is Counchtuner alternative where you can find a lot of shows and media ready for consumption and their collection is just too huge and you can find everything you want over here. There are Tv shows from different languages and a lot of movies including some old classic and legendary movies as well. The site is absolutely free and no hidden fees or anything is exacted for using it and you have to sign up on the site so that you can access all its features and necessary information regarding the contents and the process isn’t complicated at all and is very straightforward.


The user interface of the site is clean and dark themed which makes it look very good and navigation is smooth as well without any provision for confusion. The contents are sorted based on the genre and year of release and you can also find a list of all the trending media on the homepage as well and a slide shows of all the great shows. It also makes it easier to find the latest content by showing that list on the homepage as well. Using VPN is highly recommended while using the site to avoid unnecessary risks and you are good to go.

10. ProjectFreeTV

Project TV is a not very feature rich but it does allow you to watch movies and TV shows online for free and without any complications. This site is exclusively dedicated to TV shows and there are no movies whatsoever in this site and provides streaming links only for the popular shows. It does not feature any images and hence navigation is difficult and the user interface is just plain awful with only links given as content without any kind of description or any effort to make it look better and the theme is not that good either thus making the site look like it is from the lates 90s.


But aside from the look and feel, the site can be considered a good one because of the content that it has which involves all the famous Tv shows but you only get them categorized in two – popular and recently uploaded. No other classification is available based on genre or anything else and you have to find the shows you want for yourself which points to the very bad navigation setup. The site does not host any content on it and acts as a medium between you and sites that do have the content and hosts links to these third-party sites that actually stream the media.


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