10 Sites Like Airbnb For Cheap Vacation Rentals!

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It is always handy to have sites like Airbnb when you wish to travel on a budget. Airbnb provides stay and food for the travel addicts. It is like a classifieds website for hospitality services. They contain listings of cottages, hostels and homestays offering short-term stay for your travelling needs.

But there are a lot of other sites like Airbnb which works as online marketplaces for hospitality. They help individuals make some profit from their listings as well as help travellers to choose places fit for them within their budgets. If you are intrigued by the concept, check out the sites that we have listed below.

10 Sites Like Airbnb For Cheap Alternatives:


VRBO is the abbreviation for Vacation Rentals by Owner. Rather self-explanatory in its name, this site is like Airbnb with minor but considerable differences. For one, it is way older than Airbnb though it is not as popular. VRBO has been existing since 1996, making it 12 years elder to the much popular Airbnb. Check out VRBO.

VRBO site like airbnb

VRBO is different from other sites of the kind because it contains listings of only vacation homes. Hence, the users won’t get a hosted experience and will have the place all for themselves. This makes it the website of choice for groups of people or a family rather than travelling individuals. The site contains millions of listings of this type and hence offers many choices to the users.

VRBO has recently started extracting booking fees from its customers. Before 2016, the booking was free and the only money to be paid to was to the hosts with the listing. VRBO also has stays suitable for couples. These are the essential differences between VRBO and Airbnb. Rest all, the services are same. If you want to put up a place for rent in VRBO, you can either pay for the place annually or you can pay them a small fee each time your place gets booked.

2. Vacasa

Vacasa is a vacation rental property management site like Airbnb. It is more trustworthy too, as you will see as you read further. Vacasa is based in Portland. The number of offers it contains is not as large with only around 7200 listings. It has some key differences from the competing websites. Check out Vacasa.

vacasa alternative to airbnb

Vacasa spans United States, South America, Central America and Europe. Hence, it is not as large, obviously. But what makes it the favourite of its users is that it does not leave the maintenance process to the hosts. Vacasa pays more than 1000 employees who work for them to clean and maintain these places for the bookies. Vacasa also makes sure that its employees get a fair minimum wage for this work, thus it helps in making jobs.

Vacasa, being small and with direct control over a bit of the aspect of their business, offers more consistency and stability than the big shot websites like Airbnb. Though the lack of couch surfing options might seem a bit off-putting, it has plenty of great offers and prices that are sure to suit your budget and comfort. If you are commuting to some of the above-mentioned places, don’t forget to take a look at this website.

3. HomeStay

HomeStay is a site that comes as close to Airbnb as possible. It is very popular too due to its listings which are all hosted instead of vacation homes and rentals. So, it is a perfect fit for travellers who love to mingle with the local scenery and really get the experience. Check out HomeStay.

homestay site

They have offers for places in almost all the places as in Airbnb. But the setback is the span. It is relatively small scale and hence does not have as many choices of listings like the bigger and more popular sites. So, you might find only a few listings on this site for a place than in Airbnb or VRBO. But the website is growing, so we can expect more listings in the coming years.

A major plus is that all the listings come with an option for breakfast. This is actually a good thing as far as budget and comfort are concerned. HomeStay always calls for hosted experience. So, if you want to put up your place on the site, do know that it will be a bit handful. But if you are okay with it, don’t hesitate as you can get up to $100 if you do sign up as a host.

4. Booking.com

Booking.com is traditionally a site similar to Airbnb. It is more like a search engine. It has listings for everything related to accommodation. If you wish for a hosted experience, it has that. If you are looking for rentals or apartments or vacation homes, it has that too. Check out Booking.com

book com site

What is more, it even has listings for hotels. So, if you ever get tired of stays, then treat yourself to luxury with affordable hotels listed on the website. Booking.com has got plenty of great deals for hotels and they are usually better when compared to other websites. Also, they have enough listings of apartments and rentals too. The number of places is big and usually has a very good price.

If you have a property that you want to put up on the website, it is quite easy. There is no fee for the owners of the properties to list their place. But every time a booking of your place is made, a small fee is exacted instead of the annual fees.

5. Kid and Coe

Kid and Coe is a site to discover safe homes for your kids. If you are a parent, and even if you are not, you can always imagine how difficult it is to travel with kids and keep them and yourselves happy at the same time. If this is a struggle that you are facing, then this site is made for you. It offers a number of listings for kid-friendly. Check out Kid and Coe.

kid and coe site

The site contains offers on places with amenities for kids as well as adults. The thing to love about this website is that each listing provides a detailed description of the number of people and their age, a place can accommodate. This makes it easier for parents to seek the kind of site that they are looking for.

Another major perk of Kid and Coe is the detailed listings regarding each place. It has information like ‘Things To Know’ and ‘Why Kids Love It?’ making it easier to sort through. At the same time, on the negative side, this site has less number of choices relative to the others of the similar kind. Also, most of the listings are quite pricey.

6. FlipKey

FlipKey is like a limited edition of major sites of the similar kind. The options are few but the credentials are very solid. It is owned by TripAdvisor, so rest assured that it did not pop out in a night. The number of places offered by the website is just over 300,000 and the website has a span of 11,000 cities. This is considerably lower in scale than the major websites. Check out FlipKey

flipkey site

FlipKey has a large number of guest reviews. Also, the properties listed are verified by the FlipKey staff. All these increases the credibility of the website. Also, another key difference to this site is that it does not host listings for shared rooms or rentals. It only has offers for private stays, or for the entire place.

FlipKey has got many categories you can choose from. Just search for a mountain view apartment or a pet-friendly house or kid-friendly room and shows the result accordingly. In all the other front, it is very similar to sites like Airbnb. It is easy for owners to post in FlipKey, and it’s free. You just register in FlipKey and your property will be indexed to the TripAdvisor search engine, making it searchable across all their websites.

7. Boutique Homes

Boutique Homes is a website for rentals of architectural marvels. If you are travelling to experience beautiful places and to stay in spectacular properties, then you must check out Boutique Homes.

boutique home sites

The offers and houses seen in the site are specially chosen by the Boutique Home staffs. Only those places that fit the criterion are listed on the site. Also, only those places are allowed to advertise on the site if they are explicitly invited. Hence, the authenticity of the places can be guaranteed.

As expected, the number of listings that can be found on this website is quite small owing to the restrictions and criterions put up. Also, it not only offer places for accommodation but also has listings of beautiful jaw-dropping venues for you to host any event. And the beautiful photos and details regarding each place that can be seen in the website do enough to make up for the small number of listings in the website.

8. Overnight

Overnight is like a youngster’s Airbnb. You will see why. As the name suggests, it all happens overnight or in an even shorter period of time. Overnight is an app with a combination of all good things from both Airbnb and Hotel Tonight. The major difference to this app is that it offers more in less amount of time. check out Overnight.

overnight rental site

If you are on the lookout for a place to stay and is pressed for time, then you must definitely give this app a go. It helps you find last-minute options for stay. There are listings for both private and shared stays and is similar to Airbnb. But, the owners have a time slot of 10 minutes to respond to a request.

The average time it takes a user of this app to find a good place to stay is approximated to 6 minutes. So, most of the users of the app are 8 or 9 years younger than the users of Airbnb. Hence, Overnight keeps up with the competitors with the timing quotient.

9. HomeAway

HomeAway has a lot of listings that you can see in VRBO. This overlap is due to the fact that it is the parent company of VRBO. It does have a few key differences though. The similarity between Airbnb, HomeAway and VRBO was just a puny 6% in 2014. Check out HomeAway.

homeaway site

Since years have flown since the website is bigger than ever, so the number of listings surely must have increased. This may cause the overlap to be larger, but it is worth to check out all of these three if you want to make sure that you are not missing out on any amazing deals.

HomeStay has a bigger and detailed inventory than the other sites mentioned. Also, most of the listings are small apartments or places. Thus it has a lot of options for solo journeys or as a couple. If you want to list your property in HomeAway, you can do either one of the following. You can either pay annually for listing your place or you can pay them a small fee each time their apartment is booked.

10. OneFineStay

OneFineStay is a fully managed site similar to Airbnb. It is on the high end of things. The properties listed are quite expensive and may not be suitable for everyone. OneFineStay spans five major cities. They are New York, Paris, London, Rome and Los Angeles. Check out OneFineStay.

one fine stay site

You will be able to find only rentals or whole apartments on this website and no hosted experience. This allows you to truly indulge in some luxury without interference. If you know your way around things and know a great deal when you see it, go through this site to find really luxurious places at great deals.

As mentioned, this site is fully managed. So, they have many restrictions on the type of listings that are allowed to be put up. Hence if you are an owner, you may not qualify to list your property on the website. Also, the fee for listing is quite high because of this factor.


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