10 Best Sites like 123Movies to Watch Movies Online!


It is almost too easy nowadays to get access to almost all the TV shows and movies as soon as they are released. We are all on the lookout for free and easy ways to access them and there are plenty of them online. And in our search, you must have stumbled upon and got stuck on 123movies.to, a streaming site for thousands of TV shows and movies from all over the world. But most of these kinds of sites are illegal and we don’t know when they will cease to exist.

123Movies was a great website for watching movies and videos online but they have been shut down as well due to copyright violations. Though their departing message to all the users was to pay for the movies and shows, we are always in search of alternatives where we don’t have to spend anything. If you are looking for sites like 123Movies, 123Movies.to check out this list of such site that we have compiled for you.

Top 10 sites like 123Movies:

1. Vumoo

Vumoo is one of the best 123Movies alternatives with great functionalities to keep you hooked all through your free time because of its various features and a large database of content. It has a killer interface and looks very beautiful while providing a good user experience as well. Vumoo also has a huge traffic of over 4 million per month and this popularity is evidence enough for how good the site is.

Vumoo site like 123Movies

The collection of movies in the Vumoo database is over 70,000 and you can both stream them online or download them to watch as you please. Also, you are not required to sign up to use this website which is a pro factor. A minor setback is that the contents of the site are not updated regularly but still it has a wide range of movies from times back old to trending now and even a category called ‘currently watching’.

2. 123GoStream

123GoStream is a website like 123Movies not only in the name but also in the contents and the number of contents that it has. The collections of TV shows and movies on this site is very large and the site is very user-friendly as well with its neat and simple layout that makes the navigation process very comfortable. You won’t find any evident bugs or glitches while you are surfing through this site and it is full of content for entertainment.


The homepage of this website has got different options like Movies, TV shows, new episodes etc. There are a lot of filters as well to make it easy to find what you are looking for. Some filters are Genre, Country and Year. The site has got a huge traffic that is growing day by day and the simple layout added with the streaming without ads is sure to keep you going back for more.

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3. WatchMoviesFree

WatchMoviesFree is one os the top sites like 123Movies which can be only described as plain stunning with its beautiful interface which is really visually appealing. The homepage is enough evidence to the fact that the contents are kept up to date regularly and the quality of these contents are very good as well. It has got a lot of traffic because it is regularly maintained and contents are regularly updated which attracts more people.

Watch Movies Free

A slight hold up maybe felt because it requires the users to sign up and it is mandatory that you do that although it is free of cost. But after sign up, the site is very feature-rich so the process is worth it. Also, when you are moving from page to page there are no pop-up ads to disturb you. Also, when you are watching movies, no ads will come up to disturb you or distract you which is pretty awesome.

4. FMovies

FMovies is an amazing site where you can find a huge collection of different varieties of movies and you can even download them, that too for free. They have enough content to keep you occupied all through every weekend and free time and besides downloading, you can also stream these movies online. The movies also have subtitles to make it easier on the users.

sites like 123Movies

A great plus of this site is that it allows you to watch movies with absolutely no hindrance or disturbance because you won’t be bothered with ads or other distractions while your movie is being played. While that is quite terrific, you can also filter the movies by a large amount of different genre they offer. This one also has a good user interface and combine it with ad-free setup and you are sure to be pulled right in.

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5. GoMovies

GoMovies has a huge repository of all movies good and bad alike. The site is very popular and it is evident by the fact that there are a number of mirrors of this site currently existing and each of the mirrors get a huge amount of traffic of up to 1 million users per month each. That is a big thing as far as streaming sites are concerned. GoMovies is top alternative to 123Movies in more than one ways.

Go Movies

It has got a great layout that is immediately attractive and if you miss 123Movies, then you can use this one because it almost resembles it in the look but comes with better features. You can get all the latest movies that too in HD quality. There is a hover effect where hovering over a movie gives you all its details and there is also a Box Office category where you can get a list of movies released on a monthly basis. It also has a TV-today option which shows the list of most watched videos of the days. Pretty cool, right?

6. OnlineHDMovies

OnlineHDMovies gives us the best movies in good quality, just as other sites like 123Movies and even better than some. It might be a bit sad that this one doesn’t have any TV shows or series in it, it more than makes up for this with its fantastic collection of movies and documentaries that you can choose from. They have got filters like the year of release so you can be sure the movie is the latest or if you want to watch something old, they have that too.


There are different genres of movies like action, crime, documentaries and more for you to easily filter and choose thus making the searching process easier on the user. Another great news is that you can find a lot of good music on the site if you are interested in that and very rarely, some TV shows too though you shouldn’t probably count on that. Make use of the ‘Top 10’ section to find the very best movies of the time, that too in a high quality.

7. Solar Movies

Solar Movies is a site like 123Movies and a very good alternative to it as well because of its various features and a large amount of content. It has a layout and looks similar to FMovies so that is always good and the menu is also quite the same too. It has options and content for both TV shows and movies so it can cure your craving for both under one roof. There are plenty of categories available as well.


You can use Solar Movies to stream and download its contents. They do not show the movies directly on the site but provides the users with links using which they can download or watch online on other sites. They offer a great quality and 4k quality option is also available and more than one link is usually provided. On the homepage, you can find categories and options like most viewed, top rating and hot so that you can always stay up to date with the latest releases.

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8. ZMovies

ZMovies has amazing content collection and interfaces as well. It is quite popular among the users because of these reasons though it is not as popular as it deserves to be. They offer TV shows, series, movies, documentaries and so much more all of which you can watch for free which is just great. They have a lot of options for you to stay on top of your dose of entertainment. Zmovies

The site has got a sign-up option and a ‘use site as anonymous’ option both of which are free of cost but to have access to all the terrific features of the site, it is better that you sign up. The user interface of this site is just beautiful and very appealing. You have to follow the social media of this site like their Google+, Facebook and Twitter to get updates on the latest shows and movies that they have posted on the site. Zmovies also has a playlist section which is quite a gem and you must explore it to find beautiful playlists compiled by other users as well so you will always be aware of the trending movies.

9. IceFilms

IceFilms is where you have to delve right in to find some treasures of timeless movies and TV shows. The interface may look rather clumsily put together but never judge a book by its cover because it has got a great collection of movies from all the time to keep you entertained all through the weekend and more. If you are a movie lover or a TV show lover, then this site should be on the list of your must check out ones. It is totally free as well so you can watch your favourite shows without any payment or hindrance.


The developers and team of this website keep it up to date regularly so any bugs or glitches you might find will be cured soon as well. The contents are also updated regularly so you can watch your favourite shows as soon as they are released. There is a ‘Trending now’ option you can use see the latest, most discussed movies and then there is an option ‘Recently added episodes’ where you can find the most recently added movies and episodes of shows so that you won’t miss out on anything.

10. Niter

Niter is another simple but useful alternative to 123movies and is very good for those of us who use mobiles to stream and watch movies online. It has got a very simple user layout which makes it quite easy to use and the theme is a more sinister kind with a dark background and such. It does lack in some features compared to the other popular site which is reflected in the popularity of Niter as it is not that popular.


Niter has a traffic of about only 60,000 per month which is not that great compared to many other sites. The layout of this site is not that good as well with only a few options and categories available for dividing the contents into Top Niter movies and TV shows. All that being said, all the movies on Niter are legendary and popular so you can stream and download all the good movies there ever was which is a major advantage of this site.

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