10 Best Sites like Putlocker That Actually Work


Putlocker is dead. It was a big name among the services like that and is an online index of hosted files used for streaming media like movies and TV shows. It was started in the United Kingdom in the year 2011 and since then was hugely popular with over millions of visitors every day.The site got so popular that it was banned in the UK in May 2016.

Now they keep changing its domain address and the most recent ones that was suspended was putlocker.ch, putlockers.is, putlockerstv.is, putlocker.to and more have popped up but we don’t know how good these are. Getting to know putlocker new name is tedious task to do.

If you are trying to find some of the sites like putlocker, take a look at the list below.


SolarMovie is one of the best Putlocker alternatives since it has numerous movies in a variety of genres like fiction, action, romance and more. The site is free and anyone can use it to watch TV shows and movies that they love and you are most likely to find it here because they have over 30 genres available. You can choose to register an account or you don’t have to and you will still be able to everything.

All the media are of high quality so you don’t have to worry about that. They keep changing their domain because anti-piracy groups are always on the lookout but currently the site can be found on the solarmoviez.ru. SolarMovie is a must check out alternative to Putlocker which will save from search putlocker new site 2018 every other day.

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FMovies is a famous streaming sites that have grown extraordinarily popular over the years and offers dozens of thousands of movies and TV shows for you to binge on. The site is blocked in many places depending on the anti-piracy policies of the area so you might not be able to access it. But there are many domains that you can try out hence something might work for you and choose it wisely.

The movies are all of a very high quality on this site as well and free of distracting advertisements while we are watching something. You can also download the movies and subtitles to your computer to watch them offline which is highly convenient. It has a range of movies spanning all the era and you will find a rich collection of old and new movies alike.


Niter is a cool site if you are looking to watch good quality movies online and shows all the latest movies in a very good layout. In fact, the layout and the user interface is just stunning and looks like Netflix. So is the website very rich in content and you will find an array of movies on the site. Niter’s layout will make sure you don’t have to look for putlocker’s new site address.

The site sports a dark theme with all the latest contents and categories displayed right on the homepage ordered by the most recently added ones. You can also filter by genre and year too. The streaming speed is good and it also allows full-screen view which makes it an attractive option to stream movies online. It also offers HD quality movies as well.


Vudu is for watching movies and Tv shows online and it has got everything you will ever need.The site also has many genres ranging from horror to action to suspense and romance and most of the contents are of high quality too. The homepage has a list of all the featured titles that may cost a bit and they also have a free with ads category that has old and new movies and a new this week section which contains all the free content released on the week and they also have thousands of free titles in addition to the payed ones.

They don’t require you to subscribe and everything is free to use that too with a stunning quality in up to 4K UHD. You can also download and watch on your mobile devices offline and rent movies from over 1 lakh titles or maybe own them in addition to all the free content that they offer you and they even claim that you watch media on this site before they are put in Netflix, Blu-Ray or Redbox. You can also turn your Blu-Ray or DVD collection into digital movies with the ‘Disc To Digital’ feature so that you can watch from the cloud or download it to your device.

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5Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is also another popular name to stream media online and is considered one of the best, both in terms of content and quality. Though the service is not free, it still is very popular because of the reliability and is very much similar to Netflix. If you are willing to spend some money, then this is the site you have to check out because it is cheaper than the actual cable TV subscription.

With the prime membership, you have access to exclusive original contents, latest blockbusters, regional movies and a lot more. Prime membership also allows you to hear ad-free music along with the unlimited free and fast delivery on eligible items when you purchase stuff from Amazon store. You can watch from the web or an app which runs on all the platforms and you can also download to your mobile devices to watch offline and they also offer a data saver while downloading.


Hulu is one of the top Putlocker alternatives and dare I say, even better in some aspects. It is like all your TV in one place with thousands of movies and shows which you can stream on your favourite device anytime and anywhere. You can also get unlimited access to Hulu library which has very few or no advertisements and you can also enjoy full seasons of exclusive series and many Hulu Originals.

Update: Hulu plus is paid, but we’ve explained Tricks to to get free hulu plus accounts.

Hulu works perfectly on the browser or on iOS, Android, Roku, Fire TV, 4th generation Apple TV, Chromecast and Xbox. You can stream over 50 live and on-demand TV channels including sports, news, and entertainment and switch plans or cancel the plans any time. To be sure, you can try Hulu with the free trial and if you like the site, you can subscribe to a plan suitable for you and start watching.


Moviefone is a site like Putlocker.to having enough contents and a good layout to make it one of the best. They give you access to media ranging from movie theaters shows to streaming your favourite shows and is very fast and cheap which is the perfect combination. You can share and interact with a worldwide community of entertainment fans right from your mobile devices and they even have a podcast called ‘Can’t Wait’ on iTunes and Google.

Their popular features which are very unique to them are the ‘Unscripted’ video series which amassed millions of views, ‘Fone Finds’ which exposes readers to a plethora of premium content from their partners, ‘Reel Meals’ which pairs movie-themed menus with your favourite films and the most popular of them all, the ‘Summer Sequel Smackdown’ which allows the users to vote on the best summer sequel of all times. The homepage also has a top trailers section and the title is rather self-explanatory.


WatchMoviesFree is another website like Putlocker. The site has a good layout with a picture and description of all the titles they offer which make it easy for the users to navigate and find what they are looking for. they have a lot of movies ranging from the most popular to not so old hits and many more if you are in doubt about what to watch. You will never feel bored if you have tried this site and they have it all from all the genres and from all the times.

The homepage of the site shows all the categories on the navigation bar and these categories are large in number spanning popular, horror, comedy, action, and even cartoons. They also classify based on the country and genre separately to make our work a lot easier and even offers a top IMDB category. the site also has some series and they don’t host any of these on their server and serves content from third-party sites. the website is also completely free and offers good quality media and service, so happy watching.


YesMovies is a top site for you to check out if you want some entertainment online in the form of your favourite movies and TV shows. The site also looks incredible and totally uncluttered which is an added plus when sites like these are concerned and you will find all the major names in the movie and series industry listed over here. Their contents are classifies based on genres which include action, comedy and horror and the TV series are also classified based on the country and you will find all the popular and not so popular series and movies from all times over on this site if you ever want to try something new.

The site also gives a list of featured movies and top movies of the day and the movies with best IMDB ratings. All of the titles are displayed with a picture and on hover, gives you a description of what the movies or series is about. The site is just too clean with a well-categorized structure which is very thorough and they also have adult, documentary, musical, Sci-Fi, Animation and a whole lot more which even includes sports.

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10Channel 131

Channel 131 is not much to look at but content-wise, it is a great Putlocker alternative and we think you should try it out. It looks like a website form the early 90s and has no real theme and looks rather ugly. But it has all the popular shows that you may want to watch and they can all be found readily on the homepage. They also show a list of the most recently added TV shows and a list of the TV shows airing on a particular day right on the homepage as well.

Though there is an option for music, It doesn’t really work and you should use the site for watching the popular media only because that is all you will be able to find on the site. They arrange the content based on the episodes and season to make it easier to find them and the whole arrangement doesn’t look professional at all and you may have some problem while navigating through the site. But do have a go at it if you want to find a site for all the famous shows.


  1. There is also Watchfree.ac or my favorite Chillnfix.to, it works like putlockers with a modern twist like fmovies.
    I have had no problem with Chillnfix, and they always keep up to date with newest and relevant stuff.


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