PDFBear: 5 Benefits Of Using This Online Word to PDF Converter

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Portable Document Format or PDF offers efficiency and convenience, especially when sharing files from one device to another. It is far way better than sending files in a Word format as it messes-up depending on the type of device used to view it. Schools and businesses prefer PDF when submitting tasks, reports, or assignments. However, converting Word to PDF may take a lot of time if you do not have any conversion tool.

Good thing that PDFBear is here to help you. You can convert Doc to PDF free of charge, quick, and easily! PDFBear is the best online file conversion tool that we can recommend to you! If you do not know what PDFBear is, do not worry because we have explained it to you!

What is PDFBear and why use it?

PDFBear, a free online tool, has the efficiency and convenience to transform your file from Word documents to PDF. In that way, you will enjoy the benefits of using PDFs when sharing important documents with others. It will eliminate problems you might encounter when you stick with using Word format. There are plenty of document format converters online (sites, applications, and platforms) but PDFBear is for those who want to avoid miscellaneous works of converting files using the step-by-step process in Microsoft itself. Aside from that, they offer a privacy policy, on which their users are protected from leakage of uploaded files in their server.

5 Benefits of Using PDFBear in Converting Word to PDF

1. Converting DOC to PDF using PDFBear will take a little time. 2 minutes

You can quickly transform your Word file into PDF with only three steps to take. After that, a PDF version of your file will pop-up like magic. If you are a keyboard warrior and have a fast internet connection, you can surely convert it within seconds. But if not, it will only take 1 to 2 minutes of your time! With this website online conversion tool, you can also do a DOCX to PDF conversion.

2. Users’ privacy is important for them.

One thing that we can be thankful for if you use this website is that your safety will always be assured! As we have said earlier, all uploaded files will be erased and eliminated permanently from their server. After you have downloaded the newly converted file, it will be deleted within an hour. If you want to know more about this, you may stumble upon their website and read their Privacy Policy.

3. You can use any platform in converting your file.

Some operating systems do not support Microsoft Word. That is why some are having trouble converting Word to PDF with the built-in feature of Microsoft Word. If you have that problem, PDFBear will save your life! Any operating system supports this website, and you will be able to convert your file without encountering any problem! You will find this tool useful whether you are a Windows, Mac, or Linux user.

4. Easy Word to PDF Tool.

You only have to follow three steps to successfully convert your file. It is a hassle-free procedure that directly converts Word to PDF. They have already set the best features and possible settings that you can use to achieve high-quality PDF files.

5. You can use your cloud storage to convert your Word files.

If your device storage is already full, you do not have to erase any file in your computer, cellphone, or laptop because PDFBear offers a way for their customers to save converted files directly into cloud storage like Google Drive, or Dropbox. They have also offered a way for you to upload files coming from the cloud! How efficient, right? They have done all the work for us! This site is a useful conversion tool that everyone should know!

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3 Steps to Convert your Word to PDF using PDFBear

Converting a Word file into a PDF file is easy and effortless if you use this site. All the conversion processes will be done by the website itself. You will enjoy their high-quality services for free! Make sure to follow the steps which we explained below.

1. Upload the Word file.

You can upload your file that you wish to turn into a PDF coming either from your file manager Cloud-storage like Google Drive and Dropbox. Drag and drop your chosen file to the large box displayed at the center of their web-interface if you want.

2. Wait until the conversion is finished.

PDFBear will begin the conversion process by initially scanning your Word file. Just wait until the conversion process is over.

3. Download the PDF file.

When it is finally converted, download it directly in your file-manager, computer storage, or Cloud storage. You can also copy the link they have generated and paste it into any emailing engine.

In A Nutshell

Using PDF in sharing files with others has a lot of benefits. However, some struggle in finding the best Word to PDF converter on the internet. With the use of PDFBear, this struggle will no longer be your problem! Having said the benefits of using this site and the three quick and easy steps we have elaborated for you, transforming Word documents to PDF files will be efficient and convenient! Aside from converting files, there are over 20 tools and features that you can also use for free. Make sure to check their website to find more of their tools and features you can enjoy for free.


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