3 Methods to Fix KMode Exception Not Handled Error in Windows 10

KMODE Exception not handled Error in Windows 10 is a serious problem on Windows 10 machine. The latest edition of the operating system from Microsoft designed to support the latest hardware, and it might have issues supporting older hardware. The error frequently occurs if the problem not resolved and at some point, you will give up on the machine. The blue screen of death is not an easy issue to resolve because it can create a major problem for day-to-day usage.

There are many factors like High CPU usage, drivers, hardware, and more. We are going to list solutions for every identified problem so far to fix KMODE Exception not handled Error in Windows 10.

3 Methods to Fix KMode Exception Not Handled Error:

1. Update Drivers

Windows 10 is configured to work with the latest hardware since it’s highly focused on graphics, sound cards, and other latest technologies. However, Microsoft ensures the security and experience of existing users system through frequent updates.

So how to update the drivers?

NOTE: Boot your computer in safe mode, and then update the drivers.

Windows Update: You can use the Microsoft service called “Windows Update” to update the existing drivers on your computer. The Microsoft signs the drivers to ensure that they are not infected with the virus, compatible with Windows 10, and hidden privacy invasion files.

CON: The Microsoft auto-updates the additional items as well like Net frame update, monthly security roll-up update, and more.

Step 1: Press Windows key + S and click on the gear icon on the left sidebar.

Step 2: Click on update & security, and you can find the option “check for updates” and proceed.

Step 3: It takes a few moments to start scanning & downloading the updates. Be patient because Windows update takes plenty of time install the latest drivers.

Driver Booster: You can download the driver booster for Windows and update the driver for free. I have used it, and it works.  you can update other essential drivers for USB, Modules, and unknown devices.

CON: You cannot download graphics card driver, LAN driver, and more using the free version. The developers want you to buy the premium version.

Download Driver Booster

2. Uncheck Fast Boot

Windows 10 offers good features and stability; however, it does have flaws. If you are using an older machine, that came out with Windows 7, and you upgraded it to Windows 10 then this could be one of the reasons that triggered the error.

You have to uncheck or unselect fast boot because it can cause the “Windows 10 error KMode Exception Not Handled” in a few clicks. Follow the steps to fix the problem in a few clicks.

Step 1: Press Windows key + S and click on the gear icon on the left sidebar.

Step 2: Click on “system” and click on “power & sleep” to proceed.

Step 3: After selecting “power & sleep,” then select “additional power settings” for more options.

Step 4: Now, another window will open in the control panel, and click on “choose what power buttons do” for more options.

Step 5: In the next window, you have to click on “change settings that are currently unavailable.”

Step 6: The greyed out options are available now, and uncheck “turn on fast start-up (recommended).

Step 7: Make sure that the option is unchecked, and click on “save changes” to finish the process.

A simple restart fixes the “Windows 10 error KMode Exception Not Handled” issue.

3. Troubleshooter

Microsoft has added one very useful feature in Windows 10 called a troubleshooter. It enables you to scan the computer for start-up errors, and it analyze the drivers on the computer to ensure that everything is working smoothly.

If it detects the issue, then it will suggests you a prominent solution. In several occasions, the troubleshooter fixes the problem automatically. However, in case, if it cannot fix it, then it suggests you an answer.

Follow the steps below to use the troubleshooter on Windows 10. (It is not available on Windows 7 and earlier version.)

Step 1: Press Windows key + S and click on the gear icon on the left sidebar.

Step 2: Click on “update & security” to proceed.

Step 3: You can find the troubleshooter in the fourth position and click on it to open.

Step 4: Scroll down until you find the option “blue screen” and click to select it.

Step 5: Now, click on “run the troubleshooter” to proceed.

Step 6: The program begins to scan for the errors, and it consumes plenty of time. Make sure to remain patient because it takes a lot of time to complete the process.

Step 7: Currently, my Windows machine does not have any issues during the start-up. In case, if your machine has any issues, then the program detects it automatically.

The troubleshooter comes in Windows 10 and Windows 8, but it does not support Windows 7 or any earlier version. The Windows 7 users have to focus more on the updating drivers because your hardware has gotten old. The latest edition requires the latest drivers to create a stable communicate between software & hardware.

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You can fix KMODE Exception not handled Error in Windows 10 by updating the drivers. There are unknown devices connected to your computer because there are missing drivers, so update them to fix the issue. Let us know what do you think about the fix KMODE Exception not handled Error in Windows 10 solutions in the comment section below.


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