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We are all always on the lookout for free stuff, be it virtual or real life things. And we do get offered a lot of stuff for free too especially online when it comes to games, books, movies or even software, we keep check of all our available options and choose the best one. And Kickass Torrents (KAT / grant us just that, a whole lot of content for practically no cost and Kickass Torrents was a reigning king as far as torrent downloading sites were concerned.

Is Kickass Down?

Yes, Kickass is down!

It was shut down recently and its owner arrested. This fact has concerned a lot of us because the site contained a huge repository of torrents waiting to be downloaded. So, if you are searching for some alternatives to Kickass Torrents, rest peacefully because here we have compiled for you a list of the sites which works just as good or even better.

Top 40 Kickass Torrents alternatives:

1. is all that you need for your P2P/torrenting needs and is one of the still working clones of Kickass Torrents. It is also among the oldest of them all and functions without any trouble. The service looks cluttered but it has more than enough to satisfy all your torrent needs including movies and Tv shows torrents.

In fact, it indexes the complete KAT torrent database so you have a great collection to check out like documentaries, video clips, programs, games and more to download. The service even has an active KAT community where you receive frequent updates about the latest KAT torrents that are added. You can search for torrents very easily with this one.

2. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a torrent website known as the king of Torrents and for a reason as well. It is the most famous P2P torrenting site on the internet and has a huge collection of content you may ever want. In fact, this site is so popular that most meta search engines redirect you to this one which shows how cool this site actually is. If the site doesn’t work for some reason then you should check our list of top pirate bay alternatives.

pirate bay site

All that being said, the site also has had many domain seizures in the past and also receives many DMCA notices as well. But every time it is taken down, it pops up again in a new domain. You can find everything from media, games, comics and books to software and games, all on this one service.

3. 1337X

1337X is popular site with quite a lot of users. the site is very good if you are looking for more involved and older torrents and its database may not be as large as many of the alternatives mentioned here. The site also has a good interface which is very attractive and provides a good user experience.


This site aslo constantly battles with the efforts to shut it down because of many policies against such sites but still remains functional. The developers of the site keep changing the domains frequently to achieve this torrents so that it will always be convenient for us to find and download torrents. This site is the best used for downloading old classic games, software and applications.

4. Demonoid

Demonoid is a class site for downloading torrents and has been serving us since 2003 on a number of different domains. It is a private membership community which means that you need to get an invite to join. But the site is highly reliable all things considered and has a lot of content too.


The user interface is okay and nothing special but the huge database more than makes up for whatever flaws it may have. They also highly recommend using a VPN while downloading torrents and registrations are closed to the site. You can filter and search by category or search with required keywords using the search box.


RARBG is at the top when it comes to best Kickass torrents alternatives and is a very popular well-used site. It was even listed as one in the top ten P@P sites of 2015 providing you with all the content at your convenience and is a useful site to have around. The site has got high-quality torrents with a good number of seeders and made its presence known for the first time in 2008.


It has a huge fan base worldwide and is one of the most acknowledged torrent websites of the time. You can sign up on the site and become a part of the thriving community yourself. You can also post new torrents or give updates about torrent related news if you sign up.

6. has all sorts of contents that you may need. The site looks absolutely appealing with a cool lime green design and the site looks more like a meta search engine more where you can search for a number of torrents. They show all their working domains on the homepage so that you won’t be cheated with the false ones.


It gives a hassle-free searching experience within such a huge database and you won’t experience any troubles while using this site. The accounts that you create only work with the URLs specified by the site and they warn you against the clones. Some of the categories of torrents this site provide are movies, TV shows, music, games, anime and a lot more.

7. isoHunt

isoHunt is another big name when it comes to sites offering torrent at your convenience and is a great alternative to Kickass Torrents. They have an advanced BitTorrent and P2P torrent search engine which spiders every BitTorrent trackers. isoHunt user with a torrent client can download every torrent file they wish to leech or seed.

The site has a very active user base and community who uploads new torrents on a regular basis. So you can find just about anything you want on the site. Recently, the site has gone underground due to various legal considerations against such sites but it still has a safe binary channel that works okay. Just make sure you have hidden your IP address and you will be fine to use the site.

8. Zooqle

Zooqle is a mild site for downloading torrents and you will love it too. The database is huge and you can find a lot of content on the site. Its user interface is nothing to emphasise but you won’t find this site bad as it looks okay with all the relevant contents displayed on the homepage itself.


This site is dedicated to the entertainment section and provides quality torrents for movies and TV shows, most of them of high quality. It has a database of over 3 million verifies torrents and the list keeps getting bigger and bigger with time. In fact, the site hosts more than 1 million torrents which add up to roughly 5 PB of data in around 38 million files.

9. YTS is one of the most successful YIFY/TS impersonator and perfect for downloading its many HD movies and TV shows. It provides movies and TV shows from all genres and also the latest releases and the oldies.


The site is just too beautiful to see and has got a very good user interface with a picture for every title. It has never once gone down since it was launched unlike the original YIFY and you can find a variety of HD quality movies ranging from 720p to even Blu-Ray. Each torrent provides details like rating, links to trailers and reviews from the community members.

10. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is like Kickass Torrent but with different technicalities and worth taking a look at. The site actually looks cool and has an attractive user interface. It allows you to watch movies and TV shows very fastly without wasting much time and allows you to watch them in high quality as well. It can also be partially considered as Coke and Popcorn alternative.

Popcorn Time

The site also takes minimal delay while buffering and most of the videos are of 720p or 1080p. Unlike other alternatives, this site is a streaming service that uses BitTorrent protocol. The site has been blocked by many governments and authorities worldwide and this is where you need a VPN.

11. BTScene

BTScene is has a clean &attractive layout and design. You can log in or register to this site and the list of all the popular contents are displayed right on the homepage. The site doesn’t look bad at all and you can also search for contents yourself using the search box.


The search engine is very powerful and allows quick searching of various torrents and finds them quickly too. The various categories available on this site are movies, series, music, games, software, e-books, anime, and many more. This one of those sites that doesn’t exasperate you with the many ads like the other sites.

12. ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent is a very popular if you looking for top eBook Torrent Websites. Even though it gets shut down occasionally as the actions against P2P/torrenting site increases, it has popped right back up every time so far. The site doesn’t look that good design wise and looks rather cluttered with a not too complicated layout.


ExtraTorrent also houses the popular ETTV and ETRG releases which are famous for providing torrents for HD movies and TV shows in a lot of qualities like 420p, 720p, 1080p and even provides Blu-Ray. It has a lot of contents which is evident as soon as you open the site. You can also easily browse for torrents, find articles and news and more through this site.

13. BTDB

BTDB is a widely used site that lets you download a lot of torrent files easily. The service is a search engine that has indexed over 1 billion torrents which is rather huge and is a very powerful and fast search engine. It looks clean and simple like most of the other torrent meta-search engines and is worth checking out.

The homepage of the search engine also shows recent torrents and this one is just a search tool and no contents are hosted here. It uses the DHT protocol which looks for nodes that distribute torrents and serves them to you. BTDS database is formed by the DHT users and is not a tracker which means that it is entirely legal.

14. looks rather good compared to the others. The site is very considerate to the user needs and is designed as such with even a graph representing the search trends displayed right on the homepage. It looks professional and clean with a well-categorized organization.

The site also warns you not to download anything without using the VPN service. It combines popular torrent sites and private trackers in torrent multi-search and you can even add your favourite torrent sites to their list. The stunning dashboard displays a trackers list for increasing torrent speeds and torrent site listings of various categories like music, movies, Tv shows and more.

15. EZTV

EZTV is a site like Kickass torrents for high-quality content and reliable source for that as well. It has a huge database of high-quality movies and TV shows and you won’t be disappointed after you try this site. It looks pretty bad and not visually appealing at all with tiny fonts and contrasting colours but it does the job quite well, especially if you need torrents from the entertainment division.


It also changes the domain a lot because of the anti-piracy policies and strong lookout against such sites. If you can’t access this site for some reason, a VPN will help you almost surely. In fact, it is recommended that you use a VPN when you are going to sites like this one to not put your digital security at risk.

16. iDope

iDope was created as a tribute to the original KickassTorrentz. Its looks are more on the search engine side of things and the layout is clean and good looking like most of the other torrents site. It has a huge database of contents that span everything from all the time so you will find whatever you are looking for with ease.


The site even has an app version for the Android platform offering maximum convenience while finding and downloading torrents. The site was first launched in 2016 and hence a newcomer but it is still very popular. You can find torrents of movies, TV shows and a lot more on the site.

17. Toorgle

Toorgle is is a meta search engine similar to the The site is also nicknamed as the ‘Google Of Torrent Site’ and performs exceptionally as well. The site has a large number of torrents and you will surely find wt you are looking for here.

The site uses over 450 torrent sites to provide you with the relevant links for downloading. Each search reveals the torrent and the website source along with the source description so that you can know more. It has indexed over 55,000,000 torrents which is just so huge as compared to the others. The site doesn’t face many issues and some ISPs have blocked them and in that case, you can always use a VPN service.

18. lets you search and download torrent files with ease. It allows you to search and download torrents and files from various hosting like Uploaded, Rapidgator, isoHunt, PirateBay and more. This is achieved by making use of their file sharing service and is a multisite search engine.

You can also upload torrents to the site easily in addition to downloading them. This can be achieved simply and after downloading the files, save them to your account and access and watch them from any device. you can use FilesLopp unlimited number of times and the site also looks so cool and takes you through all the processes and directs you on what to do as well.

19. TorrentRover

TorrentRover has afresh and simple look with a clean design and interface and is a good site for downloading torrent files. You can find and download whatever you want from their huge database and you can do it for free too. You can also run and save multiple searches so that you won’t lose your search progress which is totally great.


The searches are fast and the operation is seamless and you even get an automatically refreshed search results on a schedule so all of the results are always current and up to date. you can even manage automated sequential downloads which are perfect when you are using it to download TV shows and series. This cool downloader and search manager also helps you download music, applications, movies and more and is perfectly free.

20. Torlock

Torlock has the content but in other aspects, it remains doubtful. The site has good interface and layout but is not maintained properly and you won’t find descriptions to a lot of the contents which can make the entire torrent searching very tedious. You can search for torrents using the search box or look through the titles displayed on the homepage under various sections.


Torlock has got filters like top 100, news, fresh, most popular and so on and the categories of torrents you can find on the site are movies, music, games, anime, ebook, software and lot more. The site uses the slogan ‘No Fake Torrent’ and you will only find quality and reliable torrents on the site and even pays the users $1 if they find any fake torrents in any of the categories listed.

21. Seedpeer

Seedpeer looks good with the search bar and various categories on the homepage itself and they also have a lot of content including adult content for adults of 18+ only. You can easily search for torrents using the search bar.


You can also filter by ‘Today’ and ‘Yesterday’ filters and some of the categories they offer are movies, TV shows, games, books, music, anime, apps and many more. The database is rather huge with many seeders and most of the titles are of high quality. The site also offers a speedy search with its intuitive search engine.

22. TorrentDownloads

TorrentDownloads is a torrent site that will keep you coming back for more every time and frankly, you will not want to use any other sites after you have tried this one out. The site is very organized and has a lot of popular torrents right on the homepage with their details. The user interface looks pretty professional and on point and actually, this one looks like a torrent site.


It has a large database of contents and all of them are categorized very well and you also get filters like today’s torrents and yesterday’s torrents. It also has filters like ‘Most Downloaded’, ‘Most Leeched’, ‘Most seeded’ and ‘Most active’ among other sot make the search very easy. Some of the categories of torrents this site offer are movies, music, games, software and they also have many more categories. The search feature of the site is very good and highly responsive too.

23. Monova

Monova is a torrent site that is rather too simple considered to the alternative and also looks more like a search engine for torrents rather than a site. The interface is blue and okay enough but nothing too pretty. You can search easily using this site but it has no description or label of any sort and this can make it a bit confusing.

But Monova is a good site in the sense that it has a lot of content and the cluttered can be put up with for this but the site does contain some amount of ads. The browsing torrents feature gives you access to specific pages. But on the whole, the site is useful enough and worth checking out.

24. TorrentFunk

TorrentFunk is a great site for torrents and is more of a website than a search engine with the similar feel to it. The site actually looks neat but still not like a very professional site with some user interface problems. But if you don’t mind all that, this one is has a lot of content which is, after all, what we are after. The site also warns strongly that you don’t download anything without using a VPN service. Recently, it has removed adult advertisements after a lot of complaints from the users.


he homepage itself displays a lot of titles which is very convenient as you don’t have to search a lot. And even if you want to search something that you can’t find, you can do that easily using the search bar. Some of the categories available are movies, music, anime, software, eBook and adult. It also has its own community members who post regularly and the site has a verified status indication which gives it a good reputation.

25. Worldwide Torrents

Worldwide Torrents user interface is clean, simple and beautiful with a good organization aimed at making the experience a comfortable one. The site has a search bar and many different categories right on the homepage and you even have an advanced search option.

Worldwide Torrents

Some of the categories offered by the site are anime, games, movies, TV shows, apps, comics, XXX and even more. With their huge database, you will surely find what you are looking for no matter in which category. You can opt to sign up for the site for better access to the different features the site can offer you.

26. YourBittorrent

YourBittorrent is a site with a lot of users and is very popular. It has an okay enough user interface but the entire ordering might look a bit off because the fonts are just so tiny and the homepage looks very unorganized. But they do have a lot of contents and categories so that you won’t be disappointed.


The details of each torrent are listed right next to it and the homepage has the hottest torrents of the time. They also strongly warn the users to not download anything without hiding their IP address to make sure you are not risking anything. The site also has a lot of categories like movies, TV shows, music, games and all the basic things and filters like ‘Top’, ‘Hot’ and ‘New’. This site is the best in terms of speed and you must try it out if you are new to the entire torrent setup.

27. is worth checking out although much can’t be told about the site’s design and layout because it is too unorganized, it does have enough content to keep you entertained for long. You can opt to signup if you wish and then you may not see many ads and always use VPN while using this site.


Pirateiro was launched after Bitsnoop was shut down in 2017 and offers a huge database of torrents but with an inclination towards movies. The site is considered a non-English alternative to Kickass Torrents but you can still find enough content to satisfy your need for entertainment. It aslo has a lot of TV shows, games, anime and many other torrents available.

28. might be an obvious enough name pointing to the sort of contents that it has for anime lovers. Because that is what the site is dedicated to, anime and it is also extremely popular among the anime fans and torrent users. The site looks okay with nothing special when it comes to the design and layout but it has a ton of anime content which is simply amazing.

A lot of the popular links are readily given on the homepage and you can also search for the contents. this hot and hit anime torrent site was once taken down last year and many people complained a lot because a lot of them relied on the site for anime content. If you are an anime lover, this is where you must look.

29. TorrentDB

TorrentDB is a site you should consider taking a look at if you are on the lookout for sites like Kickass Torrents where you can find torrent files. They offer a full torrent database and easy and convenient ways to search and you can easily find the torrent you are looking for with this site.


They have a cool user interface that is very simple and have contents organized into many easy to access categories too. Some of the available categories are books, movies, TV shows, games, anime and adult along with many other categories. They keep changing their domain due to security regulations but they are still online. You can also become an exclusive member of the community once you have completed the membership process.

30. Torrent Hounds

Torrent Hounds is a worldwide BitTorrent search engine and is very popular too. It allows you to search ad download every torrent on every tracker the torrentHound spider is seeding. This site is also shifting to different domains due to safety considerations and legal problems but it is still online and worth taking a look at.

Torrent Hounds

They have a safe binary channel that you can access easily and for free. they have over 8 million files and over 8 million uploads as well and the downloads are over 2 billion which points to how popular and extensively used the skite is. The user interface might be a put-off but the amount of content more than makes up for that inconvenience.

31. Dirty Torrents

Dirty Torrents is a torrent searcher website where you can identify other sites to download torrents. It is almost good, user interface wise and is focussed on movies and TV shows more than the others.


The homepage has a list of all the top torrent files with their descriptions as of the last 245 hours and there are other filters too like ‘Recent’, ‘Most Popular’ and ‘Top’. Categories are movies and TV shows. The site has got no annoying ads, pop-ups or redirects which is very good. They also have a search bar which helps you search for some specific torrent or you can browse through the site in general using the Browse option.

32. 2.01torrent

2.01torrent is also another lesser known alternative which you can use to find many contents that you want. The homepage itself shows a lot of popular titles which can be easily downloaded and they offer even the latest content for free. The site no longer needs any sort of registration and you can sue it just like that.


Some of the popular categories this site offer are music, TV shows, anime, software, movies and a lot more other categories. The media are all of a very high quality and the database is rather big considering the fact that it is not so popular. The user interface is also pretty neat and looks quite good and professional. This is another site you must try once to develop a taste for it.

33. SkyTorrents

SkyTorrents is search engine which is quite widely used for finding and downloading torrents. It has over 13 million indexed files and this number is growing with time. It is a  safer and private search engine and works like a charm. It has a clean and beautiful interface which is simple and gets the job done quickly.


This site is still under heavy maintenance and development so you can expect much better performance in the future. They also do not track any user activity and hence does not require cookies to keep your data and browsing activity safe thus ensuring high security. The site is currenlty a beta testing and hundreds of new torrents are discovered and made available evry hour.

Below is the list of mirror torrentz websites:

34. has become popular rather recently. This clone has a complete list of KAT torrents for all sorts of content which is the reason for its popularity. This one looks more like a search engine than a site with contents for easy searching then having to search through the whole of the contents.

This site can be accessed from everywhere regardless of the location but in some regions, the ISPs may have blocked them and then you won’t be able to access it. This clone has a much more thriving KAT community and also frequently updates its posts. The clone also requires a two-factor authentication.

35. is another clone of the Kickass Torrents website and a huge hit, with a good reason. It provides the same fast met torrent search engine which is quite powerful and almost like the original one. Obviously, it looks and functions more like a search engine than

The service indexed over 55 million torrents from over 63 domains all through the internet and you can imagine just how vast that is. You will find almost everything you are searching for if you use this one. It has a got a rich collection of TV series, movies, music, games and anything else you may need.

36. is the closest thing you are going to get to the original one. It is a very stable and reliable clone with the original torrent library. The site also looks more like a search engine and functions that way too.

It also supports the original owner and has a tweet CTA with the hashtag #FreeArtemVaulin. You can also support the creator by clicking on the tweet link. also has a large number of contents and you can find any torrents on the original one here too.

37. is another one of the useful clones of and also one of the oldest. Yet, this one is pretty much operational and functions very well and is rather widely used. you won’t face any trouble while using the site and it has never been shut down even when a lot of others were and downtime issues aren’t heard of either.

It also has a lot of content and has indexed the complete KAT database so you can imagine the vastness yourself. It also looks more like a site than a search engine and works pretty much the same. You will gain access to all the KAT torrents that you wish to download on this site.

38. is another clean and useful clone and one of the best alternative. It has a smooth interface and design and is more of a search engine then like It has a huge database of all the torrents that you will ever need.

It has indexed almost all of the KAT torrents and you won’t miss anything while using this one. In fact, this domain was one of the first to come up after the original was shut down and it is still working fine. You won’t have any trouble or face downtime when you use this one.

39. is another convenient alternative to the original Kickass and worth a try. This clone looks and works almost the same as the original site and is recommended by It doesn’t look like a search engine and looks more like a site with some torrent links displayed on the homepage.

The site has a large database of torrents of all kind and you can find everything here. It experiences downtimes only very rarely and you actually don’t have to worry about that. If you cannot access the site, you can always activate your VPN and switch to the server of another country and that will work most probably.

40. is another torrent site that guarantees all the content you wish to have. This one is also more of a search engine and the layout is similar to the alternatives as well. But this one is a mirror of the original KAT website and its reliability is questionable.

You can try this one out if the clones don’t work but it is recommended that you stick with the clones than the mirrors. This is because the mirrors can put your digital security and privacy in a compromising situation. So it is always recommended that you use a VPN service while trying this one out.


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