KickAss Torrents was the most popular and among the best Torrent Websites. It offered free movies, music, apps, games and more to download.

However the website is now shut down because Apple lodged a complaint against it, and hence the owner of KickAss Torrents had to give up his ISP and all the personal information that was related to it.

This has caused a problem to the users who used the website to download torrents. Now with KickAss torrents out of the picture, to download torrents you need to use KickAss Torrents Alternatives. So if you are looking for alternatives for the KickAss then I am going to list a few of them below-

Best KickAss Torrents Alternatives:



YTS.AG is an excellent website using which you can watch a lot of movies that range from 720p to 4K quality videos. The user interface is amazing as well hence it is quite easy to use and understand. Also the website offers smallest size so that even an average speed internet connection can easily download a torrent.

Note- Website recommends users to use VPN so that no private data can be leaked to the Government or your ISP.

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This is a Torrent website that has gained a massive fan following because of the video pirates that lead to transform it into a Torrent website. The quantity of the torrents is immense. Along with that the quality is also very impressive.

It is widely popular and thus as a result it can serve as a capable KickAss Torrents alternative.

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3. is a strong meta search engine. By using which you will get combined results from dozens of search engines. This implies that the quanity of the torrents is enormous. Since it is a meta search engine, hence it is also very easy to understand and use.

Along with quantity the quality is also amazing as it is a replacement of the website that got banned. This makes it a great replacement for KickAss Torrents.

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4. LimeTorrents


This is a new website to enter the market, but because of the wide gap that was created after the banning of a few websites, this torrent website took the opportunity and stood up and in the end gained popularity. Partially because it is very well created, thus it is easy to navigate torrents in it.

It contains TV shows, movies, games, anime, and music in high quality, thus making it a good alternative.

5. SkyTorrents


It is a website that for now contains 13,088,882 torrents and number is still rapidly growing. The quality of Torrents is also amazing, and along with all this the website is also designed in such a way that it does not track your activity or store any cookies.

As a result it is a safe and secure torrent website that you can use as a KickAss torrent alternative.

6. TorrentFunk


This website has gained a lot of popularity because it happens to have a verified status associated with it, along with that it has user comments enabled and usually has positive comments that state that the quality of content that is offered on this website is amazing which is true.

Although it is more of an emerging star rather than an alternative but it capable and soon it will reach the level of an alternative or maybe it could even surpass the best websites.

What’s Your Thoughts?

This is it, these websites should serve you as a good KickAss torrents alternatives. If you’ve any additional alternative that works as good as the sites we mentioned in our list then do let us know though comment section. We would love to list, it it’s good enough.