IGTV: The Killer Guide to Instagram’s New Video Platform!


Many of the popular social media celebrities like Kim Kardashian have already set up their IG TV channels. It is time you set up one for yourself and enjoy.

Instagram has come up with its brand new thing, which has been released not only as a feature but also as an entirely separate app. Yes, the Instagram IG TV is here, and it is here to make our lives happier. The cool new app allows the users to upload videos of up to an hour instead of the one-minute videos which were the only possible option before.

What exactly does IG TV offer?

welcome to IGTV

It is a video app that allows the users to post videos up to an hour long in channels instead of profiles. As soon as you start the app or the feature, videos starts playing, just like in the good old television and hence the name.

Another important aspect of this feature is that it only allows vertical videos that fit the users’ device length so that people who watch won’t have to turn your device to watch full screen. This stand-alone app and feature were released to mark the fact that Instagram has hit a user base of 1 billion, which is insane growth of 200M users.

You can watch videos without any interruption since their are no ads for the sake of user engagement – As stated by the CEO of Instagram. You can also upload your own videos and like, comment and share your favourite videos through DMs just like in Instagram.

IG TV allows users to create channels instead of profiles, but both are basically the same.

If you already have an existing profile on Instagram, your channel will be automatically linked with it. You can also follow your favourite celebrities’ and other people’s channel through it. It not only allows videos by celebrities but also encourages its more common users to create and upload their own videos. Basically, IG TV works like YouTube and the creators of the app are relying on the large user base to make it a success which it most probably will be.

How You can use IG TV – Setting up Your IG TV Account?

So, IG TV exists as both a stand-alone app and feature in the existing Instagram app. You can use it for watching videos or for uploading your own videos. Using the app is pretty straightforward.

Step 1: Download the app for Play store or itunes.

Step 2: You should sign up with a channel and if you already have an Instagram profile

(Your channel will be matched to the profile and videos by people whom you are following already will pop up and automatically start playing on your feed for you to enjoy.)

Signup to IGTV


Step 3: You can swipe right to get video recommendations based on the people who you already follow or you can swipe down the feed to continue watching. Use the Follow and Popular options to find videos of people whom you are following and to find the trending and popular videos on the app respectively.

IGTC watch videos

How to Upload Your Own Videos on IGTV?

Step 1: Just add your own channel and access it by clicking on your profile picture. Now start uploading your own videos from your video library.

Step 2: To make a channel, just click on your profile picture and it will ask you to create a channel. You will be asked to enter the information and would be given a few tips and tricks. Follow them through and your channel is ready.

Step 3: Then, every time you want to upload your own videos, just click on the profile picture and that is just about it.

Note: Unlike in Instagram, IG TV does not have options for you to record videos directly from the app. You will have to record it from somewhere else and then post it in the app.

You Can Access IG TV Directly Through Your Instagram Account:

Access IGTV Through Instagram

You can also access the IG TV feature on the Instagram app itself. Just update your app to the latest version and you will be able to see a vintage TV like icon on the top right corner of your screen next to the arrow icon that will take you to your DMs. So, click on this vintage TV icon and you are on your channel. You will have a screen with four selections and a search bar. The four selections are ‘For You’, ‘Following’, ‘Popular and ‘Continue Watching’.

How Can You Utilize IG TV For Business?


At the moment, there are no ads on IG TV, but they may later make contracts for ads in the future.

If you own a company or a business, you can use this app for giving insights of what you do and how exactly you do it so that more people will be attracted to your services. You can also use this to upload training videos to your workers so that they can see it by following your channels.

You can also use this app for product demonstrations and marketing of your product. If none of this applies to you, you can always use this app to watch an endless stream of videos to make your free time extra special.

FAQ Asked Questions About IG TV:

So, let’s get into some doubts that might arise when you use this app or feature. It’s like very new, so it might get confusing for the users as there is still not enough info to cover all of them. We are here to help by answering a  few questions that we think you might get.

1. What does a ‘view’ mean in IG TV?

As per Instagram, your video is said to get a view when a user watches your video for at least 3 seconds. So, as the number of times, someone or multiple people watches your video for 3 seconds, your views will increase.

2. How can you watch videos on IG TV?

You can watch IG TV videos by clicking on the vintage TV icon at the top of your Instagram feed or you can download the standalone app for Android and iOS platforms. You can also watch the videos from the IG TV icon on your profile.

Note: The IG TV feature is fairly new and the updates are still being released. So, even if you have updated your app and still can’t find the feature, we recommend that you go for the app instead.

3. How long can an IG TV video be?

As of now, a normal user can upload videos of up to 10 minutes long and fairly bigger and popular channels can upload videos that are up to one hour long. Word of mouth is that eventually all time limits will be removed from the app.

4. How many channels can a person have in IG TV?

To put it in the words of the Instagram people, “the creators are the channels”. A user can have only one channel for the same Instagram account. This is because if a person follows a creator’s IG TV channel, he is set to automatically follow their Instagram profile too.

5. What are the video specifications supported by the IG TV?

IG TV supports vertical videos of 4k resolution with a minimum duration of 15 seconds. The size of the IG TV videos are the same as the Instagram stories, that is, 16:9 aspect ratio. The maximum duration can be 60 minutes per video.


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