BEGINNER’S GUIDE: Torrent Downloading & Sharing like a PRO!

is torrenting legal?

Torrent is not a new word in most of our vocabulary since it is one of the most used file-sharing systems in existence. Thousands of new Torrents are added every day and they are free and Torrent can be your perfect companion if you know how to use torrent.

All that being said, whether Torrent is legal or not is still an issue that continues to confuse its users. So, before we get into how and what Torrent is, let us confirm this – torrenting is not illegal. It is a method of file sharing which has paved the way to sharing pirated content but the actual process of torrenting is perfectly legal.

Is Torrenting Legal Then?

is torrenting legal?

No, not all torrents are legal and downloading illegal content may result in some problems. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you install a good anti-virus software before you start indulging in Torrent to prevent any viruses or threats that might try to harm your device. It has a lot of illegal contents floating around and some of the data you may try to download might be bound by copyright laws depending on the country, so that should be considered before you start downloading stuff from Torrent.

All that being said, there are tons of perfectly legal files like movies, music and a lot more than you can share with anyone you want in Torrent. Before we get into how exactly you can use Torrent, we need to know what exactly does ‘torrenting’ mean. Let us dive right in.

What Is Torrenting?

what is torrening

Torrenting is method that you can use to share files with a large number of people very quickly and as a matter of fact, the more the number of people downloading a particular file, the faster the download happens for everyone involved. Torrenting is based on the idea of peer-to-peer sharing of data rather than the commonly used File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

So, What’s FTP & Peer to Peer in Torrent Downloading?

In FTP, every user downloads from a single server and as the number of users increases, the downloading speed decreases but in peer-to-peer sharing, there is no single server and the users attempt to download different pieces of files from other people who already own the file. This means that the file is split into thousands of pieces spread across all the people who have the file and you are downloading from multiple sources and as more users own the file, the more the pieces the file can be divided into and as new people come to download the file, the same file gets downloaded much faster.

Now that we know is torrenting and why it is so popular, let us see….

what a Torrent is?

what's torrent

A Torrent is a pointer file which helps the Torrent software locate computers of other users who are sharing a file or group of files that you wish to download. You can use the Torrent to direct the Torrent software to connect to those private computers for retrieving the file. Usually, a group of computers interacting with a specific file inside the torrent network is called a swarm and this includes both the computers which are uploading the file (seeding) and computers which are downloading the file (leeching).

Depending on the swarm health, download speeds can either be extremely slow at just KB per sec speeds to extremely fast going to MB per sec ranges. After downloading all the pieces of the file that you need, the torrent software then puts together these pieces to give you a file that you can use. To begin downloading a file, you need two things – a torrent file and a torrent program also known as a torrent client. Every file you wish to download is initially a torrent which contains all the information about the different pieces of your file and where they reside.

The Torrent client interprets the torrent file and then connects to the relevant devices that contain the pieces of your file to begin the download process. The beauty of torrents is that a peer can upload portions of the file they have downloaded while downloading the portions of the same file which they do not own yet allowing you to achieve high download speeds as you are leeching from other seeders and contributing to the swarm health by allowing your computer to be a seeder as well. So, that is enough basics to get you through what exactly happens when you are torrenting.

How to Torrent like a pro?

Now it is time for us to know how exactly to begin torrenting files which is the central idea of this article.

torrent downloading guide

As said earlier, you need two things, a torrent client and a torrent file, to start torrenting. A simple Google search will show you a lot of Torrent clients that are free and works efficiently like the BitTorrent. Similarly, a lot of quality pictures, videos, movies, books, music and more can be found on Public Domain Torrent or the Internet Archive. Just download the Torrent file that you need and open it using your Torrent client and that is it, you are good to go.

Nearly all the Torrent sites are easy enough to use because they have a lot of filters, categories and search bars to allow you to search through their databases very quickly although sometimes you will get a lot of ads which is indeed rather annoying. There are some Torrent sites that are much cleaner and private without ads and their catalog of torrents are closely guarded by private communities.

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Also, as said before, Torrenting is a very famous method which is used by a load of internet users to share large and small files and there is a bound to be a lot of scammers out there looking to harm your system by giving out phony torrents that contain malware. They mask their malware behind very attractive banners of latest movies, videos and music that users easily fall for. A few ways these files deceive you is by pretending to be healthy torrents is through RAR and WAV and password protected files. Another way is by renaming a file from something innocent like an MP4 file to an EXE file but instead of an MP4 video, they will contain files that can be very dangerous to your system.

How to increase your Torrent Speed?

As must have been clear from the article so far, there are a lot of factors at play which governs your interaction with a torrent file. Hence, there are a few ways to increase your torrent seeding and leeching speed.

1. Port Forwarding: Port Forwarding allows services from your internal network to become accessible to the external network. To forward your port, access your preferences/settings from your torrent client to figure out the port you are using and then you will have to access your router’s dashboard or settings page and enable the port under the ‘Port Forwarding’ option. These steps vary depending on your torrent client and router so you may have to search a bit to achieve this. Also, there are associated security risks as it allows external access to your home or internal network. Be well informed about Port Forwarding before you proceed through with this method.

2. Choose a healthy torrent: Having a swarm with multiple active seeders provides excellent swarm health and such swarms will give you the best download speeds. Most of the indexers do post how many seeders and leechers are currently interacting with a file so you can easily figure out which torrents are healthy before you begin using a torrent file. Also, go through the amount and dates of comments which will also provide you with the information whether there has been a lot of traffic on that specific torrent file and will also warn you off of any malicious programs and malware.

3. Make sure that your internet speed is decent enough: This is the base of any downloading procedure and depends on a lot of factors like your connection type, broadband type and router capabilities. Make sure that your internet connection is stable to speed up your torrent downloads.

Finally, torrenting is a great alternative to your traditional downloading methods and not to say that it is a whole lot faster. Just make sure that your Torrents are clean and safe, use a good Torrent client and enjoy unlimited free and fast downloads as easy as that.


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