How to Close Frozen Programs on a Mac (ctrl alt del mac wont work!)

Close Frozen Programs on a Mac

So you have been a life long Windows User but recently switched to the MacOS, and while you are able to learn things like a pro but there are still things that you were expert on Windows but here on MacOS you are clearly not able to grasp up to that level easily in quick time.

One of the things you might find absurd is that in the Windows you were able to force close an app that froze on you by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del but here in MacOS you see that there is no such feature as nothing happens when you press the same three buttons simultaneously.

How to force close frozen apps in MacOS

Method #1

  • So to force close an application in MacOS instead of hitting Ctrl+Alt+Del press Command+Option+Escape altogether.
  • You will see a set of options will open, that will be similar to task manager.
  • In that pop-up select the app that you want to close.
  • After selecting the app you will see the Force Quit button, click on that to simply end the program.
  • It will then ask for a confirmation to end it, click on Force Quit to quit the forced application.

This way you will be able to close the application that was frozen on you.

Method #2

However as we all know that there are severe cases when the app does not even let to escape itself, hence leading you to not being able to open the options of closing the apps using the above given method. In those cases ,follow the instructions given below.

  • Press the Cmd+Alt+Shift+Esc buttons simultaneously and then the MacOS will close the app that was running active on your computer screen.

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