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15 Top Games like

We all have played Snake & arcade game, at least once in our life. It is fun and generally soothing. At present, we are more into games like, reminiscent of Snake, but a hugely multiplayer browser game. The agenda is to get your worm as long as possible.

With the advancement in technology, of course, it is not surprising that a simple game such as this has evolved to a level in which you can compete with the other players to win. If you love and wish to try more games like Slithr, we can help you. Here is a list of some cool games like for you to enjoy.

15 Top Games like

1. games like is at the top when we come to think of games like The avatar that you have to play in is like a dot or a small snake in the beginning. You grow by consuming small birds or by eating up other players. As you grow bigger, you get slower. Play Online.

This game has over a million downloads and is hence quite popular. It was released in 2015 by Matheus Valardes. You can use different strategies to go up the leaderboard. Also, this game is supported on almost all major platforms and runs seamlessly in iOS, Android, Windows, Macintosh OS, browsers and Linux.

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2. is a combination of and It has got minimal graphics and a very dark background. It keeps up with the geometry and the avatar is a triangle shaped thing. You have to eat to grow bigger just like in the other games. Play Online.

The avatar comes with ammo. You should eat bullets shaped like triangles which you can use to fire at other players. Yes, it is a multiplayer game. The more you eat, the higher you are on the leaderboard.

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3. is a game like, but with some tweaks and all for the better. You have to manoeuvre a line to earn points and win the game. The snake can spit venom to kill smaller snakes, but to kill bigger ones, you might need a bomb. You have to eat scattered objects to get bigger in size. Play Online.

This game is quite popular and played by many. You should make sure that your snake does not touch its own tail or hit the walls. The walls can be spiky and or plain as you level-up. The pellets that are scattered offers different power-ups to the Snake.

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4. was published by TapTo. It is designed to run only on the Android platform. AS obvious from the name, the avatar you have to play with is a tank. It is said to be of the military genre, but more fun in graphics. It was released in the year 2016. Play Online.

At a time, a maximum of six players is allowed. To win the came, you have to control your tank and shoot the enemies. The longer you play, the more upgrades you get to aid you in the game. Also, make sure you stay out of enemy’s line of fire to not get yourself killed.

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5. is a real-time multiplayer game like It runs in the Browsers. The main agenda of the game is to stay alive while killing all the other lazers. It is also a bit similar to the game Curve Fever. Play Online.

This game has got a line like avatars called lazers. You don’t have to eat to grow bigger but just move. As you move, you grow in size. The agenda is to survive. is a high-quality, high-intensity fun game that is definitely enjoyable.

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6. was published by Miracle Studios Games and Jesper The End. It was released in the year 2017. It is designed to run on the Android and iOS platforms and also on Windows 10 mobile. It has got a minimalistic design. Play Online. is called the new because it is a more social take on the latter game. The gameplay is more similar to Snake. You begin with a coloured block and you have to surround a group of blocks and come back to your own land to fill the land with your block’s colour. You have to also be cautious because if someone hit your block, you die.

7. is a casual multiplayer game like It is said to be inspired by the game It has got features like more speed and equipment than the other games. It has got a variety of game modes to please the users. It also has a large number of upgrades to help you along the way. Play Online. was published by Freakinware Studios Limited. It is designed to run on Android and Steam OS. The players begin as a cell to grow bigger by eating the opponent’s cell. The cells have got the ability to split up and create duplicate cells, to speed up and also to eject mass.

8. is similar to It is a browser-based game. It is completely free to play and is similar to other tank and snake games. It has also got multiple game modes which make it more different. Play Online.

In this game, your avatar is a tank. You try to gain more mass so that you can buy upgrades. It also runs on Android and iOS platforms. The upgrades to this game are complex and more mechanic than the other games but nothing that you won’t understand

9. Osmos HD

Osmos HD game

Osmos HD is a high-quality multiplayer game developed by the Canadian developers called Hemisphere Games. It was named as the game of the year. It is described as a combination of physics, survival and the classic eat it up. Download Osmos HD From Playstore.

In this game, you enter the Darwinian world and survive by absorbing smaller organisms which sound quite awesome. You can move about by ejecting some matter behind you. It has 72 levels spanning eight different worlds. There are 6 different arenas too. It runs on the platforms iOS, Android, Macintosh OS, Microsoft Windows and Linux.

10. MaMuSnaMa

MaMuSnaMa game

MaMuSnaMa is a weird game with an equally weird game. It is a combination of the games Nokia Snake Online and It comes with a multiplayer gaming option too so that you can enjoy it with your friends. Play MaMuSnaMa Online.

Like in most of the games like, you can win the game by growing to a bigger size by eating random items available. But if your snake touches itself or if it hits an opponent, then your game ends. It has got various game modes with some very weird names like ‘Lick It Baby’ and also the plain old classic mode. Play   Online.

11. is a game like but with a great plus to it. It has all the same objectives where you have to eat to grow bigger. It is an online browser-based multiplayer game. The controls are same as in and you have to avoid your opponents to survive. Play Online.

The major advantage of the game is that it pays you to play. If you earn 50 stars in the game, you can exchange it for an Amazon gift card. The game is a bet and it is difficult to obtain these stars. Though it is quite slower than the other games, it is still fun and the payment part makes it popular.

12. obviously suggest that the avatar of the game is a frog. It is just a game like but you have to grow your frogs bigger and kill off the other frogs to become the champion of the arena. T+You have to swim in the pond and trap other players. Play Online.

Make sure that your frog does not get trapped by other players too. The traps are set by dashing and leaving a trail of dots which will kill your enemy if they make contact with these dots. The game has a very attractive visual effect and the gameplay scenarios stand out from its alternatives.

13. Ant Evolution

Ant Evolution game

Ant Evolution is a fun game where you start of as an ant, instead of a worm or other slithering creatures. But in most other aspects, it is a game similar to It was published by GoodTimes94. It is designed to run on the Android platform. This game is single player game. Download Ant Evolution On PlayStore.

Inspired by the game and evolution games, this game is completely free of cost. Your ants have to squash bugs to increase their mass and size. You can also play this game offline. Avoid larger insects and as you get bigger, compete more to clear the levels.

14. Nokia Snake Online

Nokia Snake Online

Nokia Snake is the parent of all games of this genre. The Nokia Snake Online gives a classic feel of playing the Snake game in Nokia mobile. It has a GUI similar to the old Nokia phone and can be played on the green screen just like that. Play Nokia Snake Online.

This game now runs online as a flash based game. It has a snake which feeds on random pellets that can appear anywhere on the screen. The game has 3 different difficulty modes and a leaderboard too. If you hit a wall or eat yourself, you die. This game is sure to bring a sense of sentimentality to the players.

15. Cosmic Crush

Cosmic Crush

Cosmic Crush is a game like with different characters. It was released in the year 2007. The aim is the same as other games. You have your own planet or space-rock with which you have to eat other smaller ones to grow bigger. At the same time, watch out for gravity. Play Cosmic Crush Online.

The game was published by Armor Games. It is a fun science-themed game which expands on the ideas of gravity and gravitational pull. But beware of the larger planets as they can pull you in with their gravity and destroy yours. Grow bigger in size to win a level and move on to the next.

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