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[FIXED] Windows could not automatically detect this network’s proxy settings error

So you have been hit by an error named “Windows could not automatically detect this network’s proxy settings” you are not alone as this error has been experienced and reported by many windows users.

We have a few solutions for you to try out as they can help you to solve this issue, you might not need to try all of them but just keep on following them one by one until one works out for you.

Fix #1 Proxy Server Settings

To fix the following error Check the Proxy Server Settings. Disable the proxy server on the web browser that you use and after that press the Windows Key and simultaneously.

After that the Run dialogue box will appear. So in the dialogue box type inetcpl.cpl and hit Enter.

A new dialogue box will appear and in it, click on the Connections tab and then on the Lan Settings button.

windows could not automatically detect this network's proxy settings

Check that if the proxy settings are fine. If they are fine then the cause of your problem must be something else and to remove it follow the next step.

Fix #2 Resetting TCP/IP

This problem sometimes can also be solved by Resetting the TCP/IP and to perform the action, open the command prompt(admin) and then in it type netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt, after doing all this restart your PC in order to check that if the error is gone or not.

command prompt

Fix #3 Uninstall Antivirus

There are times when antivirus software causes an issue in Proxy settings that leads to this error. So by uninstalling your antivirus software, you may be able to solve the error, also Windows 10 has an in-built Windows Defender program that will save your computer from viruses by a large extent.

However it is still recommended to download an Antivirus software. Just in case, so if the issue is solved after uninstalling the software then be sure to download and install another Antivirus software.

Fix #4 System Restore

If you recently updated your Windows to a newer version and then after that you just started to see this error. Then we have a fix for you as you can fix this by performing a System Restore.

In order to perform a system restore follow the steps given below-

  • Open up the Start Menu and then in the search bar type System Restore and open the setting Create a Restore Point.

System restore

  • A new window will open which will have a heading of System Properties button.
  • Open the System Protection tab, and then in it click on the System Restore button.
  • Now a new Window will appear, and in it you will have to follow the step by step process. Windows restore
  • After that you will be seeing another Window that will state a few options as to which restore point you would want to open.
  • Then select the wanted restore point that you want to and after that simply keep on following the instructions to complete the System Restore.

After the System Restore iscompleted, check if the error still persists. According to users, this is one of the best ways to solve this error so be sure that you try this one. If the error still persists, then follow the next step.

Fix #5 SFC Scan

This error also get solved by performing an SFC Scan. In order to do so just follow the steps that are given below-

  • Open the Start Menu and search for Command Prompt and open it as an administrator.

command prompt

  • Now type sfc / scannow and then hit enter in order to perform the SFC scan.
  • The scan will start and it will probably take about 15 minutes.

After the scan is finished, check if the error is present now.

Fix #6 Reset Internet Connect Settings to Default

Windows sometimes shows this error due to some unwanted change in internet settings. Thus in order to correct this error, reset your internet connection to default, and to do so follow the steps provided below-

  • Open the Start Menu and then search for Internet Settings/options and hence select the Internet Options from the menu.
  • A new Window will open and hence find and then click on the Advanced tab.
  • In it you will have to find the Reset button and then click on it.
  • Now if you would like, then by ticking a box you will be able to delete the Personal Data.

Reset internet settings

  • After that in the last settings, click on Apply and the settings will be set to default again.

Did This Article Help You?

After this, the error will probably be resolved and your problem will be solved. If it did then comment below so other users could see the positive feedback but if it didn’t help the comment below – we will get back you you ASAP!

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