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[Fixed] Unexpected store exception in Windows 10

A lot of users have reported the problem of getting the computer frozen and then showing an error stating Unexpected Store Exception. This error has been reported only by those who have performed the Windows 10 anniversary update. Also this error is one of the many infamous Blue screen of death errors. 

So you are hit by the error and you do not now know that what you can do in order to solve it, keep on reading the article in order to solve the error and use your computer just like before.

Unexpected Store Exception

We have a few methods that you can try to solve the error. Mostly, you won’t even need to try of them – them one by one until one solution works out for you.

How to Fix Unexpected Store Exception Error

Fix #1 Update or Uninstall Antivirus

After the Windows 10 anniversary update, try to either update or uninstall the Antivirus software that you installed on your computer.

Also if you do uninstall the Antivirus software do remember to download one from another company to ensure full safety of your device.

Don’t worry of not having an Antivirus Software installed, until you do not install another, because Windows 10  has a feature named Windows Defender that ensures the protection till that time.

Fix #2 Update Drivers

Another reason that the Windows 10 has this error is the outdated version of hardware device drivers. It could be that after the Anniversary Windows 10 update, your machine might be thinking that it has all the latest device drivers installed however, that is not the case.

So what you would need to do is install the drivers manually. So if you do not know that how you can do it then follow the instructions given below-

  • Open the Start Menu and then search for Device Manager.
  • In device manager check all the devices by right clicking on them and then selecting Update Drivers.
  • Select Search automatically for updated driver software to update the drivers.
  • Repeat the process for each and every device.
  • After updating each and every driver of your devices, restart your PC to check that if the problem still persists.

Fix #3 Scan For Corrupted Files

Another reason that causes this error to show up is when file is faulty or corrupted then it can lead to not only this error but many more. So it is recommended to check these system files to solve these blue screen of death errors.

Follow the instructions given below to fix the issue-

  • Open the Start Menu and search for ‘Command Prompt’ and after right clicking on it select ‘Open as an Administrator’.
  • In the Command Prompt type in sfc /Scannow followed by hitting enter.
  • Then the scan will start, give it some time and after the scan is completed the system will itself repair the damaged and corrupted files.

After the scanning and repairing of the files restart the PC in order to check that if the problem is still present then follow the next fix.

Fix #4 Check System Files

In disk there are a few bad sectors that are the cause of this and many other blue screen of death errors. So check the disk by Running ‘The Disk Check Utility’.

I am going to leave the instructions for you below which will help.

  • Open the Start Menu and search for ‘Command Prompt’ and then right click on it and select ‘Open as an Administrator’.
  • In the Command Prompt type in chkdsk C: /f /r /x followed by hitting enter.
  • The scan will then start and so you will be required to wait until it is finished.

After the scan is finished, reboot the PC to check that if the error is still present. These steps should help you to  solve this error. If it did then comment below so that the other users could see the positive results. if not then comment below so we can get back to help you.

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