4 Methods to Fix System Service Exception in Windows 10?

The error SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION occurs when you have programs that interrupt with your computer system files. We have to identify the programs that create a problem for your Windows machine and get rid of it. We are going to list down solutions that will help you solve the SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION error on your Windows 10 machine. Since the error is no hardware related so you definitely not need to panic. First, we will begin with the backbone of Windows and then focus on other solutions.

4 Methods To Fix System Service Exception Error:

1. Update Drivers

The SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION error is caused when hardware & software fails to communicate. Your computer components like processor, RAM, chipset, graphics card, and other removable components fail to communicate with the Windows.

Ever Heard about Drivers?

Drivers are the bridge for Windows and components to communicate. The latest edition of the Windows 10 designed to function at 100% level with modern hardware like the graphics card, chipset, processor technology, and more. If you are using an old machine, then you need to update the components drivers immediately.

Windows Update:

  1. You can use the Microsoft solution Windows Update for new drivers.
  2. The Microsoft server has the latest drivers for your computer.
  3. They are safe & 100% stable to your edition.
  4. The company supports Windows 10 compatible drivers only.

In case, the latest driver does not support Windows 10, then it will not show up. However, the second method would give you an idea on how to install Windows 7 compatible drivers on Windows 10.

Driver Pack Offline:

  1. Download the offline version of Driver Pack to install any driver.
  2. You can install Microsoft signed drivers on your computer.
  3. Virus & malware free drivers on your computer.
  4. The file size goes up to 17GB, so make sure that you have unlimited download data package.

Download offline version only and the online version installs unnecessary programs without your consent.

2. Uninstall McAfee Antivirus software

The SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION error is caused by the software and McAfee Antivirus software is usually the culprit. We know that it comes as a surprise that McAfee Antivirus that’s designed to protect your computer is causing the error.

Here is why McAfee did it:

  1. The technology of McAfee Antivirus prevents suspicious activity.
  2. Unfortunately, Microsoft has plenty of files & programs running in the background that are not signed. The McAfee Antivirus prevents an unknown program trying to gain access, and it blocks it.
  3. The blocked function in the background stops, and your system crashes. The error SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION shows up on your screen.

The secondary option would be updating the McAfee Antivirus software. Remember, save the license key on a USB drive or else you have to buy the protection again. The Windows Defender will protect your computer in the absence of the McAfee Antivirus.

3. Disable Antivirus software

The SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION error happens when system file stops. If you are using any third-party software like Avast Antivirus, Bitdefender, and other solution, then disable it temporarily. Disabling the protection does not affect your computer because the Windows Defender turns on instead and maintain the protection.

Step 1: Launch the program or navigate the mouse to the notification area. The Antivirus program icon remain in the notification area and right-click mouse to view more option.

Step 2: Select the option Avast shield control and then select “disable until the computer restarts” or “disable permanently.”

Now, the Windows testing begins and start monitoring the computer awhile. If it solves the issue, then it’s certain that Antivirus program is the main culprit. The Windows Defender is enough for basic protection and add free Malwarebytes for further protection.

4. SFC Scan

A corrupted file or folder is enough for SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION error. The software company has added an excellent tool in Windows 8 and Windows 10, so the computer can fix the file system errors and corruption without having to install third-party software.

The Windows users can utilize the SFC tool (system file checker) to identify the file corruption and infected files. The tool automatically fixes them and in case, if the issue is irreparable, then we have to use alternatives.

Step 1: Windows key + S and type “CMD” and select the first result.

Step 2: Run command prompt as administrator without missing it.

Step 3: Type “sfc/scannow” and hit enter.

The process takes plenty of time to verify each file because there are thousands of system files on Windows 10. Make sure to stay patient during the scanning process and ensure that you don’t unplug the power cord. Make sure to restart your computer to see the affect.

Did this article help?

There are several programs that reportedly trigger SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION error. If you’ve one of them, as you can see in the list, then uninstall and test to see if it fixes the error.

  1. Xsplit
  2. Cisco VPN.
  3. BitDefender.
  4. MSI Live Update.
  5. Virtual CloneDrive.
  6. Asus GameFirst Service.

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