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How To Fix System Service Exception on Windows 10?

When Windows computer is hit by the Blue Screen of Death then Computer shuts itself down in order to prevent damage the software and hardware components. Unfortunately, there are many blue screen of death errors and the one that we are going to talk about today is SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION error.

System service exception

This error is fixable. To remove the System Service Exception error follow the FIXES that are given below. You mightn’t have to try all of them but if one fix doesn’t work out then opt for the next one.

How To Fix System Service Exception on Windows 10?

Fix#1 Undo Recent Changes

If this problem occurred just right after you installed a program or you added a hardware recently then there are good chances that this software or hardware triggered the issue at first place. So you’ve to remove the software or hardware that you recently added and then check for the issue to see if it still persists .

If problem still persists or you didn’t make any hardware or software changes recently then follow the next fix.

Fix#2 Check System Files

Now this error is also very likely to occur if your system contains a corrupted or a faulty system file. To check if the system file is corrupted or not you have to use the System File Checker.

Follow the following steps to complete this process…

  • Open the Start Menu and search for Command Prompt and then run it as an administrator.

Command prompt

  • Once the Command Prompt has opened then type in the command chkdsk /f /r followed by pressing Enter key on your keyboard.
  • After that you would need to press Y on the keyboard in order to start the scan.

Command Prompt

  • When done, restart the PC and wait for about 15 minutes until the scan gets finished. After that, start your computer to check that if the problem is solved or not.

If problem still persists then opt for the next step which will help you to solve this system service exception error.

Fix#3 Uninstall Anti-virus Programs

The blue screen of death error, reportedly, also accurs due to the presence of an Anti-virus system. So to solve the error, you will need to disable the Anti-virus.

If error still persists then you’ve to uninstall the Antivirus completely to fix it. Don’t worry about the security of your device as Windows 10 has a pre installed feature known as Windows Defender which would probably protect your computer from viruses and malwares.

Fix#4 Update The Graphics Drivers

This error also occurs if the drivers installed for Graphics are outdated or not installed properly. And to fix this issue, you will have to update the Graphics Drivers.

However, if you don’t know how you can update graphic drivers then do not panic, just follow the steps given below.

  • Open the Start Menu and then search for Device Manager.
  • A window will open and then in the Window open the Update Driver option then find graphic cards and right click on it and then click on the Update Driver option. 
  • In the end, select Search automatically for updated driver software, to update the drivers.

Did it Resolve The issue?

These four fixes should definitely help you. And, if they helped you then do comment below so others can see. However, if you still not able to fix this error then comment down below so that we can help you guys to fix it – but these fixes should definitely resolve the issue.

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