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Download PUBG Mobile APK – (English Version!)

Download PUBG Mobile APK – The Post is updated today!

Smartphones have become a gaming console with time; we should give credit to the Google and Apple for making hardware capable of comparing with regular PCs. You can find many games, which are not only powerful & graphical games, but they are capable enough to run on smartphones, one of those games is PUBG for mobile game.

How to Download PUBG For Mobile APK

One of the popular games in China today, which has won the hearts of many mobile gamers and the company generates millions of dollars from the players. The developers of the game have not launched the game globally because of various reasons, but the company has finally decided to make it global.

download pubg apk

As of now, they have made the PUBG mobile game available in Canada, where anyone with Canadian Google Playstore account can download it. We are going to show you how those who are not Chinese, and Canadians can download PUBG mobile apk game from any country without any restrictions.

We are going download the latest version of the PUBG mobile game APK because it has English language support that was missing in the previous versions, where you have to struggle with the Chinese language options.

Step 1: Download the game from the link. (We do not own the website link we are providing, and we do not hold any liability of suggesting it to you, it may have harmful things as well.)

Step 2: Once the download is finished, move the file to your smartphone or download the file to smartphone itself.

Step 3: Go to downloads tab, you can open it from the menu. Tap on the APK file; then it will take you to another tab.

Step 4: The Android security will block it because the app is not downloaded from playstore, so you have to tap on Settings > unknown sources > Only this installation (Tap on this option, if the option unchecked,) then installation will begin without any issues.

Step 5: The file size is over 664MB, so it will take some time for the device to extract the package and install the files, meanwhile making sure your phone battery fully charged.

Step 6: Once the installation has completed, then you should go to Security > Unknowns sources, check if it is unchecked because it will protect your smartphone from unauthorized installs.

Trick to Download PUBG APK For Mobile

mobile PUBG android

Step 1: Download a VPN on Your Mobile and Install it. You can use any free VPN for this use but premium VPN would better because it will not effect your Internet download speed.

Step 2: Now change your location to Canada from VPN.

Step 3: Now open playstore and search for the PUBG game and open it. Now, it will show you the download button.

Are These Mobile PUBG APK of the play store is safe?

  • PUBG mobile game is popular in many countries although the game is not available outside of China. Many privacy invaders and hackers usually take advantage of the apps which are not available or they are premium.
  • These invaders buy or download these apps, then patch them so you can use it on your smartphone, then they exploit your smartphone via the game.
  • Antivirus won’t help you once the app is inside, so do not depend on the mobile security program because it won’t help you at all once the game or app is installed.

When PUBG Mobile Game Available Worldwide?

The company that has developed the game has already put English language in the game, which was not available before, but they have started to move globally.
The reason why they did not release it worldwide because of the copyrights issues and permission to get the game online in other countries, as the policies of the game are different in many countries.

PUBG mobile game developers have said that they are also working on the paid service integration, the developers have not made any official statement on when they plan to make it worldwide, but it will soon show up on Google play store.

PUBG mobile price: how much does it cost?

The game does not allow you access the main screen unless you make in-app purchases or buy from Google play store, unlike the competitor game. So, you have to pay anything from $10 – $50 to play the game. Remember, the numbers are just an estimation, it may change as the developers release the exclusive charges.

What’s Your Thoughts

PUBG for mobile game is becoming popular but you have to purchase the game before you can try it. Let us know in the comment section if APK worked for you and also if our VPN trick did work to download PUBG for mobile.

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