7 Best Digital Learning Platforms for Students in 2019

digital learning platforms

Digital platforms continue to have a profound impact on education. It has altered the methods of learning dramatically. Today, the way students interact, how they learn and how classes are held, have all been influenced by digital media.

These digital education platforms have a lot more than just learning tools. They can assist students, help them and empower them not only in academics but also in personal life. So at this point, it is not about students embracing the technology but how they use it. Learning is no longer restricted to schools or colleges.

To encourage students receive the best, here are the best online learning platforms that you can use to stay ahead in the academic game.

digital learning platforms

1. MOOCs

Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs have been gaining quite some popularity over the years. These are web-based courses offered by many online platforms. The courses could be accredited and offered by world-class universities, or be designed by the online platforms together with instructors.

MOOCs online learning platform

There are many prominent players in the field of MOOCs; to name a few would be Coursera, Udacity, edX, etc. Utilizing technologies like prerecorded video lectures, and interactive exercises, MOOCs is one of the best ways to learn outside the syllabus and add an extra certification for an impressive career. 

2. Essaypro

Writing skills are becoming a prerequisite for many colleges. For the least, one needs to have a good command to submit the papers and essay for assignments. Essaypro blog is an excellent platform to improve this.


Along with helping students to write essays and offering professional service for the same, Essaypro also has an exclusive Youtube channel that students can use to get quick tips. Students who still fail, may ask for help essay writer online. The expert writers will come up with any academic work for students, in the toughest of deadlines.

3. Skill-Builder Websites

The skills to improve one’s life is not only confined to academics. Skill builder websites focus on enhancing your skills over a variety of topics. You can find dedicated sites like Skillshare, Udemy, Codeacademy, etc. that works around the same idea.


You can use online tutorials, and video lectures to learn specific skill sets. These websites are not only for those who want to learn new skills but also for those who want to teach them. As students, it is an incredible way to earn extra money.

4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a nonprofit organization established with the sole purpose of offering free education to students all over the world. With more than 200 content experts and teachers, the website covers numerous subjects and offers the classes in many languages. Being one hundred percent free, students can learn anything from arithmetics to angel investing with the help of screencasts, tutorials, and interactive learning.

5. YouTube Edu

YouTube Edu

With niche based video tutorials, YouTube has also come up with exclusive videos for educational purposes. Visual aides play a crucial role in learning these days, and with the videos available on any given subject with just a keyword search, YouTube Edu is one of the most accessible platforms for the very same reasons, and the variety of its content from lesson plans to animated videos. Students can also make their own videos and upload for educational purposes.

6. Magoosh


The online test preparation company, Magoosh, is the go-to website for students to crack any entrance exams or texts. Covering the curriculum and sample papers of popular exams like GMAT, SAT, TOFEL, LSAT and the likes of it, it enables students to prepare for any exams in their own schedule. The website focuses on delivering chances to students regardless of their location background to pave their path of admission into top schools.

7. Noodle

Noodle is a digital platform that provides excellent service for students to make educational decisions. For anyone who is confused about which college to join, or which course to major in, Noodle offers them with unbiased data and real-world advice, They also connect students to colleges, resources, programs, experts in the field and much more.


Digital platforms are mainstream sources for learning today. The remarkable catalog of podcasts, videos, learning simulations, and online communities are just at the fingertips. It is time to take advantage of such extraordinary resources and outrun yourself.


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