How to Fix Critical Structure Corruption in Windows 10

Critical Structure Corruption in Windows 10 is one of the common errors caused by the hardware, driver, and software. Windows is prone to corruption of drivers, software’s, system files, and more. Critical Structure Corruption in Windows 10 occurs due to several internal issues. We are going to list solutions for the known problems. However, if the computer has hardware issues, then you have to consult the engineer. Do not try to fix them yourself because it can cause further damage. It can cause chip level issue, which can slap a huge bill at your face.

1. Troubleshooter

Everyone should thank Microsoft engineers for adding troubleshooter to the latest edition of the Windows 10. You can let the operating system run tests on the hardware, and every aspect of the blue screen. The Windows will run an in-depth test on the functions, drivers, components, and more.

Step 1: You can access the feature by pressing Windows key + key, then click on gear icon at the left sidebar.

Step 2: In the settings, you can find “update & security” and click on it.

Step 3: Click on the “Troubleshooter” and scroll down until you find “blue screen.” The option designed to test the issues that causing Windows from starting properly.

Step 4: Click on the option to start “Troubleshooter” to begin the process.

Step 5: A window opens, and it begins to run a few tests on your computer. Patience is required in this process because it takes a few moments to minutes to complete the process. Do not unplug the power cord or force stop the laptop because it might look like it’s in unresponsive mode, but it is working in the background.

Step 6: Currently, the Windows machine in use does not have any errors. If your computer has issues, then it will detect the problem.

If the troubleshooter does not detect any issues, then the problem might be with hardware. In case, if you have any error on the screen, then it has something to do with the drivers or software installed on your computer.

2. Update Drivers

Windows is a software, and there are different types of hardware installed on your computer. The latest version of Windows offers the futuristic feature, and it requires the right set of drivers. If you are running an older version of the motherboard, HDD, RAM, Graphics card, Audio card, and more, then you must update the drivers.

Many people do not give much value and importance to the drivers because they do not know how it functions. You cannot fit iPhone 4 parts into iPhone 8. It is the same theory as the drivers, and you must have the right drivers to create a connection between Graphics card to Windows software.

Drives = bridge of connection between Windows software & hardware.

Windows Update: You can enable the Windows Update that connects the computer to Microsoft servers. Fortunately, the company has updated drivers for almost every registered component available in the world. It does matter if you are running AMD or Intel processor-based computer because it has all updated drivers available for you.

CON: Unfortunately, Windows is pushing other updates like monthly security roll-up updates, and UI updates. In short, you may have to download & install additional packages as well. But, they are free from virus & threats.

Driver Pack (Free): Download the free version of driver pack because it enables you to update the drivers without installing additional drivers. Above all, a free solution does charge you a single penny at all. Millions of updated drivers are available in the driver pack, and the interesting part is that its free.

CON: Don’t download the online version because they install unnecessary software like Mozilla, Random software, and more. My antivirus system detected a threat after driver pack installed an unknown software.

Make sure to update the display driver first because it can fix Critical Structure Corruption in Windows 10.

3. Disable Startup Programs

This error could be caused by a program, and it happens when it’s trying to open it during the Windows starting. These programs exist in the start-up settings list, and Windows allows you to disable it.

Step 1: Open the task manager by right-click mouse from the taskbar, and open the task manager.

Step 2: It works for Windows 10, and if you are using an older operating system, then search for it in the search bar by pressing Windows key + S. At the top, you have several options, and you have to click on “start-up” to make changes.

Step 3: You have a huge list of programs, and select any one of them and click Disable. Remember, in the “start-up impact,” you have High, Medium, Low, Not measured, and none. In case, if the start-up effects in on the higher side, then disable it immediately. Make sure that everything is between low to none.

We also recommend you to disable the “not measured” programs on the list because they can be the primary cause of the situation.

3. Check Hardware & Clean Installation

We know that there are many reasons why your computer is suffering from “Critical Structure Corruption in Windows 10” error. However, it could be possibly the hardware issue, and you have to identify the affected hardware.

RAM: Usually, RAM is the primary component that goes bad after long usage. In case, if you have multiple RAM’s installed on your machine, then you can remove one, and try starting your computer. After testing the first RAM, now you have to test the second one.

Keep testing RAM until you find the bad one, and if the component behaves nicely and causes the error after a while, then test them for a while individually.

Power Supply Unit (PSU): The power supply can go bad as well, and it cost very less to replace with a new one. The PSU gets older with time, and the parts get weaker. There is no point in getting it repaired because the main components on the chip fail after a long period of usage.

HDD: We had to replace more than four HDD in just four years, and it explains the lifespan of the HDD. If you do not want to cause any issues to the HDD and its heads, then replace it. You can run the command (chkdsk c: /r) in the CMD to test the HDD for bad sectors. Remember, if the CMD alerts you about the HDD bad sectors, then your driver is dying.

Step 1: Windows key + S to open the search bar, and type CMD in it. The first result CMD shows up, and right-click the mouse to “run as administrator” to open.

Step 2: Now type “chkdsk c: /r” and hit enter. Remember, the C: represents the driver letter, so change it according to Windows installed driver letter.

If everything fails, then a clean installation of Windows 10 can save you a lot of time and money. Remember, you have to copy the serial key number or else you may end up counterfeit copy of Windows.

Did this article help?

In case, if you do not have hardware knowledge, then don’t mess with the internal parts. I recommend you to consult an engineer because a minor chip level damage can cause the motherboard to fail. A chip level failure cost you plenty of money without a doubt, so consult an engineer today. Let us know what do you think about the “Critical Structure Corruption in Windows 10” solutions in the comment section below.


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