10 Best Alternative Sites like CouchTuner of 2019


CouchTuner offers all the TV shows that you will be able to find under the sun. They have been providing all the content for free since 2010. The website started with a .com domain but has extended to country-specific extensions since their launch, maybe because Couchtuner offer pirated media for streaming and it is not quite legal.

Since they are not legal, you can face different repercussions depending on where you live, like if you are a US dweller, your ISP can cripple your bandwidth if they find that you are streaming pirated media and maybe even something harsher. For the most part, the site is reliable but you may have to face off with a lot of malignant ads that can harm your device and navigation through the site is quite difficult too. So if for some reason that is mentioned above or something else, you wish to try Couchtuner alternatives, then read on through the list.

Top 10 Alternatives to CouchTuner:

1. Fastmovies

Fastmovies is a good Couch Tuner alternative as it is one of those websites where you can watch the latest movies and TV shows for free and even download them. The best thing about the site is that they regularly update their collection with the latest releases and most of these are available in high quality. They have a lot of categories to make your search easier or you can use the search bar too.


Usually, you will find the TV shows or movies that you are looking for but in case you can’t, feel free to contact the website owners with the name of the show or movie that you are looking for. You will get the movie or TV show here before anywhere else, as soon as its online copy is released. All you have to do is fill in a small registration form, get access to their awesome content and watch to your heart’s desire.

2. USMovies

USMovies is a great alternative to CouchTuner where you can watch the latest movies and TV shows. It gives you free access to thousands of classics and does not require you to register, even though you can if you want to. This one is ad-free to which means you can watch all you want without annoying advertisement or threat of malware.


There are a lot of categories available from which you can pick a good movie, or you can use these categories to make your search easier. The movies and shows are available in a range of different video qualities like 4K Ultra HD, 1080p and 720p Blueray video qualities. Again, if you can’t find what you are looking for on the website, you can request for it by contacting the website with the name of your show or movie.

3. Go123Movies.watch

Go123Movies.watch is an attractive website with all the popular and latest movies that will rock your world. The site does have a few problems that need to be taken care of like some broken links and buttons but other than that, everything works great and you will find all the good movies right here. They offer these movies in a variety of qualities ranging from 1080p to 720p.


There are a few different categories like ‘highest rated’, ‘coming soon’ etc and in addition to popular movies, they also have TV shows and even anime, which is great. You can make use of these categories to search or use the search bar on top. The website is very simple, straightforward and easy to use and offers an ad-free experience which will keep you coming back for more.

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4. Putlocker.cl

Putlocker.cl offers the users the latest and trending movies to stream and enjoy. It does not ask you to register or create an account and you can simply use the site directly to watch and play the movies. The genres they have are really numerous and vast with over 20 different categories to make your lives easier. They even sort the content based on the countries to provide specified entertainment.


The website is kind of safe and legal as it only collects the movie information from the internet and does not store any of the files in its own servers. Another great thing about Putlocker.cl is that it does not contain any ads. It has got all the popular and trending movies right on the home page and you can either scroll through the large collection to find what you want or you can search for it under categories or using the search bar.

5. Putlockers.cz

Putlockers.cz is a faster and better alternative to CouchTuner for streaming movies for free and in an ad-free experience. A wide selection of free online movies are available on the website and you can watch them all for free without registration. The site is also legal as it does not store any of the files of its contents on its own server and only contains links to other sites on the internet.


The website has a lot of categories like ‘trending’, ‘Top HOT’, ‘latest’ and many more. The most popular of these categories are displayed right on the home page. They also have a few series in addition to movies and all the content on the site are also available based on countries. The countries for which movies are available include France, Italy and the United States.

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6. MovieWorldTV24

MovieWorldTV24 is not as straightforward as the sites mentioned so far as it requires you to sign up before you can access all the movies and series it offers. You can actually watch all the latest content right here on this website if you have the patience to sign up which only takes a minute or two. another cool thing about the website is that the movies and series come with multilingual subtitles and there are millions of titles available on the site.


New movies and TV shows are added every single day and the site is always kept up to date so that you can be sure that you won’t miss anything. There are plenty of different genres to choose from and the site even gives you access to some cool games, music, and books in addition to its video content. You can download and stream anything, anytime and anywhere on your PC, laptop, notepad, tab, iPhone, iPad, Mac Pro, PS4, Xbox One, Smart TV and latest browsers.

7. Movie.Netflix24

Movie.Netflix24 is a site like CouchTuner with plenty of different genres ranging from action, comedy, thriller, mystery, animation and many more. It is very similar to MovieWorldTV24 and also requires you to create an account before you can stream its contents. Another plus point of this website is that it is also completely ad-free and gives you the latest of the latest contents available on the internet.


The movies and TV shows also come with ratings so that you can choose based on others’ opinions as well. This site also gives you access to other contents besides series and TV shows, like games, books, and music that belong to various genres. The contents are regularly updated and it offers different video qualities and multilingual subtitles.

8. NetflixMovie

NetflixMovie looks attractive and welcoming as soon as you open it and belongs to that category of CouchTuner alternatives that require you to sign up before it lets you access any of its contents. But the website is totally ad-free and worth it with its very simple and straightforward interface which arranges all the trending and popular content right before your eyes on the home page. There are plenty of genres and categories of contents on the website from which you can find what you are looking for.


The website has the latest movies and TV shows and allows you to access them online free of charge. Like the sites mentioned above, all the contents are kept up to date and the site is updated regularly with the latest content so that you can be sure that you won’t miss anything. Every movie and TV series comes with their rating so that you can make an informed decision regarding whether or not to watch them.

9. FoxMovies

FoxMovies is a site like CouchTuner with its huge amount of content and the variety of category and genres it offers like action, sci-fi, thriller, comedy and so much more. There is even an upcoming category which shows all the content that will be released on to the site soon so that you can earmark what you want to watch and make sure you won’t miss it when it does come on the site. The collection is regularly updated with the latest released movies and TV series and it also requires you to fill out a small registration form to access all the contents.


The videos offered by the site comes in a few different qualities like 1080p and 720p Blueray quality videos and you can also find 4K ultra HD here as well. They also accept requests for movies and TV series that are not on the website. You just have to contact them with the name of whatever it is that you couldn’t find and they will help you access it if possible. As soon as the online copy of a movie or TV show is released, it will be available on the site and you will get it here before it is available everywhere else.

10. OpenloadFreeTV

OpenloadFreeTV is great alternatives for CouchTuner and looks very modern with a few features to make the search even easier. It has a large collection of movies and TV shows released since 1998, also in different genres and categories, and allows the users to stream its contents for free. The categories itself are plenty but you can also sort the contents in alphabetical order of their name which makes it even more convenient.


If you become a registered member of OpenloadFreeTV, you can find friends by your movie interests, leave comments and movie reviews, because it’s is not just a great place to watch movies but also a good way to socialize based on your preference of entertainment. Unlimited movie lists, watch lists and favorites, ability to move your movies from one list to another, flexible movie sorting are some of the better features of this site that separates it from other sites of a similar kind. You can also follow new episode updates very easily as with a single click you will get free email notifications about TV Show updates.


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