6 Best Xbox One Emulators to Play Xbox Games on PC


It’s great to keep up with the top games of all times and no gamers wish to miss any games that they can have a go at. It is rare that someone hasn’t heard of the famous Xbox One gaming console and it is a dream of gamers to play games with this one. But the budget is an issue that stands in the way but as in everything, this problem has been circumvented as well.

There are emulators for Xbox One that lets you play the games supported by this platform on PCs. Emulators are software that imitates another device on a computer. So, all you need is a good emulator for Xbox One and a computer, and you are good to go. To make things easy for you, here we have compiled a list of best Xbox One emulators that you can choose from.

6 Top Xbox One Emulators to Play Xbox Games on PC:

1. CXBX Emulator

CXBX Emulator

CXBX is one of the powerful emulators available for Xbox One. It allows the users to play Xbox One games on their own Windows system. It supports games that can be run on Xbox 360 as well and all the games are converted to executable files so that there is no requirement of any virtual environment to run them. It only supports five games – Whacked, Smashing Drive, Futurama, Battle Cry and Turok. Download CXBX Emulator.

CXBX emulator can emulate different Xbox SDK samples. It can also run Xbox Pixel Shader and comes with an inbuilt Xbox Executable Viewer that allows you to view and manage game files. You should have a pretty advanced system to run this emulator as it requires a high amount of resources to actually run seamlessly. This one is perfect for you if you are just venturing into Xbox gaming.

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2. DXBX Emulator

DXBX Emulator

DXBX emulator is built with the same source code of CXBX emulator and it is popular because it comes with many features that CXBX does not have. This emulator emulates Xbox One only on 32 bit Windows operating systems which is quite a drawback to it. It is primarily an Xbox 360 emulator but works really well for Xbox One games as well. It converts all the games to executable files so that it can run on your without additional virtual environment. Download DXBX Emulator.

DXBX emulator has a customizable symbol detection system which is quite complex. It also comes with a Direct3D8 engine preloaded in it. So it supports great graphics. Also, all of the Xbox APIs and kernels can be implemented by this emulator. Chances are that it will support many of the Xbox games that are not supported by CXBX emulator.

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3. Xeon Emulator

Xeon Emulator

Xeon Emulator is considered one of the best Xbox One emulators because of the vast number of features it offers. It only supports NTSC version of the single commercial game Halo because its development was discontinued soon after it was launched. Still, it gained a lot of popularity among gamers because of its performance and stability. It also comes with an instruction guide to help you use it and detail you about the games that can be run on it. Download Xeon Emulator.

Xeon emulator for Xbox one runs on both Windows and MS-DOS platforms which is certainly an advantage of this emulator. Also, it comes preloaded with xISO programs and Xbox backup creator wizard. Many have remarked that the games play very roughly in this emulator and that the images come slow in the games which can be expected since its development was stopped. If you encounter a lot of problems while using this emulator, consider using Windows Xeon emulator.exe which will fix almost all of the problems associated with this emulator.

4. Xenia Emulator

Xenia Emulator

Xenia is one of the best Xbox One emulator available now. It also backs games that are run on Xbox 360 and is capable of supporting over 50 games that run on both Xbox One and Xbox 360. Such vast game support makes it very popular among the users. The latest version of the emulator is a bit slower than the previous ones, but the best one so far. Download Xenia Emulator.

One of its drawbacks is that you might experience some lags while you are engaged in heavy gaming and there are some bugs as well. But the good thing is that this emulator is being frequently updated and maintained. So, any bugs detected is solved soon. Due to the timely fixing of glitches and vast support for games, Xenia is gaining more popularity among the masses.

5. EX360E Emulator

EX360E Emulator

EX360E is really more of an experimental emulator for Xbox 360 but it can run games supported by Xbox One as well. It is considered one of the best Xbox One emulators and converts all game files into executables so that they can be run on the system without a virtual mediator environment. It is designed for the Windows operating systems.

One major drawback of this emulator is that it can only be run on 64 bit Windows operating systems. So, if you have a 32 bit OS, you can only run this after you upgrade your system. Also, it lacks in the implementation of Direct3D and some APIs. That being said, it supports GUI and Patcher for a better gaming experience. You can also take advantage of the arcade gaming mode provided by this emulator.

6. CXBX Reloaded

cxbx reloaded

CXBX reloaded, as is obvious from the name, based on the CXBX emulator for Xbox One. Its work is still underway and it is being developed. Also, some work is done is being still done to backport some improvements made on the DXBX emulator for Xbox One. It can only run a few games as of now because it is still a work in progress. We can expect more games to be supported by this emulator in future. Download CXBX Reloaded.

CXBX Reloaded began its existence by forking from the original CXBX emulator. It has an added 64-bit support in addition to the features of CXBX. This emulator used to patch executable files to get them to run on the system. But now, many more game titles can in-boot with some faults because of the LL-GPU support which was induced in April 2018.


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