10 Best Voice Changer Softwares


Wouldn’t it be cool if we can have all have different voices that we can use as we please, just for the fun of it? Ability to make different voice is always very handy. You can use it for fun as well as for important purposes. In fact, such a talent is well appreciated in the world of art. For those of us who are not as lucky or blessed, we can always change our voice with some digital help.

To be clear, there are various top voice changing softwares and apps that help the user to talk in a different voice with just some computer generated help. You can use these in combination with other apps to prank people or to increase security. Here we are adding a list of such software that will be helpful in case you ever venture into this field.

10 Best Voice Changer Softwares:

1. Skype Voice Changer

Skype Voice Changer is an inbuilt voice changing set up that you can use when you are holding a conversation using Skype. To have a voice changing facility separately is good enough, but when it is structured in such a way that you can use it real time while you hold conversation makes it perfect for when you feel like having some fun. Another added advantage is that you don’t need to have multiple applications for this purpose. It is designed for Skype versions that run on the Windows operating system.

skype voice changer

Since a lot of calls through Skype pop up when you least expect them to, it can be a bit difficult to launch the voice changing set up before you attend the call. That is the uncomfortable bit in using this one. Skype has also been launched as a mobile application. So most of the users have switched to the mobile version. Implementing the proprietary software in mobiles has its own set of advantages like being able to change the voice on the go unlike when you are using computers.

2. Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal Voice Changer is best voice changer software with simple UI. This voice changer is free, can be used while you are in a phone call and also has advanced options and settings. The mobile version of this software is not released and it exists for computers. It also has the added advantage of customizable effects and is quite versatile. Another great feature of Voxal is the very user-friendly interface it has making it easier to use. Check out Voxal Voice Changer.

voxal voice changer

Voxal can be used real time and not just for recording. It changes your voice while you are live in a call. And unlike some other common voice changers, Voxal can also be used to change the voice of an existing recording. You just have to load the recorded clip and choose the voice you wish to apply and it is done. The changes that can be applied with Voxa can be small or large. You can make small adjustments to your natural voice to make it more attractive or you can switch your male or females voice to the other or to the voice of an alien.

3. AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond is an extremely user-friendly voice changing software with a lot of features. Like the rest of its kind, it has got all the common options for changing your voice and some extras. It has all the basic features on the main menu so that you can choose right away. It is perfect for manipulating audio messages and audio books. It basically lets you apply effects on them. If you wish, you can also record directly with an applied effect. Check out AV Voice Changer Software.

voice changer diamond

There are numerous other effects that you can add-on from the store of AV Voice Changer Software Diamond. They are easily downloadable. Also, it has got many updates this year. Mos of the bugs are fixed and you can also export to mono files without any issues. Some display adjustments have also been made. To top it off, a pause button has been added so that you may take a break when you wish for one.

4. MorphVox

MorphVox has a very good rating among all the best voice changers available. It is very straightforward. It works on the principle that a human can have three kinds of voices, man’s, lady’s or child’s voices. So it allows you to switch between these three. Since the options are limited, it has limited applications too. It would be perfect if you just wish to prank someone or for other funny applications. Check out MorphVox.

morphvox voice changer

Though it has a limited number of features, it still performs perfectly with those three. ts simplicity is what attracts people. MorphVox also supports voice changing while live conversations are going on. It offers a trial service but has also a much better paid option. It also has advanced settings. You can customize a lot of effects using the MorphVox voice changer. This voice changer app also has a mobile platform support making it more adaptable.

5. Virtual Personality+

Virtual Personality+ is a voice changer software available for computers & mobiles. Also, it is totally free making it a more attractive option from among the voice changing systems. It also supports voice changing in real time. So, you can use this one to change your voice as you talk. Some of the advanced options are also enabled for this software. As of now, this one does not have a mobile version and you cannot customize effects like in other software of its kind. Visit Virtual Personality+.

virtual personality plus voice changer

Virtual Personality+ is like a role-playing software. More than making tweaks to your natural sound, it allows you to take on the voice of your favourite personality, regardless of your gender. Even if you are a guy, you can try this out while in a phone call or you can use this to send audio messages. Pre-recorded clips can also be edited using this software. This one is great for when you want to have a laugh.

6. Fake voice

Fake Voice one of the best voice modulation software so far. Though it is not free like it but does have an option for free trial. It is very effective and gives a peculiar twist to your voice depending on the selection. A big drawback of this software is that it cannot be used while you are making a phone call. This takes away a lot of applications for which you may want to use Fake Voice. Check out Fake Voice Changer.

fake voice software

Regardless, it has got many advanced options and supports a lot of customizable effects. Fake Voice is also supported on the mobile platforms, making it more portable than many of its kind. It is really very simplistic in its user interface and doesn’t have a lot of complexity. It opens to a page of all its features that you can adjust. Hence this one is perfect for when you need speed and reliability. You can use the sliders of different features in Fake Voice together, mix them up a bit and come up with your own unique voice.

7. Robovox Voice Changer Pro

RoboVox Voice Changer Pro is a voice changer app for both Android and iOS platform. It is amazing to use and performs the task quite well. This app has an option to switch between 32 different voice styles so that you can change your entire voice into something new or entertaining. You can also mess around with options like pitch and sharpness to give your own voice a beautiful transformation. This can be done by sliding through the X-Y control field. Check out Robovox Voice Changer Pro.

robovox voice changer

It is recommended that you use headphones for the complete effect of this app. You can listen to the altered voice as playback or you can use parrot mode if you want a repeat of your new voice. There are 3 different modes to this voice changer – the parrot mode, real-time mode and recording mode. You can save the transformed voice as a ringtone or share it directly on SoundCloud.

8. Viscom Voice Changer

Viscom Voice Changer is decent enough to be listed for best voice changing softwares. It has quite a lot of pros and enough drawbacks. To begin with the pros, it is completely free and also has many advanced settings. It also offers the users a lot of customizable effects. In fact, the number of effects on Viscom is even more than usual. But it cannot be run on mobiles yet and cannot be used during phone calls. Checkout Viscom Voice Changer.

The major drawback of Viscom Voice Changer is that it cannot be applied real time or while recording. It can only be applied to pre-recorded files and supports its effects on no other kind. Also, the altered file is only saved as .WAV format in the local memory. If you need other versions of output, it can be cumbersome. Also, it only supports editing of WAV, MP3 and WMA formats. Even though these are quite the popular formats, it would have been nicer to have more options.

9. Voice Master

Voice Master voice changing software is just for windows. It software also supports live phone calls, so that you can combine it with programs like Skype to enhance your voice effects. Unlike most of the others, this one is great for users with very basic needs like changing the pitch and so on. It makes such things very easy and can make changes to your natural voice. Check out voice changer.

voice master

Voice Master does not support advanced options and does not have many customizable options. Also, it cannot be run on mobiles. This software is perfect for users who want to add beauty and depth to their natural voice and is best for voice changes while making phone calls or for other such pressing applications. Voice Master is also free to use and does not require any payment.

10. All-In-One Voice Changer

All-In-One Voice Changer is a feature-packed voice modulator. It is really notable among all the best voice changing software. It has a lot of features in addition to all the ones that its competitors have. It is totally free and can be used while you make phone calls. It also has a lot of advanced options and more than a few customizable effects. It cannot be run on mobiles as of now. Check out All In One Voice Changer.


This voice changer has it all. It can be run in combination with Skype or Yahoo messenger while you make calls using them. It can also switch between different gender voices during the same phone call thus totally confusing the person on the other side. It can call for a hilarious prank. Also, another powerful feature is that not only it can be used on audios, but also it can be used on videos.


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