10 Best UPI Apps to Transfer Money From Different Banks!

PhonePe App

If you aren’t using UPI for fund transfer yet, then it is high time that you consider it. UPI or Unified Payment Interface allows you to transfer money between two bank accounts without any hassle. This payment system works on mobile platforms. You just need a UPI account and address which you can easily set up using various apps available.

UPI payments are independent of the bank so you don’t have to worry about that either. Due to the popularity of this payment method, you will find many apps which are meant to facilitate UPI transactions but there are always some of them that are more secure and better than the others. Check out this list of best UPI apps that you can try out while making your next transaction.

10 Best UPI Apps For Easy Online Transactions:

1. PhonePe App

Download: Android | iOS

PhonePe App

PhonePe app is one of the best UPI apps that you can use for UPI transactions. It is rich in features and the app is not only meant for UPI system but also a popular mobile wallet. It has got a beautiful visual interface and is the second fastest grown UPI app after BHIM UPI.

Most of the other UPI apps are meant for UPI transactions between bank accounts only but this one also allows you to make recharge, pay your bills, books shows and do a lot more with UPI payment mode. It is available in 8 Indian languages besides English, including Marathi, Bengali, Hindi etc. It has all the basic features like send/request money, change/set PIN, generate/scan QR code, check your bank balance etc.

2. Google Tez

Download: Android | iOS

Tez for UPI

Google Tez is a very popular UPI app and has got many features in addition to the basic ones that have made it more attractive. One such feature is the Reward program of Tez. It also has a minimal and simple user interface which gives a clean look to the app and is even more simple than the BHIM app.

A very good feature of Tez is the Cash Mode. In this mode, you can make payments to the nearby person very easily without having to input their details and you transfer cash just like you transfer files through ShareIt. This technology works using soundwaves. Google has powered the app with four big banks any of which you can select to make back-end transactions as UPI transactions are done through banks in Tez.


Download: Android | iOS


BHIM UPI app is the simplest and fastest UPI app to transfer money from different banks. It was developed and released by NPCI. The app is very popular due to its simple user interface and clean user experience. The interface is a plain white background with blue icons.

This app has got all the UPI features from basic ones like sending or requesting money and changing UPI pins to generating QR codes and checking the balance. You can make a transaction with just a few clicks and all of their services can be accessed with one click. You can also send money using VPA, QR code, mobile number or IFSC and account number of the beneficiary.

4. Chillr

Download: Android | iOS


Chillr is another one of the best UPI apps currently available. It has got all of the basic features and is perfect for making UPI payments as it can connect with up to 52 banks all over India that is powered by UPI. It also works a bit like mobile wallets as you can make payments for recharges and small utilities directly through this app without the need for a third party wallet.

It also has all the basic features of the UPI system like making payments and receiving payment, set/change UPI PIN and a lot more. In addition to this, it also facilitates bill splitting with your friends and sends reminders to anyone who is yet to settle your expenses. It also allows you to add multiple bank accounts and to remain connected to all of them.

5. Axis Pay

Download: Android | iOS

 Axis Pay

Axis Pay is one of the best UPI apps among commercial banks. It has the best user interface among all of the UPI apps with only two options placed on its home screen and all the rest placed in a side panel which can be enabled by swiping from the left. One option on the home screen is for sending money and the other is for requesting it.

The app is quite fast and combining it with the clean interface gives us one of the best user experience possible. It is secured with a 6 digit password as well. A minor drawback is that the transactions require many additional steps if made using this app. You must also add an account as a contact to make payments to that account.

6. SBI Pay

Download: Android | iOS


SBI Pay is a very secure standalone app by State Bank Of India dedicated to UPI transactions and is one of the best UPI apps in India. It has got all the basic features of a classic UPI app like send/request payment, set/change UPI pin, balance inquiry and a lot more. All of its services can be used with just a few clicks.

Most of the services offered by the app are placed on the home screen itself and for all the rest, you only require a single swipe. The user experience is very good with this app. You can also add more than one bank account in SBI Pay and select the one you want for each transaction. The one major drawback of this app is the speed because it takes a lot of time to just launch this app. But once it is launched, it works considerably faster.

7. ICICI Pockets

Download: Android | iOS

ICICI Pockets

ICICI Pockets has got one of the smoothest interfaces for making UPI payments and is one of the best UPI apps currently existing. You only need a few clicks in for making UPI transactions using this app. It has all the basic features like sending and receiving money using VPA. You can also track your UPI payments using this app.

ICICI Pockets is also a mobile wallet, so, in addition to making payments you can do so much more like recharge, pay bills, book tickets etc. You can either load money into the wallet and make payments with that money. Or you can link the wallet with your bank out using UPI to make payments directly from your account. You can also receive payments with the UPI ID.

8. MobiKwik

Download: Android | iOS


MobiKwik is a digital wallet that is extremely popular and is one of the best apps with a great UPI payment system. It has a very good interface and the system is fast as well. To use this, create an account with your mobile number and verify with an OTP. You might want to update the KYC as well but you can leave it for the moment.

The method is very secure and you have all the basic features of the other UPI systems like sending and receiving money. You can also link multiple bank accounts with just a single VPA and change the primary account depending on the need. Payments can also me send and received through scanning the QR code. Also, another good feature is, if the receiver is also registered in MobiKwik system, the sender can send the payment directly by selecting the contact from his/her phone address book and VPA domain is not necessary for that.


Download: Android | iOS


PNB UPI app is developed and released by Punjab National Bank and is one of the good apps for making UPI transactions. It has a clean interface which is lacking in many features of the more advanced apps like BHIM UPI but still works quite well. You can send and receive money through this app using VPA or IFSC account number. The app lags a bit under slow network connection but if you have a good internet connection, it works perfectly.

PNB UBI allows you to make payment by scanning the QR code but it has got no option to generate a QR code which can be quite annoying. It has all of the other basic features like change/set PIN, balance inquiry and you can also set up more than one account. You can also view past transactions in this app.

10. WhatsApp Payment

Download: Android | iOS

WhatsApp Payment

WhatsApp Payment is the digital payment service launched by WhatsApp and is another best UPI app that you should try. You don’t need any additional downloads to use this payment system and you can set it up with your existing WhatsApp account itself. It works using the UPI system. It is very easy to use and set up.

Just click on the payments option and verify your mobile number through an SMS. After verification, just select the bank that the account associated with your mobile number is in and verify the OTP, set an MPIN and that is it. It works just like the BHIM app and you can send and receive money with this app. To make payments to someone who is not in your contact list, you can make payments directly to the person’s account number.


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