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An animation is quite fun and gives a sense of achievement when it runs smoothly. If you are into creating animations, then do try Stop Motion technique. It is the method of making animation movies by physically manipulating the objects to give an illusion that they are moving. For imitating or creating this effect, you only need your computer and a stop motion software.

In this article, you will read about some of the best stop motion software available now. They have a lot of features that can help you very well and they will deliver. But for each their own. So go through the list we have compiled for you below and pick out the one that best suits your requirement.

10 Best Stop Motion Animation Software Free:

1. Stop Motion Pro Eclipse

Stop Motion Pro Eclipse is one of the best stop motion software available. It smoothly connects to the webcam or camera of your computer. It can play up to 30 frames per second which is pretty cool. It is perfect for long-term animation projects because it is rich in advanced animation tools. Buy Stop Motion Pro Eclipse On Amazon.

Stop Motion Pro Eclipse

You can paste an image or capture an image with the camera and into this software. You can also trace the movement of your animations using a marker. Additionally, this one allows you to record audio during playback and also has a lip-sync feature. The user interface of Stop Motion Pro Eclipse is available in the languages English, French, Spanish, German and Chinese.

2. Dragon Frame

Drago Frame is another one of those very cool stop motion software with an array of powerful features like timeline and live view magnification support. The drawing tools are vector based, which gives more control over the animations. You can create really astounding images with this software. It composes and sets the light to give you the perfect shot with the camera. Download Dragon Frame for Free.

Dragon Frame slow motion software

It supports reshooting of sequences and restoring deleted frames. You simply have to drag and drop the frames to adjust the timeline which is as simple as it can get. You can use the tool for free for the 30 days in which you can test out the features of this software. But all the animation created during this trial period will have a watermark.

3. iKITMovie

iKITMovie is the stop motion software for everyone of all age group, including kids. This is the best software if you are into LEGO or claymation. It can run on all Windows platforms from XP and Vista to Windows 10 computers. If you are just beginning to learn stop-motion technique, there are video tutorials that can help you learn how to use this software. Download iKITMovie.

iKITMovie animation software

iKITMovie has a green screen feature. Using this feature, you can replace the background with static or moving images. This software also has over 2200 sound effects and music tracks to add to your animations. All these features make it very popular among users who love these unique features.

4. qStop Motion

qStop Motion is one of the best stop motion tools for beginners. It has got rather basic features which can be very useful for easy learning. This software is compatible with both Linux and Windows operating systems. It is also free to use which is always a good thing. Download iKITMovie.

qStop Motion software

qStop Motion allows the user to import images from your device’s hard disk or camera and helps you edit them. After editing, you can export your animations to different video formats. Some video formats this software support are MPEG or AVI. It is not that suitable for long-term animation projects.

5. iStop Motion

iStop Motion is another perfect tool for stop motion and time lapse movie making. It can be run seamlessly on the Mac OS platform. The most recently updated version of this software supports DSLR cameras of famous companies like Canon and Nikon. Some payment is required to use this software. Download iStop Motion.

iStop Motion

You can foresee what the animation is going to look like after you capture an image with the feature called onion skinning. Another great feature that it possesses is that you can overlay your clip with some image with some amount of transparency to achieve a mesmerizing effect. Some other features of this software that make it stand out are time-lapse, sound waveform and screen capture among many others.

6. Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion Studio is interestingly an application available in the Microsoft app store. It helps you in making good soft motion animation. The developers claim it to be the easiest app in the world to get you into stop-motion moviemaking. You don’t have to take their word for it. It is very easy to install and use and has the most basic features in a way that suits the beginners. Download Stop Motion Studio.

Stop Motion Studio

One of the best features of the soft motion software is that it allows you to easily edit and create animation on your Windows PC. After you are done with the work, you can easily share them on YouTube and other social media platforms without much complications. This app is available for iPhone, iPad, Mac OS and Android platforms in addition to Windows.

7. FrameByFrame

Frame By Frame is another stop motion software for the Mac OS platform. You can edit pictures that were already captured to create the QuickTime movies. You can also use the camera of your device to capture new images for editing. It also has got an integrated camera system built into it. Download FrameByFrame for free.

FrameByFrame software

FrameByFrame has got a very simple user interface which is very suitable for beginners. It also has beginners tutorial and expert tutorial for making it easy for users to make maximum use of its features. It is also very good for LEGO type of animations and movie making.

8. Animator HD

Animator HD is one of the best stop motion software that you can find because of its advanced features. It uses your computer’s webcam or other video recording devices to get inputs for editing. It is compatible with the Windows platform and can be used to create time-lapse and stop-motion animations. Download Animator HD.

Animator HD

Animator HD has also support powerful tools like stereoscopic 3D movies and DSLR cameras like Nikon and Canon as well as 3D stereo shooting. You can control and edit each frame with the help of the RAM player tool. Another added benefit is that, once you are done editing in Animator HD, you can send it to After Effects to further tweak the animation.

9. StopMojo

StopMojo is a software designed to run cross-platform and to help filmmakers to make a stop-motion animation. It works quite well on the Windows, Linux and Mac OS platforms. It should also be compatible with any platforms on which Java and Java framework works well. You can capture stop-motion scenes and import them into video editing platforms using the software. Download StopMojo for Free.


Now, it includes a capture program supporting image capture from various video recording devices. It also supports overlays and onion skinning. You can export the edited clips to AVI or QUICKTIME video formats. Also, it supports all basic image capturing setups like webcams, video capture cards and DV Firewire cameras.

10. Zu3D

Zu3D is perfect for introducing kids to the concept of animation. It is the best stop motion software available for educational purposes. It facilitates learning of stop-motion technique in a step by step manner. You can create animated movies with this software. Download Zu3D for Free. Download Zu3D.



Although it can be used for moviemaking, it only suitable for short-term or occasional projects and cannot be used to implement advanced and longterm projects. It has got all the powerful features of animation packages. It also supports green-screening and creation of drawn animation. Some of the other great features are overlays and onion skinning.


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