30 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites No Sign up Required


Most of us are fond of sports, one kind or the other and would do anything to watch them live but it is not always possible to do that and the cost of tickets for watching from the stadiums are just too expensive to be practical. And we don’t like to miss any matches and recording them on TV is just too much work. This is where the internet can show off its great abilities because we now have a very reliable sports channel that allows you to watch your favorite shows anytime anywhere.

Even then, it can be quite time-consuming to search the internet when all you want is to just start watching the match and your search is only turning up mostly scams and slow useless sites. Or sometimes the ads are too much, especially if they pop up while you are watching something. To make your work easier, we have compiled a list of the best sports streaming sites of the moment so you can easily choose a site from among these and start enjoying.

Top 30 Best Sports Streaming Sites Free:

1. Watch ESPN

Watch ESPN is one of the best sports streaming sites where you can watch game replays, and get video highlights. ESPN has partnered up with many TV providers in the United States to stream matches live free of cost to the users. You can watch sports events like Hockey, Basketball, cricket and so much more in really good quality.

Watch ESPN

This site is especially great if you are interested in sports events famous in the United States. The user interface is clean and free of the annoying pop-up ads that can be really distracting. The site also has an app which you can download and install in your iOS or Android device to enjoy sports wherever you are. The drawback of Watch ESPN is that it is available only in a few countries but you can always use VPN for accessing the site.

2. SkySports

SkySports is a renowned name when it comes to sports. The site is very popular and is completely free so that you can catch up with all your favorite sports events without a problem. The best part about the site is that it has got very little to no ads which is a big deal when it comes to sites like this. All its quality attributes makes it one of the best sports streaming sites online for free.SkySports

For using SkySports, you don’t have to register an account and can directly start using it. Also, you can stream the SkySports channel in HD quality which means that when there is a match previewing on the SkySports channel, you can directly watch it on your phone or PC easily. the user interface is also good-looking and you won’t encounter any problems while using this site.

3. StreamSports

StreamSports is a youngster when compared to all the other sports streaming sites, but it is the most popular sports streaming site currently existing. It offers high-quality sports videos that have attracted many users over the short span of time that it has been existing. You can find your favourite sports event on the site and watch it free of cost from anywhere around the world.


The site also streams these sports event without displaying any ads which is another major plus. You can watch your favourite events, live matches and highlights of matches in case you missed the live telecast. The user interface is also quite good and straightforward and you can watch any events like hockey, basketball, cricket, tennis and many more.


LAOLA1 is an exclusive sports streaming site. The site has a very user-friendly interface using which you can keep track of all the live streaming games at a particular time. You can watch all the popular sports events like volleyball, badminton, football and hockey through this site. Its exclusiveness and quality services makes it one of the best sports streaming websites.


In addition to all the common sports events, you can also watch the less popular sports items like ice hockey, beach volleyball, motorsports and many more. The disadvantage of the site is that it has got a lot of ads in the free version which can be quite annoying. But, the site also allows the users to upgrade to a premium version which offers a lot of additional features, HD video streaming and fewer ads. You can also check their schedule to keep track of the upcoming events and highlights.

5. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is a popular streaming site to watch sports for free. You can use the site to watch all the major sports events like cricket, baseball, football, tennis and more without any cost and all the videos are of HD quality too. The site has a monthly user base of over 1 million and hence is considered one of the best free site to watch sports online.


The homepage of the site shows all the live matches at a specific time among which you can choose whichever one you wish to watch. The best feature of the site is that it has got multiple mirrors for each match streamed in the site so that if one of them isn’t working, you always have options. The site has got some amount of pop-ads which can be really annoying to the users but besides this, this site is on point in every other aspect.

6. FromHot

FromHot offers a live feed for all the famous sports events like hockey, tennis, baseball, golf and many more. The loading speed of the site is awesome and everything loads quickly without any lag or delays. It’s a free sports streaming site with plenty of popular sports categories.



It has a chat widget with which you can chat with other people while you are watching the game. A notable feature is that it uses fewer data as compared to the other sites so you can use this on your phones or PCs without worrying about data. A main disadvantage of the site is that it has got too many ads which can be very annoying.

7. beINSports

beINSports is a cool site through to watch sports online for free and is popular enough. It has got previews of all major sports events like cricket and football which you can stream live or record for watching later. It is offered in multiple languages like Arabic, Spanish, English and more.


The site has got live scoreboards for different games so that you don’t have to roam around in different sections for seeing scores. It does have a lot of ads which can be quite irritating but in all the other aspects, this one seems good. The site is blocked in some regions which means that you may have to use VPN to unblock it and that is quite easy.

8. Hulu

Hulu is a very popular site where you can stream a lot of movies and Tv shows but now it also hosts a variety of options for sports streaming. You can live stream sports through this site or watch the highlights of matches that are already over. The site is completely free for the first month to watch sports but after that, it exacts some money from you. We’ve also shared trick to get free hulu plus accounts.

One of the best things about Hulu is that they have both iOS and Android apps. This means that you can easily watch sports online on the go through your mobile. It also supports Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and more and is very reliable.

9. HotStar

HotStar is not a new name when it comes to online streaming of a variety of videos and hence it is not shocking to find it in this list of best sports streaming sites. It offers 50,000 hours of content in 8 different languages. In addition to all the TV shows and movies that you can watch, it also offers live streaming of sports events which is totally free. As of now, this site is only available in Asian countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan.


You can watch popular sports events like Formula 1, cricket, football, tennis, badminton and many more and also some less popular items like Kabbadi. The site is very popular in India and has around 4 million visitors every day and over 100 million downloads which is huge. You can also use HotStar on your mobiles and Apple TV platforms as it is available as an Android and iOS application.

10. BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is not that popular yet it is a good sports related site. Unfortunately, you cannot watch full-length matches or live previews of sports matches it does not let you stream anything. It has got a lot of sports-related documentary and many interviews which are exclusive to the site.

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer also allows the users to watch highlights of popular sports and events instead of the full match. But it has got a lot of videos related to sports like tutorials and guides on how to play tennis and such. So if you are pressed for time and is looking for watching highlights, then this is the site for you.

11. Sport LEMON

Sport LEMON is a great website for streaming sports events for free online. It works very well and the user-interface of the site is fairly plain and simple with just enough features just making it very user-friendly. The site allows you to stream all the common sports like soccer, US football, hockey, basketball and many more.


You can change your GMT from the top right corner of the site and you can also change your location as well. Since the site is free, it does show some ads but the ads are decent and not too much so it is not downright annoying. You can watch a lot of sports video and provides multiple links with which you can watch good quality live streaming of matches. If one of them does not work, then you can try the other ones.

12. Sony LIVE Sports

Sony LIVE Sports is one of the best sports streaming sites especially for Indians. It is a very popular and legal site owned by Sony Pictures Networks that offers all the latest live matches and updates about sports like tennis, football, cricket, WWE and lots more. The site is totally free of cost and it won’t cost you a single penny to use it. You can also use this site to watch trending videos and highlights of the matches that you missed.

Sony LIVE Sports

A great feature of this site is that the picture quality is just great and it streams all the matches in high definition without any lag or delay. An irritating factor is that you have to watch ads to continue a video whenever you are watching and can’t skip the ads. You can use Chromecast to catch up with the latest updates and stream live on your Android and iOS devices. You do need to register with your email to access some of the content of the site.

13. Streaming Sports

Streaming Sports is a popular free sports streaming website through which you can live stream all the major sports events or catch up with them through highlights later on. You can stream all the popular sports items like football, basketball, motorsports, hockey and a few other. Make use of the search bar on top to search for the matches very easily and quickly.

Streaming Sports

The site has one of the best user-interface compared to the others and looks very cool. You can check live updates and links to upcoming events which are updated every 15 to 30 minutes before the match. The site does not show any pop-up ads at all but it does have some promoted contents, mainly featuring women which may make you want to click on them but it is all under your control.

14. StreamWoop

StreamWoop is another one of the famous sports streaming website where you can watch all your favorite sports for free. It has got a very plain and simple user interface which you may find underwhelming but it has got enough features and content to make up for it. You can watch all the popular sports like WWE, football, cricket, golf, NFL, tennis and much more on the site. NFL and soccer are the most popular sports events on the site.


The site is extremely popular in the United States because it offers all the popular American sports events like NFL, NHL and NBA. You can easily search and find your favourite event using the search option. Another fun feature of the site is the chatroom in which users can comment and talk to keep everything exciting.

15. WiZiWiG

WiZiWiG allows streaming of all the major sports items like football, badminton, volleyball, hockey and more and it is totally free of payment. You can set the time as your local time depending on your location so that you will get a schedule of upcoming matches accordingly.


The site evaluates your internet speed and strength and plays the match videos with the best quality your network will allow. It has a large userbase and active forums thus making it evident that the site is popular. Also, the user-interface is simple and easy to use but you will encounter a lot of ads on each click which is rather infuriating.

16. MyP2P

MyP2P is not as popular as other sites for live streaming of sports events but is not that bad at all. It has got all the major sports items, the events of which you can stream live on your device. It also allows the user to watch live shows directly from sports TV channels through this website.


The site does not require the users to register or create an account of any sort and is completely free. It also does not host content on the site and has at least 5 links for a particular stream and you can choose the one that works. It also has a chat feature with which you can chat with other people while games are going on. Drawbacks of the site are, of course, the ads and also it has a very poor design.

17. VipBox

VipBox is gaining more and more popularity day by day with a 20% increase in the number of unique visitors every month. You can stream all the major sports items like cricket, basketball, football, tennis and many more. In addition to the main sports items, it also streams Moto GP, golf, racing etc.

VIP box

One drawback of the site is that it keeps changing its domain name (URL) very often and that can be irritating. Also, it has got a lot of pop-up ads and other advertisements which is just too many making the experience quite uncomfortable, especially when you are really into the game. Many working links are provided for each live match and you can pick the one that works for you or works on your device.

18. CBS Sports

CBS Sports allows the users to watch a large amount sports content live, that too for free.  The site also offers 24 hours coverage of sports news, highlight and live videos for free so that you can enjoy your favourite sports anytime. It has got a cool interface which is easy to navigate and looks very modern and gives a hassle-free user experience.

CBS Sports

You can watch all the popular games like football, basketball, hockey, baseball and lots more through this site and also watch the Olympics, NFL and many other sports from different parts of the world. The site also has an app version which is supported on iOs and Android platforms and also on connected TVs like Amazon Fire TV and Roku, with which you can stream live matches and view updates and schedules.

19. MamaHD

MamaHD is very popular all over the world since it streams football league live. Most of the traffic on this site are from Europe alone (around 40%) and is hence most popular in the United States and the United Kingdom. The site has a traffic of 5 million visitors per month.


In addition to the popular events, you can also watch sports items like horse racing, UFC, WWE, Snooker and so much more through this site. It has a user-friendly interface and runs smoothly on mobiles as well as most browsers. The major drawbacks of the site are that sometimes the broadcast stops unexpectedly and there are a lot of pop-up ads on the site as well which can be annoying while streaming live.

20. WatchSportOnline

WatchSportOnline streams sports events like football, NFL, hockey, rugby, motorsports, tennis and many other games. All the streaming videos are of high quality which is a reason why the site is popular.


The site has a very simple and user-friendly user interface and works like any usual site without any complications. You can see all the live streaming matches on the home page and you can choose from among them. The site requires you to register your e-mail id so that you can start watching the videos and the sign-up process is very simple as well and will take just a few minutes.

21. FirstRow Sports

FirstRow Sports is another site that you can use for free live streaming of your favourite sports event. It allows you to stream all the major sports event live matches and is quite popular among the users. The user interface is really nice and easy to use as well. You can find a lot of sports videos on the site and you can upload your sports videos as well.

FirstRow Sports

This site is perfect for slow connections as it will let you know the live scores regardless of your network strength. It provides working mirrors of live streams of sports events and matches. The drawback of the site is that it has got a lot of ads and ad-block is recommended while using this site or you will get very annoyed real soon.

22. FootyWire

FootyWire streams all the major sports events like tennis, baseball, basketball, soccer etc. It has a very cool user interface that is better than many of the counterparts and also has a search bar which you can make use of search for your favourite matches.


The site is very straightforward and you can check out the live matches right from the homepage. It also allows you to watch the highlights of the sports matches that you missed. Also, in every video sidebar, you can check the language and the name of the service provider too.

23. Time4TV

Time4TV has got large number of channels across the globe. You can watch all the famous sports item matches like football, baseball, tennis, cricket and all other scheduled live matches through this site. The user interface and user experience are not that good compared to the other sites with the same services.


Time4Tv has over 120 sports channels that you will be able to find in the sports category. It also has a news section in which you can find all the famous news channels like BBC, CNN, ABC News and many more. The site has a chatroom feature which allows the users to talk to each other based on their interest and they can hold live chats as well. You will be able to find almost every sports channel in the world on this site.

24. LiveSport24

LiveSport24 is a quite a new site to stream football, basketball, volleyball and many other sports. It doesn’t have anything regarding cricket which is quite a put-off for cricket fans but in all other areas, the site is quite good.


It has a good user interface which is fairly straightforward and simple to use and has all the match schedule displayed when you click on the corresponding tab. It is absolutely free to use and you don’t even have to register or create an account to use this site. It gives you 5 different players for watching the matches so that if one doesn’t work, you have got options. Also, a drawback of this site is that it has got so many annoying ads which pop-up while you watch.

25. RedStream

Readstream is where you can find all your favorite sports events for free and of very high quality too. It has a very nice user-interface which allows easy navigation and you can change your location by changing the GMT in the top right corner of the site. The site is available in multiple languages like English, Italian, German etc.


On the homepage, you can see a list of all the live sports currently being streamed on the site along with a schedule which shows the upcoming events. All the famous sports like football, American football, basketball, baseball and more are streamed on the site and sports events like snooker, racing etc are also streamed as well. There are a few ads on the site but they are not too much and won’t disturb the users much.

26. 12th Player

12th Player should be made the go-to place for football die hards because it is truly dedicated to football. It brings to the users live streams, news, updates and almost anything related to football from all over the world. And to top it off, the site is absolutely free of payment so that you can subscribe to it to watch all the events like champions league etc for free. It also shows other sports items like tennis, hockey, basketball and a few more.

12th player

You can change the GMT and location according to your favourite sports’ schedule using the option on the top right of the homepage. The user interface is also pretty clean and overall, this site is good. But it does show some ads which is the main drawback of this site.

27. Adthe

Adthe is a streaming site for sports that lets you watch sports from anywhere around the world and was popularly known as adthe.net. It was seized by ICE Homeland security investigations in 2011 but is back online as adthe.to and is working really well. You can find all the live matches of a day on the homepage and stream anyone that you like. The quality is very good and most of them are available HD.


The site has a user-friendly interface where you can watch all the famous games like tennis, soccer, basketball, hockey, rugby and many more. It doesn’t require you to register in it to use the site and you can access its contents for free. It doesn’t host any contents on the website but gives out good working links using which you can watch your favourite sports match online for free. There are some ads on the site and it can get quite annoying but overall it is a good site for watching sports.

28. BatmanStream

BatmanStream is a free sports streaming sites with huge number of users. This is like a go-to place for sports fanatic and it allows live streaming of all the popular sports like NBA, NHL, tennis, football, baseball and so much more. The site is visited by 15 million unique users every month which speaks a lot about the popularity of this one.


It has a search box option which allows finding your favourite matches easy and hassle-free, The site also has app versions for both Android and iOS platforms. The user interface is nice enough and allows for smooth navigation. It also has got a chat and comment option using which you can comment on the latest sports matches and events and chat regarding them with the other users.

29. VIP League

VIP League is a cool sports streaming site that streams sports events for free. It provides access to all the popular sports item events like cricket, football, hockey and more and also has additional events like Nascar, cycling etc. It has got one of the best user interfaces compared to the other sites and allows the users to change the theme according to their taste.

VIP League

It also allows you to change the timezone of your location and is available in over seven languages like Francis and Deutsch. The website is not available in some countries which is a drawback of the site and in that case, you can use VPN. You can also watch sports like motorsports, formula 1 etc through this site.

30. Reddit Streams

Reddit Streams is a very popular site for talking and discussing different stuff from people all over the world, so it is evident that at least some of them will talk about sports. Reddit allows the users to create forums or sub-community like subreddit and people have created subreddits for discussing all things sports. Here you can find like-minded sports fanatics and conduct discussions and hence it acts like a chat room.


Also, Reddit does not host any sports related contents or streams live sports on the site but the users of the subreddits will post links o relevant sites where you can watch live streams of sports events and matches. To find such a forum or stream link, just make use of the search bar and you are good to go. ‘Free Soccer Streaming’ and ‘Free Baseball Streaming’ are some popular ones and you can find many more if you search.


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