Well if you are a huge fan of sports, and you want to watch each and every match of any particular sport then this article is surely for you.

We all know that life of almost everyone has gotten pretty hectic nowadays, and as a result you are unable to watch the live telecasts of your favorite sport. So to watch all the matches that you missed, I am going to write down a list of websites on which you can watch all the sports matches that you have missed online on your PC or smartphone and that too for free.

To watch sports online, you only require a good working internet connection and that too is available to almost everyone these days as internet prices have never been this low. As a result everyone can take benefit of these sports streaming websites.

Best Sports Streaming Websites:-

Important- Some of these websites might be unable to access by you due to ISP restrictions or country restrictions, so in that case you can use ‘Free Proxy Sites’ to access them.

1. Stream2Watch.ru

Best sports streaming websites

This is probably one of the biggest sports streaming website if not the biggest. When you open the website of the home page then you will be greeted with the list of all happening live matches.

You will be able to check the name of the sport and team details and the time at which the match started. All that you have to do is click on ‘Watch Now’ button in order to start watching the match.

This site has one drawback that is that it shows a lot of pop up ads which makes it a little irritating. On the good side, it has multiple mirrors so that in case one mirror doesn’t work then you can stream it using another mirror.

2. Fromhot

Best sports streaming websites

This is also a great sports streaming website. You can watch almost each and every sport on this site and the UI is pretty easy to navigate.

Along with that using this website, you are able to select the timezone that you are in which is a great advantage. It also has live chat feature using which you can talk to people you have similar interests.

So this is why I personally feel that this is probably one of the best app for watching sports online. So do try it.

3. WatchESPN

best sports streaming websites

This streaming site is offered by one of the best Sports TV Channel that is ESPN Channel. This has a great UI and you can consider best if you are interest in US sports because this only provides you the streaming of US sports only.

This website does not have any ads and along with that it has official iOS and Android applications.

You are also able to check out various sports events and their schedules on WhatisWatchESPN page which is present on the webpage. Along with all this there are various language options.

4. VIP League

Best sportts streaming website

This site offers you multiple sports like Cricket, Football, Tennis etc. Multiple languages such as Deutsch, French etc. There are various themes that are available so that you can view the website as you’d like.

Multiple time zones are also present so that you can choose the one that you prefer. Along with all that Sports events and plans are also available on it.

Though this website is restricted in a few countries you can easily view it using a VPN.

5. Laola1

best sports streaming websites

It is also a great site for sports streaming website. It even provides streaming of some sports that are not so popular such as Ice Hockey, Table Tennis etc.

Highlights of any other sports are available as well. Along with that a bar is present that will tell you as to how many live events are going on. Along with all this, the site has a very fluid and modern UI and videos are arranged pretty nicely.

6. Hotstar Sports

Best sports streaming website

This is a sports streaming website from India. And if you are an Indian and you want to watch Cricket or Kabaddi online then this is one of the best websites you have for the purpose. You can stream live sports using for free without requiring to sign up.

Apart from sports you can also watch movies and TV shows over here for free. So it quite a good app so do try it.

7. Bosscast

Best sports streaming website

This website has a variety of sports such as Rugby, F1 etc for free streaming. There is a Live Chat feature as well using which you can talk to people who have similar interests.

On the home page you will be greeted with different sports videos like football, hockey etc. Also live TV can also be watched on the website as it supports a few number of channels.

8. Batman Stream

Best sports streaming sites

This website supports a number of sports such as Football, NFL, Basketball, Baseball etc. This site also has a search feature using which you can search for different live sports events that are going on.

Along with that this website also provides live streaming of different sports ranging from Motor to Football.

9. Sony LIV Sports

best sports streaming websites

This also is a great website to catch up with all your favorite sports like Football, Cricket, Tennis and much more You can view updates of your favorite sport with live score cards and commentary.

An app for android, iOS and even Chromecast is available so that you can watch it on the go and on TV.

9. All Sport Live

best sports streaming websites

This website is popular in Russia as you can enjoy your favorite sports for free. On the home page, timings of sports are also given so that you can check it. A lot of sports are available on the website including football, hockey and tennis.

Also, do enable Google Translator before you go to this website as the language is different.

10. Stream Woop

best sports streaming websites

This is also a great website to watch sports on for free. Many popular sports are available on the website that include Baseball, Soccer, Tennis, Golf and many more. User interface of the website is also very good. A search bar is also present in the website so that you can search for your favorite sport.

Your Thoughts? 

These are our top 10 Best Free Sports streaming websites. If you find this article informative then comment below so that others can see the positive feedback, however, if not then tell us so that we can make the required changes.