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Deciding what we are going to study professionally will shape how our future turns out or at least influence it in a big way. And that is why it is one of the most important decisions that we will ever take in our lives and it should be taken after being as informed as possible about our options and choices. In some cases, we might pick the best schools but we end up choosing the classes of the wrong professors who might make us rethink our entire education and career choices.

It would be cool if we had an option to know more about the professors before opting in, right? Well, there is a way for that and it is reliable to an extent too. There are a few websites that allow students to rate their professors based on different categories and give out comments on them to help other students to decide whether the professors are fit for them or not. These sites are very helpful if you know how to use them well.

Here’s the best rate my teacher sites for most reliable information to help you make wise choices.

Regarded as one of the best sites for reviewing professors and teachers, Rate My Teachers is a review site which is used to rate college professors, K-12 teachers, and schools. The users are asked to rate the teachers on a scale of one to five in various categories like ‘easiness’, ‘helpfulness’, ‘knowledge’, and ‘clarity’ and the latter two are used for measuring the ‘overall quality’ score of the individual. The site was launched in the year 2001 and currently services websites in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United King, and Ireland. Individuals can also use the website to write brief comments on their experiences with the teachers and as of 2010, more than 11 million teachers were rated on the website.

Even though this site is very popular, it is controversial in a few circles and many have questioned its approach, especially since the site is open to the general public with no requirement to reveal their first or last names when posting a review. Rate My Teachers was maintained and looked after by a public community of volunteers who were allowed the power to add, delete and remove teacher listings and ratings. But in the year 2017, this public community was replaced by a private moderation community and they were tasked to manually re-review every single rating and teachers added to the website since 2001. They review over one lac ratings every single day.

Koofers is an active community that serves the academic needs of college students by facilitating the sharing of information. This private company was founded in the year 2008 and all college students have access to the service after creating an account with their email address. It offers free services to all students and faculties at colleges and universities around the world and most of the services offered by the websites spans the entire academic calendar from course selection through final exams and interactive flashcards, course and instructor ratings, professors’ grading histories and an online library for sharing past exam and study materials. Hence, it is a great resource for college students and is more than just a review site.

The user base of the website is quite a lot more than 1.6 million students from around the world which means that the chances that your college is covered are also very high. It gives you an insight into the college professors style and the classes they offer and show you an overall rating by all of the students who have taken the class of a particular professor. Taking it further, it also shows the GPA of students who have graduated from the professor’s class. It offers a five star rating system that allows you to rate the professors based on his or her knowledge, preparation, communication, fairness, enthusiasm and availability. It also shows the users the grading trends which have been collected from different universities.

Rate My Professors is a review site which college and school students can use for assigning ratings to professors and campuses of institutions belonging to America, the United Kingdom, and Canada. It was initially launched in May 1999 and was originally named ‘’ and was changed to ‘’ later in 2001. This site is the largest online destination for professor ratings and includes over 8000 schools, 1.7 million professors and more than 19 million ratings. Student users who are currently taking the classes of a particular professor can post the rating and review of any professor that is listed already on the site.

Students can also create a listing for any individual who is not listed yet. For the review to be posted, the user must grade the professor on a scale of one to five in the following categories – overall quality and level of difficulty. Furthermore, the rater can also share if they would take the professor’s class again, if the class was taken for credit, or if attendance is mandatory. There are other information the users can share including grades but everything should add up to a maximum of 350 characters in length. Rate My Professors also annually compiles Top Lists of the Highest Rated Professors and Top Schools in the U.S. based on ratings and comments from students.

Uloop advertises themselves as a ‘student powered marketplace’ and is an online destination where students buy, sell, connect and share resources to help themselves and each other out. They have a lot of partner companies which provides an array of different kinds of services that students may need in the course of their study and you can do all sorts of stuff with this site. This is the website that most of the students in the United States use to rate their professors as a way to help other students from getting involved with a bad professor. This site was launched in the year 2007 and now contains millions of students from over 4000 universities and colleges across the country.

Using Uloop, students can rate the professors on the following categories – helpfulness, easiness, overall rating and clarity. These ratings also include comments from former students to give you a brief insight into what the professor is like. Besides rating professors, students can also use this site for other stuff like to find housing, roommates, and apartments, to find part-time jobs or even internships, to buy and sell textbooks, bikes and furniture, to search and compare tutors and so much more.

Students Review was founded in the year 2000 with the aim that students should have access to complete information regarding one of the most important and expensive decisions they will ever make. The website does look quite old and ugly but it is still resourceful with over 125,000 student reviews of 3359 schools across Asia, Europe, and the United States. They have a huge database of helpful resources for students and some of the features that the site provides are school ratings, school rankings, professor ratings, help with choosing career or major, college finder and researching careers and pay rates. Still, it is smaller than other sites listed here and the chances are that you will find the others more useful.

It allows the students to rate a professor in a whole lot of different categories like whether the professor enjoys teaching, is he or she arrogant, whether they respect the students, the clarity of their classes, overall rating and many more. The students have already provided more than two hundred thousands of reviews on the website to date and you can use it to judge what a professor is like. They have reviews on over 14,000 instructors and more than 10,000 universities. The most recent reviews are shown right on the opening page.


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