30 Best Rainmeter Themes/Skins for 2019

rainmeter themes windows 10

There are quite a lot of utility programs that can help you tweak your Windows 10 & other versions to the limits and beyond. And, arguably, Rainmeter tops among those utility softwares. It is a free and open source desktop customization software available with a lot of themes.

Thus, finding out the top Rainmeter skins is actually very difficult. But, we are HERE to help you out. Below is the list of best Rainmeter themes and skins that will transform your desktop to next-level futuristic looking machine.

Top 30 Best Rainmeter Skins:

1. Simple Media

Simple Media

Simple Media is charming in its soothing simplicity with elegant fonts and presentation and is best if you do not wish to have a cluttered screen. It only shows basic information in the submodules so it is perfect for you if you wish to have an organized look for your desktop. It also has modules for Recycle Bin, status, current date, time and temperature and some more widgets. Download Simple Media.

2. Elegance 2

Elegance 2

Elegance 2 is the best rainmeter skin in which widgets are used to show information and they can be arranged and organized to give a presentation that’s suitable for you. It also follows a minimalistic approach with basic information so as to not clutter the look of the screen. It also shows information about Recycle Bin status, time and date, RAM and CPU usage stats and Media playback and control. It is very lightweight and perfectly goes well with any wallpaper of your choice. Download Elegance 2.

3. Sea


Sea is the best Rainmeter theme for sceneries and the soothing seas lovers. This is another layout which follows a simplistic approach so as not to overwhelm your screen or you with too much information scattered about. It portrays the graphics and effects of a very calming seashore on your desktop and only minimal information is displayed. This skin is also very customizable with some widgets if you want a more complex look for the screen. You can also add widgets like Weather, Gmail and so on. Download Sea.

4. Newspaper Desktop

Newspaper Desktop

Newspaper Desktop is perfect for the unorganized dreamers who are in love with reading. It shows a lot of information to the point that sometimes it can get overwhelming and comes with many add-ons that resemble newspapers like headers and News columns and such. You can pair this skin with the perfect background to get the most beautiful effect that resembles a newspaper spread out on your screen. Also, it has options showing CPU and RAM usage stats, Time and Date, Network Stats and Weather reports. Download Newspaper Desktop.

5. Horde


Horde is beautiful Rainmeter skin with a steely appearance and is also kind of a dark theme for your screen. It can span your entire screen and you can decide if you wish to go for a minimalistic approach or a complex approach because this skin is very customizable. It works as submodules and has a got a lot of them like Weather report, power information, Date and Time and so forth. It is a perfect take on the border between professional and dark look. Download Hordge.

6. Windows 2019

Windows 2019

Windows 2019 is a highly customizable Rainmeter theme.It has got a lot of feature, like, you have an option to change the icons of your apps from the default ones. There is a notification bar for information related to weather, music, news and so much more. If you have a decent active internet connection, you can stay updated about the weather, emails, events and so on and all this comes bundles in a futuristic look that is supposed to be the Windows of 2019. Download Windows 2019.

7. Neon Space

Neon Space

Neon Space can’t be defined as anything other than stunning. It is basically a dark theme with a striking neon blue graphical components that glow and animate on the screen all at the same time. It has a got an array of largely customizable sub-modules on the background which will transform your screen into something from the future like the Matrix movie. It has got a lot of holographic widgets in addition to the basic stuff like RAM and CPU status, calendar, date and time and weather reports and I highly recommend that you give this one a try. Download Neon Space.

8. Taboo


Taboo is a classic effect Rainmeter skin and won’t disappoint the users even though it is a bit on the minimalist side. It does have icons just like your normal Windows screen so it has got all the basic required information. An added plus, you can directly access the system data from the skin itself. This is a black and white theme. So pair it up with a good black and white wallpaper and you will surely get a stunning look for your screen. Download Taboo.

9. Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls is for you if you are into Goth fashion and trends. It is a skin which is basically a night with a Gothic view and calming scenery. Appearance wise, this one is stunning, and so are its features because this skin is highly customizable. There is an ON and OFF button in the toolbar for notification of icons. To top it off, all the widgets of this theme are customizable so the Goth fans must think about making it permanent. Download Darkness Falls.

10. Encoded


Encoded is all about colour combinations and is a mix of the colours black, red, white and grey which is responsible for the remarkable look of this futuristic Rainmeter skin. You have a choice of four colour schemes while using this skin and you can opt for one of them and the widget will be coloured as such. The widgets are all the same but the colour scheme you choose makes all the difference. Also, it comes with an additional sub-module for the music player that will allow you to pause, restart, stop or change music tracks directly from the skin. Download Encoded.

11. Small Tree

Small Tree

Small Tree is like a minimalist’s dream come true for the Rainmeter themes and skins. It is just as the name says, a skin with a cool wallpaper having a small tree. Don’t be put off by the description though, because the wallpaper is not plain at all and is very rich. The minimalism lies in the fact that not a lot of basic information is displayed up front and it is not that customizable either. You can only access the My Computer folder directly from this skin. Download Small Tree.

12. Swithchin


Switichin is a nature Rainmeter skin. It is basically a skin on the lighter side of things as compared to the skins so far and has got a white contrasting style to it. But if that puts you off a bit, then don’t worry as it comes bundled with many choices, so one of them must be perfect for your screen. It also has a white taskbar on top of the screen and this taskbar is also customizable. It shows the notification regarding power, Wi-Fi and so on regarding your computer. Download Swithchin.

13. Galaxy Suite Rainmeter

Galaxy Suite Rainmeter

Galaxy Suite Raimeter is a space-themed skin by Rainmeter and of course, everyone is intrigued by a bit of galaxy and stars every now and then. It has got beautiful galaxy backgrounds and stunning visuals which really resemble outer space. It also has a universe themed skin which is unique to Galaxy Suite. This skin will transform every component of your desktop by encompassing them in a space-related look which is quite a sight for the eyes. Download Galaxy Suite Rainmeter.

14. Living Room Girls

Living Room Girls

Living Room Girls is a top Rainmeter skin that can only be defined as cute and gorgeous at the same time and is based on anime and anime characters. It has got some anime girls scattered about on the skin along with some anime effects and animations that make it striking for your screen. The theme is actually female-oriented so the widgets are designed likewise and is quite visually appealing. If you are into anime, then you should definitely  check  it out. Download Living Room Girls.

15. End Of The World

End Of The World

The skin End Of the World is a beautiful display of a world after destruction or apocalypse, which is quite obvious from the name. It is not based on anything real and the visuals are completely fictional but beautiful and can be described as a striking mayhem on your screen. You can customize the icons of apps, clocks and widgets to suit the background and when properly customized, this mayhem can make your desktop more beautiful. Download End of The World.

16. Iron Man Jarvis

Iron Man Jarvis 

Everyone is aware of Iron Man, so if anyone fascinated with idea of future technology It is a great futuristic rainmeter theme. Once you apply it, you’ll feel no less than working on a super technology computer. It’s also unbelievably customizable – you can reposition and resize almost everything in the theme. Download Iron Man Jarvis.

17. Tech-A


This theme is very futuristic skin for rainmeter and yet so minimalistic. The level of customization is high. Even shortcuts to folders and files can be added to an animated revolving core. Along with that, it displays an enormous amount of information. It is definitely among the best Rainmeter themes for nerds & programmers. Download Tech-A.

18. Avengers-Shield


Protecting the world from a ton of villains, keeping secrets of secrets or fighting aliens or robots sounds pretty tough for a Shield Worker, but you can at least attain the same desktop look of a shield agent by using this top Rainmeter theme. It can be used in multiple resolutions and you can create shortcuts on it for your browser and other applications. Download Avenger Shield.

19. Mass Effect

Mass Effect 

This theme is for all the fans of the famous game Mass Effect. The theme includes a lot of information like Time and date bar, Media playback, Control panel, Hard disk information pane and more. This information can all be freely arranged. Download Mass Effect.

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20. Senja Suite

Senja Suite 

If you want a clean and minimalist Rainmeter theme then this one would definitely have your attention since this theme takes care of the basics but does it so well that it is hard to even believe. The information which is displayed includes Time and Date, Power Options and the User Profile. So if you’re looking for minimalist and simple theme then give Senja Suite a go. Download Senja Suite.

21. Aliens Theme

Aliens Theme

If you want a theme that shows as much information as possible then this probably going to be your best Rainmeter theme. It shows heck loads of information in the design that we have seen used by Aliens in movies. It also creates shortcuts that you can set on your own will. If you want a complicated theme with loads of data scattered around on your desktop then give this theme a shot. Download Aliens.

22. Eker Lina

Eker Lina 

This is a beautifully designed theme for Rainmeter. It consists of widgets just like in smartphones and looks very beautiful. Since it is a widget type theme thus you can basically add a lot of widgets, so a lot of information can be added. Shortcuts for various applications can also be created. Download Eker Lina.

23. Before Dawn

Before Dawn 

This is a theme for beginners as it requires zero tweaking, thus it is as easy as just simply downloading an app and running it. It provides you with information spread across the width of your entire computer screen. It includes information ranging from Time to Weather in your current location and you can also create shortcuts for yourself. Download Before Dawn.

24. Pileus


This is a theme that you will either love a lot or hate depending on your taste since it has unique drawing effects to it. If matched with a perfect wallpaper then you are definitely going to love it. Using this theme you can include a ridiculous amount of info on your desktop. You can create shortcuts to your favourite apps and did I mention that it comes in light or dark variants – which might change your opinion if you’re a very colour specific person. Download Pileus.

25. Razor


This is also the theme that will depend the on the choice of wallpapers you use. The free advice, from my end, is that you use a minimal wallpaper for best looks. Also, this app shows widgets but in a glassy effect. They look super cool and the level of information that you can store is gigantic. Download Razor.

26. ABP


If you are a fan of the retro Windows system then this theme is for you since it resembles square widgets. Since all the widgets are square in shape so it creates a nice effect in the eyes which is appealing to the users. Since it also has widgets so you can store a lot of information on your desktop. Download ABP.

27. Enigma


This is a theme that was set up as the default skin of Rainmeter back in 2009. So you can expect this theme to be good enough. It is very customizable as you can probably spend hours and hour while customizing. It shows you a lot of information and you can easily arrange as to where you want to put what info. Did I mention that it is one of the most downloaded themes? So yeah, download it, you will love it.

28. Wisp


This is another Widget type theme, however, what makes it special is that it does not seem like a typical widget type theme. It is because of the fact that, the widgets blend into the wallpaper so well and when paired with a matching wallpaper then it just does wonders. The desktop looks so neat and clean that anybody would fall in love with the setup. Download Wisp.

29. Medieval City

Medieval City

True to it’s name, this theme certainly portrays the effect of a gory, mysterious, medieval and worn out city. It is sort of a dark theme and is perfect if you are into that side of things. It is very visually appealing and certainly one of the best Rainmeter skins available right now. And obviously, it also allows all the basic functionalities like accessing your media, desktop, files and everything else and is certainly worth a try. Download Medieval City.

30. Hardware


Hardware is a Rainmeter skin all about hardware. It depicts different hardware components, but not in dry dreary way. It adds a cool depth look to this seemingly plain thing and makes it look dark, beautiful and pulling. It also allows you to change the widget positioning as you like and offers easy access and all the basic features that can be found in other skins. Download Hardware.


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