Putlocker is quite a lot popular website. On it you can watch movies and TV shows for free. It is basically a site that puts up pirated Movies and TV shows which is the reason that you can watch these for free.

However, Putlocker has been banned in various countries due to copyright issues, making many users unable to take advantage of it. Though its domain has changed a lot of times to make it available but every time it is taken down by the government.

putlocker alternatives

After that a lot of websites with similar names has shown up, however most of these were unverified and could infect your computer with some sort of malware. So in the absence of Putlocker, I am going to list Best Putlocker Alternatives so that you can watch movies online for free.

Best Putlocker Alternatives

1.Solar Movie

This website is one of the best if not the best alternative to Putlocker. This is because Solar Movie lets you watch high quality movies that you can easily search by the search option present.

On its homepage you will see a list of popular movies that will usually the latest ones. Ratings and details are given of each and every movie so that you can see as to which one you want to watch.

It is operated from Solarmovies.to. So do check it out quickly as it can change because anti-piracy groups always keep a look and try to ban such websites.


Fmovies is also a very popular movie streaming website on which you can watch a lot of movies. The collection of movies is very large and ranges from Comedy to Action movies, from old to new.

The movies are in high quality and with streaming, you can also download them and watch offline. Captions can also be enabled and downloaded.


This is also an amazing website to watch movies for free. It lets you download or stream movies or TV shows, but first you will be asked to make an account.

After that you will see that the user interface of the website is amazing. Captions can be enabled or disabled. Movies and TV series are arranged in a manner that it gets very easy to navigate. A search bar is also present for searching for movies.


WatchMoviesFree is a website that is not going to disappoint you, because it has an enormous collection of both the Movies and TV and that too in high definition. There are various categories from which you can choose to watch movies.

Not only genres, but you can even choose as to which countries movies you want to see. Thus that means that there is not only one but multi language movies are present. The user interface is quite amazing and you can even categorize movies from yearly basis.


This is a website that is very underrated as it has a lot of movies and TV shows. Along with this, the site is very well functioned and has loads of useful features. You can also upload and share your own movies. Old classic movies are also available on the site.

The movies and TV shows are also categorized on the basis of different genres. Hence, it is a great website that you can use to watch your favorites for free.


Movienight is a great website on which you can watch any media file for free. The user interface is very simple. Although the ads are quite annoying, but there is a way using which you can remove all the ads for 24 hours.

On their disclaimer they have stated that, by sharing what you are watching you can watch the media ad free. This is actually a great offer as you are watching it for free and free just by doing a few flicks.


FlixBreak is also a good website to watch online movies for free. Though TV shows are not present in the website the quality of movies is pretty good. There are old movies present as well, although they are not very old. The movies are usually pretty good, thus you will surely love its content.

8.Yes Movies

Yes Movies is a website where you are going to find almost all the movies, from old classics to the latest one and that too for free, thus as you can conclude the library is vast. The website has both the TV shows and movies in high quality. And you can filter them on the basis of genres, ratings, years and more.

There is also a search bar present using which you can search for a specific movie.

9.New Movies Online

This website is the most versatile website by far. It has TV shows, various movies and soap opera series and documentaries. Thus it has a lot of media.

Along with that it has the best filtering options so that you can find out the best media that you wanted. Multi language support is present as well.


Moviefone is more than a website, you can say that this is a service on which you can watch movies or TV shows. It is totally free and you can sign up so that you receive the latest updates about newly added shows and movies.

The best part of the website is that it keeps on getting updated for the users, even though it has been present from 25 years.

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This is our list of Best Putlocker Alternatives. If you have any further questions then leave a comment below – we will get back to you as soon as possible. We kept the list long so you can check out multiple sites and pick the one that you like. Meanwhile you can check out our other alternative articles.