The Best Minecraft Mods of All-time!


Minecraft is the only game ever to survive which allows us to create castles, fall through the abysses and do a whole lot of other stuff and is very famous for the fact too. But that being said, the game is lacking in many areas and can be enriched with a lot of extra features to make it more fun and entertaining. This is where mods come into play. So, the question is, what are some of the best Minecraft mods that will add to the game and more?

Minecraft mods used to be aplenty but now they have dwindled down to a few but still quite a few of them do exist. They add all sorts of features, corrects some bugs, tweaks something or the other and can be used in combinations or individually to give you the best Minecraft game experience you can have. But if you are confused as to which ones are the best and to your taste, then we have the solution right here. Take a look at this list of the best Minecraft mods and try them to find out which one is more along the lines of your preferences.

Top 30 Best Minecraft Mods 2018:

1. Tamriel in Minecraft

Tamriel in Minecraft brings the world of Nirn from the Elder Scrolls series in Minecraft and features all of Tamriel, Mehrunes Dragon’s realm of Oblivion and Sovngarde. All of Tamriel has complete biomes/terrains and matches the lore as closely as possible. Imperial City, jail and some interiors of mages tower in the game and the complete Battlehorn Castle can be found in this mod.

Tamriel in Minecraft

You have to download and extract the file and place the ‘Tamriel in Minecraft folder in the specified folders to get it properly working. You can also try downloading the navigation/progress Excel which can be used to teleport from one location to another but the initial release excel is mostly blank. The creator is planning to add more features to the game including a better map, areas and models so this mod is worth keeping a lookout for.

2. Spacecraft Mod

Spacecraft Mod is one of the best Minecraft mods which will allow you to go to outer space and play the game there. The mod adds a lot of cool stuff like the space suit made of cloth, a space rocket, moon and many other related objects to the gameplay. To survive in outer space, you will need an oxygen tank which can be made from recipes and will allow you to breathe in the moons as well as underwater.

Spacecraft Mod

To reach the moon, you have to make portals out of iron blocks and light it with the space rocket items to set off into space. After getting to outer space, you can explore the solar system which is also set to have an unbreathable set up so you will need the oxygen tanks and other things to support you there as well. Also, things that don’t work without like torches etc., will get destroyed and pop off of your being. All in all, it is a perfect simulation of outer space within the game.

3. OptiFine/Fastcraft

OptiFine is for the people who want a more neater and faster game as it makes Minecraft look better and run faster with full support for HD textures and many configuration options.  The mod comes with a ton of features like FPS boost, support for HD textures and Shaders, dynamic lights, variable render distance, configurable smooth lighting, smart advanced OpenGL and a lot more. It also brings forth better grass and snow, clear water. random mobs, connected and natural textures and more to make the game look way better.


Fastcraft is a sophisticated mod which improves the client and server performance significantly without any gameplay changes and is useful for anything, even fast PCs and server benefit. The mod is optional for both client and server which means that it can be installed on both client and server or just one of them and even mismatched versions between client and server are fine. Fastcraft does not require any configuration since it is supposed to be completely transparent to the user and to install the mod, just drop it into your mods folder with Minecraft Forge installed. It is recommended that you make backups while using it and to use the latest versions of client and server.

4. Inventory Tweaks

Inventory Tweaks is a client mod for Minecraft allows you to easily manage your items and works out of the box to make you gain a massive amount of time both in single and multiplayer. Tools and items are automatically replaced and you can sort your inventory and chests in a single click or keystroke. You can use the configuration files to customize entirely the way your inventory is sorted. Once you have MinecraftForge installed this mod can be used by simply moving the JAR to the mods folder of Minecraft.

Inventory Tweaks

You can trigger the sorting in your inventory by using the middle click or by pressing R at any time or if you want to change the shortcut you can also do that from the menu in your inventory. When you open a chest, you will see three additional buttons on the higher part of the screen which allows you to sort items in different ways. If you eat an item break a tool or empty a stack by placing blocks the mod will automatically fetch, if possible, a similar item from your inventory.

5. Pig Manure

Pig Manure is another innovative mod of Minecraft which makes adult pigs poop out manure which can be used to like Bone Meal in the world and can be used as a brown dye in recipes. It can also be smelted into bricks just like smelting clay ball and gives the player a reason to farm pigs instead of cows, chickens and sheep. Baby pigs do not poop unlike in real life to keep the balance on par with the similar things in the game.

Pig Manure

The installation is pretty straightforward and you just have to drop the jar file into mods in your Minecraft folder. The software is open sourced and the source code for the mod is available in Github. 1.9 and later versions require airbreathercore 1.0.2 or higher, 1.8 requires 1.0.1 or higher and 1.7.10 version require airbreathercore 1.0.0. So hop on the mod wagon and start farming some pigs for your Minecraft.

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6. Bacteria Mod

Bacteria Mod is one of the best Minecraft mods and is both fun and useful at the same time and can be called a destructive type mod. This mod introduces bacteria to Minecraft and this can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what you wish because the bacteria is controllable if you know what to do. You will need sponges to craft Mut blocks and then place those under at least one layer of water and they will eventually grow into bunches of bacteria that you can then craft into colonies.

Bacteria Mod

Once you have some colonies under your belt, you can use them by placing them below a block or blocks that you want them to be able to destroy. They will only destroy those blocks that you choose and nothing else so if you placed a colony below a patch of water and activate it with Redstone, the bacteria will quickly destroy all the water in its path but will leave everything else unharmed. The replacer bacteria is another method of massive replication with this mod and this bacteria will eat whatever kind of block is below it and then replace it with whatever block is above it. You will need a Redstone for this one too.

7. LotsOMobs

LotsOMobs is another cool mod of Minecraft which adds more than 25 mobs to the game including birds, fish, mammoths, snakes, lions and even dinosaurs making the Minecraft world much more exciting to explore. Many of the mobs have unique drops. For example, the fur of the deer can be used to create armour and camels, mammoths and pterosaurs can be ridden all in the same way as horses in the vanilla Minecraft.


The mod also adds a lot of new biomes to Minecraft where you can find many of these newly introduced mods. Penguins and polar bears spawn in the Antarctic biome, all species of dinosaurs spawn in the dino biome and giraffes, vultures, lions and elephants spawn in the savanna. This mob also includes two human NPCs, cavemen who appear in the dino biome and Eskimos who appear in the Antarctic biome.

8. CandyCraft

CandyCraft is one of the top Minecraft mods, especially if you have got a sweet tooth as it adds a whole new dimension to Minecraft along with blocks, items, tools and lots of other items. You can start by placing four sugars in a square formation to get some sugar blocks and make a portal-shaped with those blocks. Use a bucket of lava on the inside as you would with a nether portal and you instantly get access to the candy dimension.


Randomly generated structures contain a lot of items and special treats for every candy lover out there who loves an adventure and there are all kinds of bosses and powerful enemies for you to face off, both in the world and the special new dungeons. There are also a ton of new features and quirks and you get to explore many new biomes, tame pets and dragons, trade with the gingerbread villagers and travel through the said massive dungeons. The new world has a whole lot of new set of minerals to mine, mobs to kill, blocks to build with, armours and items and so much more.

9. Quiverbow

Quiverbow is another one of the best Minecraft mods which adds a bevvy of bow and projectile weapons to the game. From advanced and sophisticated bows to extremely volatile explosives, this mod has everything that you could find in a projectile warfare. The old bow and quiver do exactly what it is meant to do and holds 256 arrows within itself so that you don’t have to continually keep your inventory stocked. The compact double crossbows are single and double loadable and offer a powerful hit to the enemy.


Then you have the snow cannon which is a more fun weapon that maximizes your snowball throwing and can fire four snowballs at once but is quite on the lower end when it comes to damage. The fireworks rocket launcher launches fireworks which cause immense destruction on impact and functions like throwing a block of TNT a long distance. The rail accelerator is one of the most powerful weapons in this mod which functions like grenade launcher as it takes a small delay after firing. There are a lot of other cool weapons that this mod offers that you can check out.

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10. Rope Bridge Mod

Rope Bridge Mod is a great way to cross long chasms with ease and is particularly useful early in the game or if you want to just travel across vast canyons with minimal effort. The bridges are very aesthetically pleasing and a great and simple way to avoid enemies that you might find along the way as they will be below you. All you need for this setup are three different parts which are assembled with a grappling hook of sorts.

Rope Bridge Mod

When you have this setup ready to go, just aim and fire wherever you need the bridge placed and that is it, your rope bridge is ready. You can simply walk on the bridge to the other side but make sure that you don’t fall off the side of the bridge. You also need to keep a steady supply of slabs and string in hand if you want the bridge to build itself. You can keep building the bridge as much as you want if you have all the necessities and you can see the location where you want to shoot.


WAILA is one of the top Minecraft mods and stands for ‘What Am I Looking At’. It is an extension for NEI and will show in the tooltip what mod an item is from. The tooltip contains the mod name which means that you can also parse items per mods. Leveraging an extended NEI HUD, the mod is also capable of showing the name of blocks and mods in-game right on top of your screen.


The mod also comes with a few integrated modules to show internal information of some specific blocks and for no,w BC tanks have been implemented which shows the content, capacity and amount of fluid and also the IC2 machines which shows the in/ou voltages. Modules of WAILA include Thaumcraft which is when wearing the goggles of revealing, blocks that store aspects will show what aspects they hold and the agriculture module which displays crop growth. All parts of the tooltip beside the actual rendering is done outside the rendering tick and support column based display and displaying icons.

12. Caterpillar

Caterpillar is a very resourceful tool to automate digging a 3 by 3 hole and can be considered as a tool to start a mineshaft and you can also add a few attachments to this tool to gather the materials as well as place the blocks as it digs. It is very easy to build and use and makes the entire mining process very easy and straightforward. The drill base and drill are the key components but you will also want to add an item collector, drill storage and a decoration placer in order to do the more advanced chores. The collector and storage setup will allow the machine to scoop up blocks as it travels.


The decoration placer will place the necessary blocks to properly navigate your new tunnel and all you need to do is supply the drill with the main components like rails, torches, wood planks and such and the machine will do the rest. The most important aspects of the drill to maintain are the fire source which is coal and the drill head. You can go for a stone, gold or diamond drill heads but diamond heads are your best bet as far as longevity is concerned. You can also get a jump with rails and supports set u for you to return home to and automates just about every tedious tasks.

13. Star Wars Ultimate Skin Pack

Star Wars Ultimate Skin Pack is one of the top Minecraft mods and contains 25 highly detailed Star Wars Minecraft skins from the Star Wars movies episode I through episode VI. These skins were made by their own respective creators but everything is compiled together in this mod. The mod also includes old canon special characters and new canon special characters as well.

Star Wars Ultimate Skin Pack

Some of the skins that can be found in this mod are Chewbacca, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Han Solo, Ashoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker, Boba Fett, Jango Fett, Rabel Pilot, Utapou Trooper and many more. This mod is free, unlike the mod that was made officially for Xbox. Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Scout Trooper, Yoda, Kit Fisto and Dark Maul are some of the other popular skins that can be found in this mod.

14. Bloodmoon

Bloodmoon is an eerie and dark mod that adds a difficult new feature to Minecraft and by default has 5% chance of happening whenever the sun sets and if it does, you better be prepared for an onslaught of fast and tough enemies. The blood moon strikes randomly but you will get a brief warning ahead so that you can prepare well as in, you can either choose to fight or quickly find shelter. If you happen to be stuck outside, then torches are not your friends as they will provide only a tiny amount of light which is not enough to see the distance and any advancing mobs in the red darkness.


Unfortunately, you will not be able to sleep away the blood moon and the mobs will be instantly drawn to you as soon as the moon rises up. The saving grace with this mod is that the effects are only applied on the surface so that if you happen to find a cave or even dig yourself into one, then you may be lucky enough to wait the night out. The mod definitely adds some tension into your game and will always keep you on your toes as you won’t know exactly when the Bloodmoon will rise.

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15. BackyardCraft

BackyardCraft is a very realistic resource pack with multiple resolutions and normal maps designed for the Minecraft game. The resource packs in the original game are more photorealistic with good textures, neat orderly grass, smooth stone, good dirt and things of the like. But even though some of them may like the neat and perfect look, some prefer not to use BackyardCraft as it is not meant to look neat and smooth and is expected to be more rugged, run down and realistic and that is where this mod comes to play.


BackyardCraft is also compatible with Minecraft 1.12 and the Normal Maps require a shader mod that supports them like Continuum and is currently only supported on the x512 and x256 versions of the resource pack.  The mod is available in four resolutions and adds realistic graphics to Minecraft without killing it. Optfine is required to access all of the features including alternate blocks, alternate mobs and the sky texture.

16. Chisel 3

Chisel 3 is one of the best Minecraft mods which adds a huge variety of static blocks to the game and is very useful for people who prefer the construction aspect of Minecraft. Access to the new blocks is provided mostly through one tool, namely the chisel, which is created with an iron ingot and a stick in a diagonal pattern. Right-clicking causes the chisel GUI to load.

Chisel 3

Chisel also adds two new other items, the Ball O’ Moss and the Cloud In a Bottle and right clicking these items will throw them in the same way as how snowballs are thrown. On impact, these blocks will do a variety of different things. The Ball O’ Moss will modify all the nearby blocks like turning Stone Brick into Mossy Stone Brick and the same with Cobblestone. The Cloud in the Bottle with create a large number of clouds on impact. Smashing rock will decay the blocks it hits in a splash area of effect.

17. Eyemod

Eyemod is an innovative little mod for Minecraft which gives you a handy little device like an iPhone which will help you to take notes, listen to music and even private message friends via text or email. It functions much the same as the real iPhone but on a smaller scale. You will need to set p a charger that functions onRedstonee dust for the device.


The most important use of this mod is the Overpowered Eyephone which will allow you to do many things in the game like summoning entities, teleporting and saving locations and simply setting off some TNT on any desired coordinates. You can also add a server that connects to the phone when you right-click the phone on it. You can use this server to download apps using emeralds, gold or diamond.

18. Tumbleweeds

Tumbleweeds is a Minecraft mod that will add tumbleweeds to the deserts in Minecraft which you may have noticed as missing while roaming around in the deserts. The mos adds simple, iconic, western fixtures to the landscape and puts you in the moment. This mod isn’t just about the plain tumbleweed fixtures as they are anything but plain.


The mod provides random drops in each tumbleweed making them more of a surprise package than simple dry shrubbery. Each tumbleweed will have its own drops and surprises, so make sure that you check out each one you find along the way. Anything from seed and string all the way up to diamonds and emeralds can be found within these seemingly dry and underwhelming shrubberies.

19. Scenter Mod

The Scenter Mod is one of the best Minecraft mods which will make the mining process easy and simple. The mod is very simple to use and adaptable and you only need to press ‘O’ and it will cycle through blocks that you can sniff out like diamond ore, Redstone ore, nether quartz ore etc. When you finally select a block, every time you interact with the environment by right or left clicking, you will see a coloured trail of ‘smell’ go out that will guide you towards the nearest mineral ore.

Scenter Mod

The mod has got incredible range and searches nine chunks around your position to find out the ores and the coloured trails are easy to follow and even tells you how far away they are. The mod will be by default pick up the coal, diamond, emerald, gold, iron, lapis, Redstone, glowstone and nether quartz ores. If you want further customizability and know what you are doing, then you can check out the Minecraft forum thread for details on editing and do the necessary but this won’t be needed usually.

20. Mowzie’s Mobs

Mowzie’s Mobs is another cool mod of Minecraft which adds four new enemies to the game making the game a lot more difficult. When you are exploring the jungles, you may come across Foliaaths – vicious plant creatures that will attack you if you go too close to them –  and they do inflict quite some amount of damage so be very cautious while you approach them. You may also come across a dungeon-like structure underground and if you make your way in, be prepared for a tough fight ahead as the structure is guarded by Ferrous Wroughtnaut.

Mowzie's Mobs

It will attack on sight and attacks to its front will do no damage and you will have to find its weak spot in order to make it out alive. Also be careful when you are traversing the savannahs as you may face off with tribesmen from the Barkoa village who hunt in packs and shoot poison darts. If you get lucky enough to make it past the tribesmen, then beware of the Sun Chief who will use the power of the Sun to call down strikes on the enemies so be prepared with arms and weapons accordingly. Most of these enemies have their own drops so approaching them is good but exercise extreme caution.

21. Railcraft

Railcraft mod enhances the rail systems in Minecraft and takes it from a simple track to a full-blown railway by adding more tracks, carts and even a train engine. This is the best Minecraft mod for those who like building trains and coasters in Minecraft as you can do almost anything with the rails using this mod. There are some higher speed tracks which will give you some boost over the traditional tracks and the launch track is more fun and practical as it will launch your car into the air and is great for jumps if you want to make a creative entrance to your home.


There is also this new Reinforced track which is both faster and almost indestructible and will help ensure that your track will remain intact and won’t be destroyed by blasts or damage from the Ghasts in the Nether. The elevator tracks allow you to place tracks vertically and will lift or lower and attached minecart. This is a system for creating an elevator instead of using a clever hack with ladders or water and is good for loot delivery and functions as a regular ladder that you can climb. There are also other kinds of tracks with their own advantages which you can peruse if you check out this wonderful mod.

22. Decorative Marble and Decorative Chimneys

Decorative Marble mod gives you some great new marble blocks for a more realistic looking pillars. The aesthetic of the blocks is simply great and charming. The marble is crafted by combining clay with either black, white or grey dyes and these can be used to craft either bricks, slabs or stairs. You can also make pillars from wood, stone, metal or brick blocks as well as the newly created marbles.

Decorative Marble and Decorative Chimneys

You can choose to craft the base, pillar and top separately for even more customization and this mod also has the chimney functionality. It gives you three different styles to choose from to suit your architectural styles and needs. They will also show smoke billowing out of them if they are next to or on top of active flames or furnaces but you will need an additional mod file for them to work.

23. Advanced Dispensers

Advanced Dispensers is one of the best Minecraft mods and adds a few new blocks to aid in automation which can be used to place blocks or other items, break items and then store those items which were broken.  The best use of these new blocks is in the creation of automated farms but it has a lot of other uses too. You can set these blocks up using a Redstone current and load the user block with the seed or sapling you want. Now, set up the breaker near where the plant will grow and it will destroy plant but automatically store the harvested plants until you retrieve them.

Advanced Dispensers

You can repeat the process with fresh soil and you can also add a bone meal to the farm for a quicker harvest of the growing plants. Another block in this mod will allow you to set up automatic crafting. If there is some recipe that you don’t feel like making a lot of or if it is a bot too complicated, then set up an Automated Crafting Table and stock up its inventory to load the desired recipe. Then just connect to the Redstone current and collect it. You can even put a hopper and chest below it to automatically drop the item into the chest instead of its own inventory.

24. Saltymod

Saltymod adds salt to the Minecraft game and even though the purpose of this is largely concerned with the aesthetics, it also adds some important features which make this mod worth trying. Salt can be found as an ore, grown via crystals or salvaged from an evaporator. The salt ore can be converted into decorative blocks, slabs and bricks or even crafted into lamps. The light is quite low but works great in certain situations.


The salt can be used in powder form to pickle foods providing a slight extension to your hunger which is great for long journeys and can also be used to neutralize rotten flesh. You will also find salt lakes around the world and underneath them, you can find blocks of mineral mud using which you can create mud mask armour which isn’t very durable but will provide some health restoration over time. These masks will dissolve in water, so be careful near water and water bodies.

25. Soulbound 16X – 1.8

Soulbound is a medieval era kind of mod with the twist that it includes almost custom everything. This is a simplistic 16x resource pack with no set palette and a lot of CTM. The mod works best with Optfine as it enables mod of the CTM and looks great with Shaders like SEUS or TME. The future works include some cool add-ons like a more detailed font, mod supports etc.

Soulbound 16X - 1.8

So far, the CTM variants of the mod include ores, basic glass, mod spawners, carpets and few other blocks. The pack tries to keep a very simplistic feel at the same time trying to avoid the basic bucket fill feel provided by most other packs. It also includes a fully custom font as well as a fully custom GUI and is a mod worth checking out.



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