10 Best LaTeX Editors For Beginners

best latex editor

Since a few years back, most of the documentation process was digitalized. Microsoft Word is still the word when we want to make some digital documents because of the visual aspect of it provides the users with. It follows the ‘what you see is what you get approach.’ It’s easy for the users to handle it because users can enter the data without having to worry about formatting.

But nowadays, LaTeX is gaining so much more popularity. The difference of this from Word is that it follows a ‘what you see is what you mean‘ approach. It is like a markup text editor similar to HTML in which content entry and formatting is separated. First, the formatting is defined using markup level instructions and content is inserted afterwards. It is very popular for academic and scientific needs. There are many LaTeX editors available. Let’s check out some of the best LaTeX editors currently reigning the kingdom.

Best LaTeX Editors For Beginners:

1. TeXmaker

best latex editor

TeXmaker is one of the best LaTeX editor available to date. It is very popular among the users and is open sourced. It is available for all the major platforms like Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Once you decide on the formatting of the document which can be set at first, you can extract it as ODF, PDF or HTML file. AS you open this LaTeX editor, the configuration window helps you fix all the basic formatting of the document. You can also set up spell-checks for your document using the ‘Quick Start’ window. Check out TeXmaker.

TeXmaker also allows users to track errors during the compilation of documents into the specified format. Each and every error is notified by error messages so you can take appropriate actions to correct it. This LaTeX editor also supports code folding of your document. It offers a lot of options for keyboard shortcuts and has cool features like Bibliography section for the document. It has over 370 mathematical symbols making it perfect for scientific and academic uses. The built-in PDF viewer and auto-complete feature are a few of the best highlights of this editor.

2. Lyx

lyx latex editor

Lyx is a free open sourced LaTeX editor for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and Unix based operating systems. It encourages people to create a document based on the structure of the data rather than the formatting. It offers a graphical interface and is thus plain and simple to use. It combines the TeX and LaTeX types into an integrated system. It has a fully integrated equation editor making it perfect for writing mathematical formulae and equations. Thus it is very popular for scientific uses. Check out Lyx.

There is a lot of built-in layouts for all of our formatting needs. It has reference list feature and creation of index features. It encourages you to build a well-structured document instead of worrying about formattings and specifies designs depending on the document. It has easily insertable tables and graphics and is more simple to use than Microsoft Word. The PDF or output is readily produced and looks very unique. It has many key features like citations and link overlays.

3. TeXstudio

texstudio editor

TeXstudio can be run on Windows, Mac OS, Linux and FreeBSD platforms. This one is also open sourced and among top LaTeX editors. This is like an advanced TeXmaker with all of its features plus a lot more like frequency count, word count, syntax highlighting, reference checking and so on. Thus, though it is based on TeXmaker, because of the abundance of new features, it has become an awesome LaTeX editor. Check out TeXstudio.

TeXstudio has over 1000 mathematical equations thus making it popular academically. Also, it has many key features like table auto-formatter and multiple cursors. The TeXstudio assistant makes it easy for even novice users to access and set up cool formatting for documents. Images can be dragged and dropped. Also, most of the scientific papers contain lots of citations. TeXstudio offers the link overlay feature which converts text into links. Some of the other main features of this editor are speel-checking, auto-completion, export to HTML and insertion of tables.

4. TeXworks

TeXworks for linux

TeXworks is simple GUI latex editor the minimalist users. It offers just the basic but powerful features of the popular editors thus making it simple and easy to use. Regardless, its performance is very high. TeXworks is also an open sourced LaTeX editor. It can be operated in Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It has features like auto-completion and auto-correction which can come very handy. Besides all this, it also provides Unicode support. Thus it possesses all the key features and does not complicate things with the user having to understand its functionality. Check out TeXworks.

TeXworks is more GUI based LateX editor than the others. It has very good built-in PDF viewer which is one of the main aspects that makes this one of the best LaTeX editors. The additional auto-synchronisation tool also adds to its pros. Besides all these, some other key features of this editor are the interaction with external editors, insertion of tables/graphics, auto-completion, auto-correction and so much more.

5. Overleaf

overlead online latex editor

Overleaf is an online latex editor supported by all the major browsers and trusted by over 200,000 academia. Hence it is reliable and easy to access. If you don’t want to bother yourself with all the formatting, then consider giving Overleaf a try has it has over a hundred different templates for thesis, CVs, resume and lots more. It also has most of the features offered by other editors and is one of the best LaTeX editor enduring. With its error control feature, it is perfect for the Microsoft Word users to begin their LaTeX usage. Check out Overleaf.

Overleaf also offers collaboration feature. You can share your document with other people and all of you can edit it at the same time while being able to visualize the changes as soon as they are made. Also, you can specify the authority by setting it as ‘read-only’ or ‘read and write’ depending on who you are sharing with. This gives more transparency to the working. You can also share the document easily through social media. Formulation of mathematical equation is very easy with this LaTeX editor. Some key features of Overleaf are real-time previewing, rich text editing, and document history.

6. WinShell

winshell online editor

WinShell is an integrated development environment for both TeX and LaTeX. It is multilingual and supports multiple platforms like Windows 2000 and higher, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems. It is not open source but is a good editor for creating LaTeX documents. It has got many of the cool features like syntax highlighting and spell checking. Hence, all the Word users can deal with this without much of a learning curve. WinShell also offers project management option. All of these features make it one of the best online LaTeX editors. check out WinShell.

WinShell is very light and easy to use. It can also be configured enough by the user to suit his or her needs. It has a range of mathematical tools and formulae making it very good for scientific application. Winchell does not have an inbuilt PDF viewer like many other LaTeX editors. You should have a pre-installed PDF viewer for a preview of PDF documents. Also, WinShell offers BibTeX support, which is an additional feature that makes it stand out from between the others.

7. TeXlipse Plugin For Eclipse IDE

TeXlipse Plugin For Eclipse IDE

TeXlipse brings LaTeX editing right into the Eclipse IDE. If you are a programmer, then you must have used Eclipse IDE at least once. It is a plugin for the Eclipse IDE. It has all the features of the popular LateX editors packed in it making it the best LaTeX editor that you can use in the IDE. It gives an experience similar to Microsoft Word. To get this one installed in your IDE, just go over to their website and they will direct you through the process. Check out TeXlipse.

TeXlipse has got many powerful features like document templates which always makes the work easier. It also has error markers so that you can enter data without worrying about mistakes. Syntax highlighting and indenting, code folding and comments are some key features of this LaTeX editor which makes it very popular. You can easily preview your projects without much problem where codes are concerned. This is a must have add-on for everyone working with the Eclipse IDE and this is the only platform that it requires.

8. ShareLaTeX

share latex

ShareLaTeX is a powerful and yet simple online LaTeX editor. It has numeroud awesome features such as 400 built-in templates for different needs like CV, research papers and more. You just have to choose a template and start entering the data without worrying about the formatting. It is supported by almost all of the browser making it super accessible to anyone. Check out ShareLaTex.

Another compelling feature of ShareLaTeX is that it allows real-time collaboration between different users who are editing the same document so that you can see all the changes made to the document as it is done. It also has features like chats and document history. You can just drag and drop the images to this editor. The document history feature lets you check the changes made and revert back to some point. It also has GitHub and Dropbox syncing which is totally cool. ShareLaTeX can be used for free when there is only one collaborator. For more of them, you need to pay a small monthly fee.

9. Vim with LaTeX-suite

Vim with LaTeX-suite

Vim is a an open source editor. The extension Vim-LaTeX allows the users to format and edit LaTex type documents. It has multiplatform support over all the major platforms like Linux and Unix based systems, Windows and Mac OS X. It is a very simple editor that offers a minimalistic approach. Despite that, it can be configured extensively depending on our needs, from a simple notepad to highly edited texts. The extension Vim-LaTeX works on all version above 6.0. Check out Vim With LaTeX suite.

For those who prefer a graphical interface, you can always opt for gVim, a standalone Vim software. It gives a GUI interface to the classic Vim editor. Vim was designed with programmers as the target audience. It has many of the powerful features of the other LaTeX editors like code folding, mode mapping, error checking and so much more. Customized templates are also available in this LaTeX editor.

10. Authorea

authorea online editor

Authorea is an online beautiful interface based latex editor. It runs seamlessly on all major browsers and has more than enough features of the above-mentioned editors plus some more. It has got many built-in templates that eliminate the need for formatting, making it easier for novice users. It also has a chat feature, document revision history to check for changes and collaboration tools so that you can work with many others on the same document and see the changes real-time. It also has a very straightforward approach to the creation of reference pages, insertion of tables and images and so much more. Check out Authorea.

Authorea also has many additional features like quick sharing over social media toggle feature for comments, quick edit and word count checking. It also supports multiple formats like HTML, markdown and LaTeX. And all of these are quite simply put so anyone can easily use it without much difficulty. Some of the other important features of Authorea are auto-creation of bibliography, link overlays, mathematical formulae, comment feature and so much more.


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