10 Best Kodi Addons of 2018

neptune risin addon

It is undoubtedly the era of networking where everything is integrated under the same roof of the internet. Be it television or shopping, everything can be and is done online by a large number of people. Kodi is one such service focused on home entertainment. It lets the user turn everything, from their laptop to even an Amazon fire stick, into a live streaming setup much similar to a set-top box.

Kodi has many features in itself but since it’s an open sourced, add-ons can be used to enhance its functionality. The kodi add-ons are changing consistently with better ones that offer better features replacing the best ones frequently. So if you’re currently looking for best kodi add-ons then keep reading.

Best Kodi Addons of 2018:

1. Neptune Rising

Neptune Rising is the best add-on this month with cool TV series and movies. It has consistent and timely code which is pulled in from many links which makes it reliable and extensive. It’s no wonder why this has acquired such popularity in such short time.

neptune risin addon

This add-on is a Poseidon fork from the Blamo repository and considered the best add-on by several users. It is kept up to date and is a go-to add-on for many Kodi users.

If you are on the lookout for a good add-on, do try this as it has been working really well to date and has more than enough collections of entertainment tailor-made for the audience.

2. Covenant

This one is another topper in the list of the best add-ons for Kodi and is found in the Kodi repository itself. It is also extremely reliable as it keeps updating its libraries and is stable.

Covenant addon

At a time when the add-ons are shutting down rapidly, covenant manages to stay firm even though its initial repository ‘Colossus’ was shut down. It is now stored in the Lazy Kodi repository and Kodil repository.

Despite all these setbacks, Covenant manages to bag the favour of plenty of users due to its media content which is kept up to date. This add-on is definitely worth a try.

3. Exodus

With latest media content which spans a large amount, Exodus is another one of the best Kodi addons available now. It is extremely popular and is widely used. It is the go-to add-on for users who love watching movies, TV shows, anime and sports. It was developed by Lambda and is a lot similar to Netflix in its look and feel.

exodus addon

You can filter through this add-on to make the searching process easy. Due to all these features, Exodus is a big name between the Kodi users.

Also, Exodus is a third party add-on. Hence, no support from the Kodi official forum will be available for any issues that might occur during its usage. This add-on was first made available through the TVAddons Indigo tool. But since TVAddon was shut down, Exodus was forced to disappear. Fortunately, an updated replacement of this great add-on was released, all thanks to the Kodil repository.

4. Placenta

Placenta is an add-on that works splendidly in XBox One. This too has firmly rooted its presence despite many add-ons being taken down. It is well maintained and its contents have codes that are frequently updated so that any glitches and errors are fixed as soon as possible.

Placenta kodi add on

Placenta is said to be a fork of the famous add-ons Exodus and Covenant. Being forked from such popular and reliable channels, it adds to the trustworthiness and stableness of this channel.

This is one of the best Kodi add-ons for watching videos as it offers a wide range of such media content. It is from Blamo and Muad’Dib.

5. Genesis Reborn

This is one of the best Kodi addons in the sense that it offers so many features that make it easy for the user to sort through the content they wish to watch. It has many popular Tv series and movies that can be streamed in very good quality.

Genesis Reborn Kodi Addon

The initial add-on named Genesis was shut down due to legal formalities, but the same team of developers brought back Genesis as Genesis Reborn. It has all the features and more than the original add-on had.

A cool feature of Genesis Reborn that makes it one of the best Kodi add-ons is that it shows metadata of the TV shows such as synopses, season and episodes, original airtime and so on to the users. If you are the kind of person who loves to keep up with the latest shows and movies, then this add-on is perfect for you.

6. Poseidon

Another convenient add-on, this one is similar to all the top add-ons like Covenant and Exodus and offers high compatibility with Kodi streaming service making it one of the best. It is very popular among Kodi users.

Poseidon add on

Poseidon boasts of a very good user interface which is extremely user-friendly and keeps its contents fresh and updated on a daily basis. This up to date library is a great attraction of this add-on.

The Poseidon add-on works like a charm with the Firestick users and can be considered the best Tv and movie add-on for the same. So keep up with your favourite entertainment without missing anything using this cool add-on for Kodi.

7. Incursion

This add-on is comparatively new yet popular. It is a fork of the very popular Covenant add-on for Kodi. And for this reason, it has the same look and feel of Covenant with the same features but its code is updated.

incursion addon

Incursion guarantees improved functionality than the original one at the same time maintaining its true perspective. The major pro of this add-on is that it is the best fork of the Covenant plugin so far. Also, as it is continuously refreshed, the contents are latest and all the bugs are fixed quickly.

Incursion is one of those add-ons that will be a great addition to your Kodi for watching TV shows and movies. A minor setback is that it may show some errors for a few providers. Do try this add-on in your Kodi.

8. cCloud TV

cCloud TV offers excellent quality streaming from communities around the world. This is because, as the name suggests, this cool add-on is a cloud-based system. Hence, you can watch TV channels of US and Australia or anywhere else you wish, in the comfort of your home using this one superb add-on. I’d say that’s pretty cool.

eCloud TV Kodi addon

Although this add-on used to host only the channels from US and UK, now it spans a lot of countries. It is the best channel for live streaming of sports. It also has all the best live IPTV channels.

As the add-on shows programs from different countries, its contents will be in different languages. If you are a sports junky, you should definitely go for this add-on. It also offers a lot of documentaries and news from around the globe.

9. The Dogs Bollocks (Magic Dragon)

The Dogs Bollocks channel is renamed the Magic Dragon. It was and is a very popular Kodi add-on. It can be thought of as an all in one plugin for Kodi which is the reason why it’s considered one of the best Kodi addons available.

The Dogs Bollocks (Magic Dragon) add on

This add-on is a rebranded Pyramid add-on. It’s original owner ditched it and passed on its contents and codes to the new owner. At the time it was temporarily called ‘The Dogs Bollocks’ and was renamed later to the current name of The Magic dragons.

This add-on is growing in popularity due to the variety of categories of contents it offers to the user. It has a lot of sections, unlike the other add-ons. Some of them are people watching, new movie releases, kids and so much more, literally. No wonder it is called an all in one plugin for Kodi. If you are the kind of person who loves to drift through a variety of content, then do check this one out. It’ll be a worthy addition.

10. Universe

With an intriguing name, Universe is another add-on dedicated to video streaming. It is forked from the Galaxy repository. This is an unofficial one and is a tough competitor for the claim of the best Kodi add-on for watching movies.

universe kodi addon

What makes this add-on stand out from all the other ones which offer movies is that almost all the movies in the Universe are of HD or 4K quality. So if you want the best movie experience in Kodi, it is recommended that you go for this channel.

It offers movies of different categories like 3D and Bollywood movies. It operates on a single click, that is, you can play the movie with just a single click thus improving it’s ease of use.


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