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iPhone Emulator

iPhones is just not a smartphone but it’s a fashion statement among people. Regardless how good of a phone you’ve, if it’s not iPhone then it doesn’t mean sh*t. But we can’t ignore the fact iPhone are the best once – that’s one thing that they are overpriced. If you ever wanted to use iPhone apps on you PC but don’t have an iPhone then don’t worry. You can install iPhone apps on your window PC using Emulator.

So What’s an Emulator?

An emulator is basically a software that allows your computer to act like a different system which is known as a ‘Guest‘ in order to run the software and apps of the guest system on it. So emulators are the apps that allow you to use the apps of one OS on another OS to test and observe the apps of that particular OS for example, a Windows PC that has an iOS emulator in order to run iOS Apps.

Best iOS Emulators For PC

So there are a few iOS emulators which provide smooth and awesome experience to play iOS apps on the Windows computer. Below is a list of best iPhone emulators for PC.

1. Smartface

Smartface emulator

Smartface is one of the best iOS emulators. It offers basic functions that are provided in Windows OS and allows the users to create and develop unlimited apps totally free of cost. Apart from that, the emulator is completely easy to use and all that required to do is install the app then followed by connecting it to the Windows System.

Also as an app developing program, it is quite adaptive to provide users with seamless iOS experience. Along with iOS, it is worth noticing that Smartface also supports the Android platform.

2. MobiOne Studio

Mobione emulator

MobiOne Studio is a Windows-based tool for creating cross-platform mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms. It allows the user to use a variety of applications and also is a great emulator for developing apps with ease. Through app supporting system, it allows large size apps to be reviewed and tested.

MobiOne Studio also allows to transfer the apps from the emulator straight into the devices making it more convenient as compared to other iPhone emulators.

3. Air iPhone Emulator

air iphone emulator

Air iPhone emulator very popular for creating almost realistic iOS effects. It functions using Adobe air framework that recreates the GUI of iOS in Windows devices. The app developers use this app in order to check the newly developed apps before releasing so that they can check how the app performs.

Although there are a lot of features that are available in this emulator, however a few core applications such as Safari web browser aren’t supported which results in the limited usage of this application.

4. iPhone Simulator

Iphone simulator

iPhone Simulator is an application designed to test and run your iPhone web applications. iPhone Simulator is widely popular for its ease of usage. This program works on flash and it is very smooth. However the app does not provide access to a few important apps such as App Store and Safari Browser (though it provides access to other important apps such as notepad, calculator, clock etc.)

The program is actually not very useful for app developers as it does not provide access to some important developing functions like USB debugging and a few more.

5. iPadian

iPadian emulator

iPandian is an emulator that gives you an impression of using iPhone. In simple words, it is an application that makes the user of a Windows PC to be able to experience the iPad’s OS. It launches an alternative desktop that looks like an iPad. It is based on the Adobe Air platform and cannot seem to run in the first place if the Adobe is not actually installed.

One thing you should know, It is an simulator but not an emulator hence it is not possible to run the native applications of iOS, but however iPadian comes with its own set of apps that provide users a feeling of using iOS.

6. Xamarian Testflight

iOS emulator

Xamarian Testflight let you build native apps for multiple platforms on a shared C# codebase. We would recommend this emulator to the developers as it proves to be a delight for them. Due to it’s support for the developers, it is easily considered as one of the best emulators in the market.

Though it is a paid emulator, but it is something that to be very honest is worth every penny. You can also download and use the free version. Following are the three major highlights of Xamarian Testflight.

  • Native UI, native API access, and native performance.
  • Anything you can do in Objective- Java, Swift, or C you can do in C# with Xamarin
  • Ship cutting-edge apps with same-day support for new OS releases.

Advantages of emulators:

There are various advantages of emulators such as they help one to test the apps which are in production, and also emulators can be used in various devices. Users can also test apps on an OS that they wish to switch before actually switching.

Did We Miss Something?

We provided the list of iOS Emulators for PC. If you want us to mention any app in the list then comment below – We will test it and put it in our list after testing it.


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