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10 Best eBook Torrent Sites to Download Books Free!

It is so difficult to get hold of paperbacks now, is it not? And even if you can, they are too pricey. So what are the options for an avid reader to read away without being stopped by these facts? If you are on the lookout for that, you got our back. And all of it has got to do something with eBook torrents. eBook torrents are like repositories of knowledge.

We all know that like everything, books are also victims of digitalization and that is really not a bad thing as we get a lot of books for free online. There are eBooks that are not available for free, even online. For that, you can use best eBook torrent websites, which are totally free and contains just about all genres.

Top 10 Best eBook Torrent Sites 2018:

1. ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent is one of the best eBooks torrent sites currently existing in many countries. You can download more than just eBooks but a lot of other stuff like movies and games. As far as the collections of books are concerned, ExtraTorrent has a vast one spanning almost all genres like thriller, romance, horror and more. You can search, download and share the torrents as you wish.

best ebook torrent site

What makes this attractive is that it has all the information like seed, peers and the size all combined into a single line. You can search for books by choosing the Books category that you will be able to see on the homepage. When you find the book that you have been looking for, you can download it easily from the site.

2. Kickass Torrents Mirror Site

As the name suggests, this is a mirror site – which goes by ‘’ – of the original Kickass Torrents which does not exist anymore. This torrent book site gives a feel which is very similar to that of the original site and works like a charm. The site is very easy to use and works like The Pirate Bay, which is another one among the best eBook torrent sites.

kickass torrents site

It has a very large collection of eBooks that you can browse through. In fact, they claim to have almost 2 lakhs of free eBooks on the site. That’s quite a major scale for such a website. Also, in case you didn’t find what you were looking for on the website, you can always request it. They have community forums in which you can request any books that you were not able to find on the site. That’s a big plus point too.

3. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is old enough and was founded in 2003. It bags the title of the leading torrent site currently ruling the internet. Many of the book torrent sites were closed down due to the copyright issues and The Pirate Bay was among them too. It was shut down multiple times but still reign as the best eBooks torrent site so far. We’ve also published top pirate bay alternatives.

pirate bay site

Books are no the only category in the site although the collections of books are huge. You will be able to find just about any book of any genre in The Pirate Bay. Users can also download or contribute to the site, which adds to its collections. In some areas, the site is banned. But they have circumvented this setback by using proxy sites that allow users to access the site from anywhere. All the torrents can be downloaded for free from this cool website.

4. is specially dedicated for your reading needs. It is a big repository of a large number of books spanning all genres. More than that, the major plus point to be noted is that it has books written in different languages like English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and so on.

wikibooks site

To access a book that you wish to look at, first, you have to specify the language it is written in. Then you type in the title of the book and that is it. You can download the book as simple as that. We’re sure that the ‘Wiki’ bit of the site’s name is sure to have tweaked your interest as you first read the title. But the site is in no way associated to Wikipedia and is just named so because it is a big database of just eBooks which span a large number.


RARBG is a torrent ebook site founded in 2008 and still works without any issues. RARBG is a very good and trustworthy website for all your eBook needs. Though the website is not as famous as it should be, it is extremely useful for downloading eBook torrents.

rarbg site

There is a huge number of books in the website spanning all genres. You can download these books using direct links or magnetic links. You might face a bit of difficulty with the user interface in the beginning. But as you get used to it, you will be able to see that the UI is really cool and you will appreciate the features that it offers.


FreeBookSpot is yet another top eBook torrent site exclusively dedicated to books. It is more famous among the community that prefers educational and non-fictional books to read. It has relatively few books in the fiction genre but makes up for it with the collections available in all the other genre.

Freebookspot site

The splendid website offers many cool features to the users. It gives out the best books of the week. They also have categories of books with sub-categories like ‘wanted’, ‘popular’ and such. It is not necessary for you to have an account to access books from this website though there is an option with which you can create one. Also, you can share your own books and get reviews from other people.

7. Torrentz

Torrentz is a website based in Finland and had the title of the second most visited site in both 2010 and 2015. It’s is a great site for you to find all the required eBooks that you wish to have. It has a multitude of categories and a large database of books along with other categories like entertainment.

torrentz site

This is one of the best eBook torrent sites in the sense that, it has a very simple user interface that makes it easy for the users to access the books without much complexity. You just have to use the search tool to find the book that you want from the list of ebook torrents given on the site.


Manybooks is also a books dedicated ebook torrent site. It has over 30,000 eBooks available which is a considerable amount. Hence, this is one of the best eBook torrent sites that can be found on the internet. is famous for its fantastic user interface which is superior to the other sites of its kind.

ebook torrent site

It offers a large number of categories and in addition to that, it also offers filters. Hence, you can search by category and filter by authors or vice versa and employ many such combinations thus enabling you to find what you are looking for with ease. It also invokes and encourages the writer in you. That is, if you yourself have written a book, you can use this website as a platform to promote it.

9. website is also centered on eBooks alone. It is very attractive in the amount of genre it offers. It has a number of magazines and educational books along with books in the common genres like fiction, romance, tech etc. You can easily choose among them or search for a specific book.

ebooke site

This website also has additional categories like ‘Top 10’ and ‘Recently Viewed’ which makes it easier for the users to choose according to their preferences.

10. YourBitTorrent

YourBitTorrent is a reliable free ebook torrent site with enough past and books to make it attractive enough. It was founded in 2003 and makes the user feel at home with its seamless interfaces and services.

yourbittorent site

It has torrent books for other sections and not just for books which adds to its popularity. You can go to the books category to find and download eBooks from different links that will be provided. The main reason why this site is preferred by many is that it is relatively safer compared to the other sites that offer the same services. The download path provided by this website is considered more reliable and secure.

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