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Best Dreamcast Emulators of 2018 to Play Sega Games!

Keeping up with all the games is a must for gamer geeks & Dreamcase is one of them. Dreamcast, one of the most popular gaming consoles, was launched in the year 1998 by Sega and is the 27th most sold video game console ever with over 9.13 million units sold till date. Everything is so good about it except its price.

But fear not, there is always a way. To get the Dreamcast experience in your own system, you can use Dreamcast emulators. Some of us has been way excited over the games that this console has offered. So, if you want to play them without much difficulty or cost, then take a look at the following list we have composed of the best Dreamcast emulators currently getting all the attention.

Top 10 Best Dreamcast Emulators:

1. Chankast

Chankast is currently a very good emulator for the Dreamcast gaming console. It is so popular because it was very successful earlier on. Before, it was difficult to build emulators that could support at least majority of the games that could be run in Dreamcast console. And those that were developed, were not able to run commercial games, sticking with demos and homebrews.

Chankaster was the first Dreamcast emulator to successfully run some of the commercial games of the Dreamcast console. And it also offered considerable quality to the graphics and playing schemes of these games. Hence, it was considered the best Dreamcast emulator by many of its users. Chankaster was developed for the Windows XP and 2003 platforms.

The minimum requirements o run this emulator are 256MB RAM, at least 1.6GHz Pentium 4, DC BIOS, a good graphics card such as Nvidia, latest DirectX and a Windows 2003 or XP operating system. This emulator will not work on Windows 9x or ME platforms. You will face some issues while using this in a Windows 200 platform.

2. DEmul

DEmul is so far one of the best Dreamcast emulators available. It is popular among the users for its compatibility. It can be used on the Windows operating system. It can virtually run almost all games on your Windows PC. Though some of the games might face small issues, it won’t have much problem running them either.

Another key factor of this emulator is the accuracy of the details it provides. It offers almost a similar experience as using the Dreamcast console itself. So it can be pretty nostalgic for a lot of us who have experience playing Dreamcast video games. It also offers very high speeds and no delays are experienced while gaming using this emulator.

Though the development of the DEmul emulator was stopped for a while, some Russian developers picked up the pieces and worked on it to make it so good. It is currently a work in progress, so all the bugs are fixed along the way as soon as they are encountered. Another major point about this Dreamcast emulator is that it supports emulation of Naomi 1, Naomi 2, Atomiswave and Hikaru. So that is pretty cool too.

3. Redream

Redream is a modern-day emulator for the Dreamcast gaming console. It claims to give the experience of Dreamcast, but in HD. Now that sounds very interesting, doesn’t it? And it can run on Windows, MacOS and Android operating systems. No wonder why it is considered one of the best Dreamcast emulators currently in existence.

Redream emulator renders the cls=assic games of Dreamcast in 4k or 1080p. It offers high compatibility and supports almost all the games in the Dreamcast library and runs them smoothly. This emulator is suited for the people who have no experience in using any emulators because it does not require any flash files or BIOS to configure. You just download it, add games and start playing just like that.

It is currently active and is maintained up to date by the developers. Hence the there are no considerable issues and if any, they are fixed right away. Now, the emulator is said to be going through a heavy update which will be released soon. The developers claim that the new updated version will have seriously major improvements on the performance with a lot of added features. It is currently available as a free version as well as premium version.

4. Reicast

Reicast is a Dreamcast emulator for Android. So, if you are looking for a seamless gaming experience on your Android device, do try this one. You are sure to love it. It is considered one of the best Dreamcast emulators because of the simplicity and stability that it provides while gaming. It also offers great accuracy with a close similarity to the original Dreamcast gaming console.

The graphics of the games that can be played with this emulator is very high. This adds to the gaming experience. It can be easily installed and configured, so you can get gaming without any unnecessary delays. Reicast emulator is also supported by the latest Windows 10 operating system. Hence you can use this on your PC also.

To run this emulator on your device, you require at least a 1gHz cortex-A9 Dual core if you want to game at decent speeds. A BIOS file is also a must to run this emulator. This file contains all the instruction to jump start your emulator and it cannot run without it. Reicast is now in the alpha stage of development. So you might face some minor issues with usability and performance but those issues will be worked out very soon.

5. Icarus

Icarus is another one of the Dreamcast emulators to play commercial games. It is also a great Dreamcast emulator fora great gaming experience. You have to have a good processor to run this emulator seamlessly.

Icarus runs a lot of commercial games of the Dreamcast gaming console. The developers of this emulator are ZeZu, ector, cyRUS and Felix. They are constantly working on the emulator to improve its performance and stability. Icarus is still active and being worked on at present.

Icarus has been taken down from the net since it is undergoing major rebuild. This looks promising as the new version is going to be even better. Its download links are not available for the same reason but will be released pretty soon. Hence it is currently unavailable. It has a lot of good ratings. Do look forward to it as it will be worth it.

6. NullDC

NullDC is one of the best emulators for Dreamcast. It was first announced on February 19, 2006. The cool factor about this emulator is that it is open sourced. Also, another key point is that it can emulate both Dreamcast and Naomi platforms. This one is very user-friendly with pretty good graphics quality and the stability is high too.

The NullDC emulator is mainly for the Windows platform. It has some requirements to work efficiently. It needs the latest Windows DirectX 9.0c version and the latest Visual++ runtime libraries and maybe some WinPcap for modem emulations. An original console BIOS is also needed to jump-start this emulator. This emulator has a plugin setup as well.

NullDC is currently not active. Its development was stopped by the developer and he then open sourced the code for this emulator. It is available on GitHub. Since it is not being updated or maintained, there are a few bugs in the emulator but still, it manages to function with great accuracy. The NullDC emulator is now replaced with the Reicast emulator for Dreamcast.

7. Makaron

Makaron is a Sega emulator for Dreamcast supported on the Windows operating system. It emulates both Dreamcast and Naomi platforms on Windows. It is well known for its compatibility rate. Hence it can run any of the commercial games supported by the Dreamcast platform.

This one has minimal user interface so that is not an issue for some of the users. Anybody can use it easily. It was last updated in 2010, so it is bound to have some bugs and issues. But it still runs smooth enough. Hence it is currently not an active emulator.

Makaron supports all sorts of ROMs. You can download and load any ROM into your system with the help of Makaron. It is also a great alternative for other popular emulators like DEmul. If some of the games do not work in those emulators, they will most probably run in this emulator. That is what makes this so popular.

8. Dreamer

Dreamer is an exclusive Dreamcast emulator with a history. It was the first ever developed emulator for the Dreamcast gaming console. Hence it was the first successful attempt at emulating the Sega platform for gaming. It was developed from the year 2000 till mid-2001.

Dreamer does not require much storage and is a lightweight program. It is still popular despite its age. It is currently not under development and is not active. This emulator for the Dreamcast gaming console can be run in different versions of the Windows operating system.

Dreamer only runs some demos to the games. It does not run any full versions or commercial games. Since it has not been updated for quite a long time, it is sure to have major bugs and might not run properly in the current versions of the Windows operating systems. But it does make one curious and do check it out if you are curious about earliest versions of emulation systems.

9. DreamSpec

DreamSpec is one of those emulators that stands out from among others due to many factors. It supports a lot of games that can be played using Dreamcast console and is one of the best Dreamcast emulators existing at present.

This emulator is a spectrum emulator. It was developed by the BigBoy developers and is very popular. This is because it comes preloaded with over 200 legally available free spectrum games. It has cool features like full sound, full speed, new skinnable GUI, screen brightness and PAL/NTSC. Since it comes preloaded with so many games, all you need to do is just burn it and boot it.

Since it was built using the OpenXSDK, it is legal to distribute it. It contains a prepared CDI image for burning. So it is very easy to use, even for a novice. It is currently not under active development but still is considered one of the best due to the features it already has in-built in it.

10. DreamEMU

DreamEMU is a Dreamcast emulator which runs on the Windows platform. It cannot be said to be a top-notch emulator as it has many problems regarding functionality and performance. It was one of the earliest emulators for Sega video game consoles.

DreamEMU can play some CPU demos and homebrew games. It does not support all the games run by the original Dreamcast console. And those games it does run, it does not support full versions of it. It can only run some demos of them. It is still in early stages of its development.

DreamEMU is currently undergoing improvements to make it better. It currently opens with the Sega screen. And some of the demos it supports run slower than usual. All in all, since it is undergoing some a vast development, we can look forward to when the commercial games will be supported by this emulator which will be quite soon.

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