10 Best Civ 5 mods

ehtnic units cvi mod

All the gamers out there are familiar with the famous Civilization series of video games. Civilization V is a video game of this series and is based on an entirely new game engine and hexagonal tiles instead of the ones used in the previous versions. It has many added features that were subsequently added in each of the expansions thereafter.

But as in a lot of games, Civilization V also has a collection of mods that add to its features and makes it even more popular. The number of Civ mods that offers varying hallmarks is vast and here we list a few of those for you to choose from and enjoy depending on your style and requirements.

Best Civ 5 Mods:

Below, is the list of top civilization 5 mods. They will make your game play super fun.

1. Really Advanced Setup

Really advanced setup mod is for the perfectionist in you. It offers options for additional features along with the usual set of options that can be found in the game. These options guarantee to make the feel of the gameplay much better and significant changes can be seen.

best Civ mod

It can be easily downloaded and activated online with no trouble at all. Some of the options that this mod for Civ 5 offers are starting visibility which improves the amount of map that is visible as the game starts and active civilizations which is an option to set the civilizations that you wish to use while you play the game. If you don’t think you want to use some of the civilizations at all just deactivate them.

Some other options of this mod are starting bias, starting bonuses, terrains, features and natural wonders and so on. This mod offers utility and interface tweaks to the Civilization V video game,

2. R.E.D Modpack

R.E.D Modpack stands for regiment and ethnic diversity. This mod enhances the graphics of the Civilization V game. The changes that are made while this mod is in use, are very obvious as you can see it in the graphics of the game.

red modpack

The most apparent change is the rescaling of units. Though they are nothing close to realistic, they still look a lot better. The difference in sizes of different armed units is a lot more prominent while using this mod. Though you might think that this is not a considerably big change, it still improves the graphics of the original game.

Another change this mod offers is the diversity of units. It has hundreds of new unit models and all are sustained without any change in the gameplay. The mod is constantly updated and under work so as to improve the ethnicity of each civilisation.

3. Ethnic Units

Ethnic Units mod is one of the best Civ 5 mods and also adds to the graphics of the original Civilization V video game. It is inspired by the R.E.D mod pack and the visual functionalities it rendered to the game.

ehtnic units cvi mod

The Ethnic units mod adds ethnic style to the existing units by overriding their current styles. It also has skins for many existing civilizations while it has improved the ethnic diversity by adding new units along with their skins.

The mod is constantly updated and maintained even though it has been over two years since it was released for the first time. Each update adds to the ethnicity. For instance, one of its updated version supported French cavalry and Polynesian swordsman.

4. Communitas AI And Tools

Communitas AI And Tools mod is the best Civ 5 mod which has offered some utilities and interface tweaks to the superb video game. It acts as the base and support for other mods like Communitas enhanced gameplay mod. Many such mods can be paired together with this mod as the base for an excellent gaming experience.

communitas AI and tools mod

True to the goal of the Civilization V’s AI, which is to make it ‘smarter and not harder’, the mode hasn’t ventured far from the original game. It makes possible an experience as close as possible to the core game while tweaking it’s utilities a bit such as decreasing the bonus while improving the AI.

Communitas AI and tools mod also have tools required for modders. The most striking change while using this mod is that once it is authorized, ‘good for’ tooltips come up on the screen. They help players to synthesize more information at the same time, thus saving time while building.

5. Infoaddict

InfoAddictis a Civ 5 mod that provides more information than usual. While playing strategic games such as Civilization V, a bit of extra information can go a long way in the race to out-build other players. InfoAddict mod helps you in just that.


This mode adds a time-based graph with all the required information such as military power, gold and score. It gives a visual illustration of all the required extra information that is required to give you an extra edge while playing the game. You can also choose where you want this graph to appear on the screen. Thus, the additional information represented will be inconspicuous while you play the game.

This mod also fits you with a button in the trade and discussion screen to make it easy for you to see when other leaders offer your a pact or trade. One can say that this mod is worth trying while you next play Civ 5.

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6. Prehistoric Era

Prehistoric Era is mod which can be called as a gameplay and total conversion mod. While all the mods listed above just tweaked the original game without actually changing the gameplay, this mod changes the gameplay by adding a new era to the game.

prehistoric mod for civ

This mod adds to the game, a prehistoric era with 2000 years of human history. So if you wish to enjoy some cavemen going haywire while you wait for the time to crawl through, then try this mod. It can add a lot to the gaming experience provided by Civilization V video game.

The prehistoric era of this mod has additional technologies like fire, gathering tools and more, resources like berries and so much more. If you want a feel of the primitive lifestyle as compared to the ancient one in the original game, do check this mode out.

7. R.E.D Xtreme

R.E.D Xtreme is another graphics mod like the  R.E.D mod pack. It offers even more rescaling features that enhance the graphics a lot. This mod can be thought of as an add-on for the original R.E.D mod pack that was listed above.

RED Xtreme mod

All the figures in civilization are rescaled to an extremely small scale. On top of it, the number of figures in each unit of civilization is boosted. These seemingly unobvious changes do feel unsubstantial but they add a strikingly dramatic effect to the visual aspects of the game.

Considering it is an add-on to the R.E.D mod pack, make sure that you have it installed before you try and install the Xtreme mod pack or else it will not work.

8. City Limits

City Limits is a mod that has to do with the boundaries of the different cities in the game. This mod comes under the category of utilities and interfaces tweak as it adds more options to the existing Civilization V video game.

city limits mod

The city limits mod permits the user to know the potential boundaries or borders of every city and urban landscape. In a game such as Civilization 5, this information can be crucial while you plot to conquer the world.

You will be able to see the boundaries while opening the city view or by clicking on the units of a particular city. Try this mod for a better game strategy with this additional information.

9. A Mod Of Ice And Fire

Sounds very familiar, doesn’t it? A mod of ice and fire is another one of the best Civ 5 mod and can be considered a gameplay and total conversion mod. It is based on the famous book series ‘A song of ice and fire’ penned by George R. R. Martin and the popular HBO series ‘Game of Thrones’.

a mod of ice and fire

The mod requires the Gods and Kings expansion in order to work. The series and the books are both a portrayal of deceptions, treasons and treachery with a strong depiction of violent conviction of the characters wish to rule the land. Hence, this little world of fiction is perfect for Civilization V. Although the presentation isn’t that great, the design and detail of this mod are noteworthy.

You might have some trouble when you try to select your house to play but other than that, it runs smooth enough. Take care that the Brave New World DLC expansion is disabled before you launch this mod. And as in the series, be warned that all your choices have outcomes.

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10. PerfectWorld3

PerfectWorld 3 is a mod which comes under the category of utilities and interfaces tweak. This is because this mod offers an extra option for a map which can be found in the setup menu. The map is more realistic and user-friendly because of how its created.

PerfectWorld3 mod site

The map has landforms created using various manipulations of Perlin noise. The climate is set using a simple model of geostrophic and monsoon patterns. You can see well-formed rivers in the map. They were created along effluent paths supervised by the elevation map with which, the landform was created.

The PerfectWorld3 mod was uploaded to the Steam Workshop by a third party instead of the original maker. Though this makes one doubt the performance of the mod, you need not worry. It works quite well and is one of the best Civ 5 mod available. It gives you a different view of the Civlization V’s geography and is worth trying.

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