15 Best Apps Like Uber For Ridesharing Services!

Lyft app

If we ever want to commute, be it for work or for pickup or to the airport, Uber is the first name that comes to our mind because it’s the industry standard. Uber is the world’s most popular ride hailing app but it’s not the only app that is reigning the market as of now. When Uber started to become more famous, a lot of other startups came up with similar services but with a whole lot of unique features.

There are many reasons why one might not wish to use Uber. Maybe you want to try something new, maybe you are done with peak time price surges. Or maybe you have found out about cheaper rates for the same distance and wish to try those services. Whatever reasons you may have, you are right in looking for other for Uber alternatives because it’s not for everyone. So take a look at the following compilation of the best apps like Uber or even better.

Top 15 Like Uber For Ridesharing Services:

1. Lyft

Install: Android | iOS

Lyft is one of the best apps like Uber and its biggest competitor in the United States with coverage in over 60 cities across the country. This service makes the cab-hailing process simpler and better and requires all of their drivers to have a valid driver’s license, DMV checks, background and criminal checks to ensure more safety. The app also allows the users to track their driving route and the driver’s details. Also, the app is also very similar to the Uber app interface-wise.

Lyft app

The Lyft app offers three different transport options – Lyft, Lyft Plus, and Lyft Line – so that you can rise alone or with up to six people with the Lyft Plus option. The app is available for Android and iOS platforms and has a good response time and exhibits better performance in overall safety. A study published in the Zenra Magazine showed that the average waiting time on Lyft is 6 seconds less than that for Uber. On the whole, this app definitely stands out as far as cab service is concerned.

2. Gett

Install: Android | iOS

Gett is another fast-growing cab-hailing service in the United States and a competitor of Uber. The service was previously known as Get Taxi and is pulling out all guns to get more customers by reducing their fares by 25 percent for rides booked in New York City. The app also operates internationally in cities like London, Moscow, Tel Aviv and more and New York is the first place of operation in the United States. The app also gives out a lot of promotional offers like $10 rides anywhere below the 110th street in Manhattan.

Gett app

A flat fare of $10 in Midtown made this service one of the most preferred cab hailing services offered in New York. The app allows the users to find out the estimated arrival time and driver information once booked. You can book a cab for up to two weeks in advance with no price surges. The drivers are TLC licensed and tested. The app also allows cashless payments and is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

3. Easy Taxi

Install: Android | iOS

Easy Taxi is one of the best taxi apps on the market today with its very reliable service and smooth operation. The app has support for over 30 countries and 420 cities worldwide and is a great alternative to Uber. It has over 17 million users worldwide and a taxi fleet of over 200k taxi drivers which makes finding and booking your taxi service very fast and easy. They also feature a destination taxi fare calculator and shows the estimated arrival time of your driver.

Easy Taxi

Easy Taxi gives training to their drivers so as to give them a great customer service. You can also sync your Easy Taxi app with Facebook which will make it easy to redeem coupons and vouchers that you have for your rides. The service has won multiple awards for being the safest and reliable ride-hailing service. With their screened and tested drivers and features like pay from the app options, this one is another great alternative for Uber.

4. Curb

Install: Android | iOS

Curb was previously known by the name Taxi Magic and rebranded itself recently and offers services which reach beyond on-demand cabs. It offers premium rides in some of the places where Taxi magic was already operating. The app now offers pre-scheduled rides to mainly airport locations and also allows for cashless payments. The app is clean cut but lags a bit but your ride still makes it out in time. You can opt-in for e-receipts at the end of each ride for easy expensing.


This app connects you to over 50,000 taxis with the tap of a button and you can easily request and pay for rides in 65 US cities including NYC, Boston, LA, Las Vegas, Miami and Washington DC. It gives you three options – Ride Now for immediate pickup, Ride Later to reserve a taxi for pickup for up to 24 hours in advance and Pair & Pay which allows you to use the Curb app for rides you hail with your hand and is available only in certain cities. You can easily connect with nearby licensed drivers who are fully insured, request a wheelchair accessible taxi and do a lot more. You can also earn free rides by sharing your referral codes.

5. MyTaxi

Install: Android | iOS

MyTaxi is another one of the top apps like Uber which makes finding a ride less of a chore and is a UK-based ride-hailing service. The app supports over 8 cities across five different countries and has made booking cabs very easy. This fast-growing service moved on from its origin in London and branched out to other European and Asian destinations.  With CRB checked drivers, this app is one of the most reliable services in the United Kingdom for hitching a ride.

MyTaxi app

It’s available in Ireland, Spain, Singapore and Japan besides the UK and has introduced many new features like the option which allows people to book a cab on behalf of others. Hailo has also recently introduced an option for electronic pay which allows the users to pay the cab directly from the app. Hailo for business also allows the premium users to ride in business class. The app is available for Android and iOS platforms and also on Apple Watch.

6. Ola Cabs

Install: Android | iOS

Ola Cabs is a top ridesharing app and the biggest competitor of Uber in India. This service covers over 80 cities in India and has bought TaxiForSure which is another big ride-hailing service. The cab is also said to offer the cheapest fares of all such services which are currently active in the country and is hence the top choice for many people. From Sedans to SUVs to luxury cars for special occasions, Ola has cabs suited for every pocket. Ola is also now available in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Canberra.

Ola Cabs app

Verified drivers, an emergency alert button and live ride tracking are some of the features of Ola Cabs which ensures your safety and comfort while commuting. A membership program with Ola also allows you to ride Prime Sedan at small fares and book cabs without peak pricing and zero wait time. To travel with the lowest fares, you can use Ola Share and for a faster travel experience, try Share Express on some fixed routes with no deviations. You can also play music, watch videos and a lot more with Ola Play and stay connected even when you are traveling through poor network areas with their free Wi-Fi facility.

7. Cabify

Install: Android | iOS

Cabify is a ridesharing app allows users to book a ride instantly with just a few clicks and is another one of the best apps like Uber for hailing a cab. Cabify has a fixed and transparent rate system which makes sure that the users are not price gauged. They provide fixed rates depending on the destination and is available for Android and iOS platforms. Cabify for Business and Events makes it easier for people to book their business and formal trips in advance.

Cabify app

Corporate traveling has options for invoices, account manager, lower rates, multiple accounts support and many other great features. You can also book a cab on behalf of someone else using this app. Track your ride in real time, get estimates of prices and pay using one of the many options they provide which you prefer. They also have a ride fare calculator and is available in Spain, Chile Peru, Mexico and Columbia.

8. Summon

Install: Official Website

Summon is a hybrid transport app which offers both ride-hailing and ride sharing which is also called personal rides. This service was previously known as InsaCab and is currently operating out of the Bay area with plans to expand and is not as big as its competitors in the market. You can schedule your ride ahead with the Summon schedule Ahead program. You also have the 30-minute free cancellation option attached to that cab booking as well. The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms or online.


When you use Summon, a driver will be outside your door at your pickup time and you don’t have to wait. You can also hire your favorite drivers from a group of handpicked drivers that provide excellent service. The flat fare of $12.50 for 20 minutes is offered and never changes and there is no surge pricing as in Uber. Summon Ahead serves San Francisco, Oakland, Berkely, Emeryville, Redwood City, Foster City and San Mateo. There is also a customer service number to make sure that you are never left waiting for their services.

9. Bla Bla Car

Install: Android | iOS

Bla Bla Car is another one of the best apps like Uber for ride-hailing and was born from its creators’ car sharing idea into a pan-European community that connects people to rides or allows them to ride. The unique feature of this app is that when you create your profile, you can select the level of chat you want during your journey, and hence the name ‘Bla Bla Car’. The app has over 35 million users and has achieved over 21 million Android and iPhone downloads so far.

BlaBla Car

It influences people’s lives in more than just as a service by allowing them to form friendships, save money and work towards a greener planet. The app is quite basic and nothing fancy. With the members setting very low fees for long distance travel, this app is becoming quite popular and is even considered a good alternative to bus travel. Government ID verifications add another level of security to the member profiles. Carpooling also cuts out transfers, queues and the waiting around from your journey.

10. Kabbee

Install: Android | iOS

Kabbee ridesharing app pairs passengers with professional London cab drivers to cover their city and airport journeys. It has got one of the most advanced booking features which allow you to book up to 5 to 3 months well in advance. The service has over 10,000 drivers who are licensed and insured and is very reliable. It is surprisingly cheaper than Ubber and other mainstream apps which is the reason for its popularity.

Kabbee app

The prices are fixed and you don’t have to pay for poor routes or pay extra during peak time. You also have a 30-minute free waiting time with a meet and greet service. The app allows you to pay by cash, account or by card and also offers customer service 24/7. It is available for all devices from iOS to Blackberry.

11. Flywheel

Install: Android | iOS

Flywheel is an app like Uber which is launched in San Francisco where now over 80% taxi drivers use a breakthrough software. It allows you to hail professional and fully licensed taxi drivers and offers standard rates rather than individual car fares like Uber does during peak time. Because of this reason, the prices have remained the same, allowing them to build u a solid customer base. It has got all the usual app features for passengers from instant cab hail to tracking rides.


It also allows you to add your preferred payment method to the app. Fare and tracking analytics run through Taxi iOS, the first government-certified software meter that has nothing to do with the standard old-school taximeters. This promises a better user experience for customers at the same time helps drivers and cab fleets stay connected and do better business together. With just a few clicks, you can hail the closest driver, regardless of the taxi company. It is also great for drivers as they are in control of their own schedule and can drive as and when they can and wish.

12. goCatch

Install: Android | iOS

goCatch allows you to book a ride share, taxi or taxi van within minutes using their fantastic app and you can even earn Qantas points for your ride. This app is one of the biggest rivals of Uber and doesn’t charge surge pricing during peak demand periods like Uber does. It operates in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland and is cheaper than many of the other similar services. First-time riders can even score a free ride credit. This app features the largest fleet of registered taxi drivers with metered taxis in Australia with over 3 lakh registered users and 30,000 taxis and covers 40% of the taxi-tech industry of Australia.

goCatch app

The main advantage of the service is that it charges the same fare as provided by the meter reading on the can and you will only have to pay an additional 5% surcharge if you pay with a credit card in comparison to the standard 10% surcharge for payment with a credit card across Australia. You can also provide a pre-ride upfront tip and bookings in advance. The app also allows the users to track their ride and get information about the driver assigned for your ride. It also has a feature for Business users and provides them with business accounts offering centralized accounts and business card systems.

13. Ingogo

Install: Android | iOS

Ingogo is another app like Uber which is very popular in Australia for hailing a ride. It employs a fixed rate system and cashless payments method makes it quite popular among the users. it also adds a $10 credit guarantee if the booked driver does not show up for whatever reason. Ingogo also allows users to live track the rides and pre-book services up to 48 hours in advance. It is available for both iOS and Android applications.


Ingogo for Business also allows corporates to manage their transportation needs efficiently and save costs. It has a centralized reporting dashboard which allows corporates to keep track of all their billing and reporting related to the transportation of their executives. It operates in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The app also provides expense management tools for business users so as to make paper receipts obsolete.

14. Bitaksi

Install: Android | iOS

Bitaksi is one of the most famous cab hailing service application in Istanbul with over 200k registered users and over 34,000 taxi drivers supporting it. It is one of the few such services which has introduced in-app card payment system in Istanbul. It also provides information like current traffic en route to improve efficiency and reliability. You can also track your ride in real time using Bitaksi.

Bitaksi app

All of the drivers are license checked and driver ratings are also provided to the customers. You can also rate your driver at the end of the ride and also give comments based on the service. You can also select taxi types in Bitaksi. It also offers features like fare calculators and you can share your route to make your experience more robust. It also offers a ride history which means that all rides are recorded.

15. Le Cab

Install: Android | iOS

Le Cab is the cab service for you if you are in Paris as Uber is banned in this beautiful city and the service has made the most out of this situation. Le Cab has over 70,000 active users which are increasing rapidly and also has an increasing fleet of cars available. This fast-growing application also allows users to rent private jets to tour Paris. They also have a guarantee that you will get a ride in just 7 minutes of booking.

Le Cab app

Le Cab has also partnered with PrivateFly which lets them allow users to fly to their destination. It makes use of the standard Peugeot 508, Made in France vehicles as their fleet of cabs to transport users across the city. You can re-book your ride with just one click and shake your device to reset the details. The app is available for Android, iOS and Windows operating systems and has got a lot of other cool features. Fixed prices and fast service are some of the other features that makes this app much preferred among the users.


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