Top 10 Alternative Apps like Tinder!


Technology has consumed almost all the aspect of over public and social life, then why not personal too? Tinder is not a new name for most of us and I think it is the definition of invasion and impact that technology has caused in our personal lives and that doesn’t mean it is a bad thing. Tinder is the dating app which is more about finding a potential partner than just getting laid. However, if you looking for quick flings then head over to our article Top Hookup Apps for One Night Stand.

Since its release, Tinder has taken the internet by a storm and has got over 50 million active users and record over 2 billion swipes per day. The app has also matched 20 billion profiles by now which is too overwhelming, even to imagine. Since it has become over-crowded and people are seeing results quicker, therefore it’s time for you to look for apps like tinder. – some of ’em even better than tinder.

Top 10 Alternative Apps like Tinder:

1. OkCupid Dating

OkCupid Dating is all about you as a person and not just how you look. In fact, their official website reads ‘You are more than just your photo’ and they keep to their moto by matching you based on your passions and interests; You can even remove the matches based on their interest that you dislike. So if you are on the lookout for something meaningful & at least beyond your looks, OkCupid Dating is the way to go.

OkCupid Dating

A downside to this app is that most of the feature requires payment to actually unveil and even the basic functions require payment. It has got an endless amount of personality quiz questions that can give you a match percentage with your potential partners. A big pro is that you can kick out mean people like racists and sexists quite easily using the site.

Download: Android | iOS (Free with in app purchases)

2. Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel is an app like Tinder but with an entirely different approach which is quite bizarre. It can be said that it either gives a lot of power to women or limits their choices, depending on your perspective. How it works is that if you are a user who identifies as male, then every noon you will receive up to 21 quality matches known as ‘Bagels’ and you can pick the ones that interests you and pass the rest up.

Coffee Meets Bagel

The women only get suggestions from the men who have liked your “Bagel”, pun intended, and you can choose from them and it is safe because you don’t have to face the disappointment of rejection as you will only get requests from guys who have already shown interest in you. You might feel like you lost the freedom of picking your own man like in Tinder. But the best part about the app is that you don’t have to waste time swiping away because you get highly curated matches exclusively for you.

Download: Android / iOS (Free with in-app purchases)

3. Hinge

Hinge is for people who are worry about connecting with strangers and prefer to stay in the comfort of knowing the person. It doesn’t pair you up with total strangers by making use of your social media which finds out your friends of friends and third-degree friends and pairs you up with them. Some people might find this as a bit of an off feature because most of the time we want to meet new people.

Hinge app

The idea behind the site is that your friends will be friends with people who have a personality very close to yours and hence the friends of friends will be a good match for you. So if you have a crush on somebody that you know but haven’t been able to approach, then this app is definitely for you. And if the date gets screwed up somehow, it might affect your relationship with your friend which is a problem.

Download: Android / iOS (Free with in-app purchases)

4. Badoo

Badoo is another dating-focussed social network app like Tinder that operates in 190 countries around the world. it operates in a freemium model which means that you can use all the basic features for free. The app is available for Android, iOS and web platforms and also in 47 different languages.


There are many cool features on this app like meeting people nearby through it as it lets you see and contact prospective dates around your area and also those people whom you have bumped into. It not only lets you see people nearby but also lets you allows you to view people anywhere, even at the other end of the world and like in Tinder you can swipe left or right and if there is a match, you will be notified. Also, the app also has a video chat feature that allows you to connect with others in real time but only after you have both exchanged messages.

Download: Android iOS (Free with in-app purchases)

4. Happn

Happn has brought a whole new vision to the entire concept of online dating. It allows you to find potential partners that you have crossed paths with, literally, by making use of your social media accounts and location. They even tell you how many times you have crossed paths with the other person and every time you do cross paths with some Happn user, their profile will show up on your timeline.


After the profile shows up, you can either choose to like them or swipe them away just as in Tinder and if you like the person and s/he likes you back, you get connected and you can start chatting right then. Functionality wise, it is very much like Tinder aside from the whole crossing path feature which is really unique. It even has a Crush feature like the Superlike feature in Tinder which lets the other person know that you like them but the Charms are based on your credits and you have to earn them by buying them or by inviting friends to the app. It’s a pretty good alternative to Tinder app.

Download: Android / iOS (Free with in-app purchases)

5. Plenty Of Fish

Plenty Of Fish is pretty much like Tinder’s doppelganger, but it is almost entirely free unlike the latter. It has almost all of the feature that Tinder has and most of these are free. You can look at an unlimited number of profiles, send an unlimited number of messages and do a lot more for free. In fact, Plenty Of Fish is one of the largest online dating platforms with around 705 million registered users.

Plenty Of Fish

Since so much is offered for free, of course, there is a catch which is the lack of quality of the site mostly because of the users. There are plenty of fake profiles on the site and many frustrated men which might make it very irritating for women to use the app. And it is currently only available in Canda, US, UK, Brazil, Ireland and Australia. It mightn’t be better than Tinder but it definitely has an edge with its completely free membership.

Download: Android | iOS (Free)

6. Bumble

Bumble is perfect for you if you are a woman done with online dating platforms because of all the fake profiles and indecent messages that may have filled up your wall. It only allows the woman to start a conversation but in every other aspect, it is just an app like Tinder. You will be shown different profiles which you can like or dislike and if the other person is interested as well, you get connected. Till here, it applies to both guys and girls.


Now, if you are a guy, you will have to wait until the lady initiates the conversation. This is good in a way that women can avoid a lot of obscene messages and men can know for sure that the lady is into you. So basically, it is an app where women feel comfortable and men don’t have to go through the pain of leaving many unanswered hellos to ladies’ profiles.

Download: Android | iOS (Free with in-app purchases)

7. eHarmony

eHarmony is an app like Tinder & became Tinder’s competitors because they are the first among who employed scientific approach for matchmaking. They claim that you can be sure that match shown to you will be highly compatible with you. They claim that every day, an average of 438 singles marry a match they found on eharmony.


This means that there is a very good chance that you might hit it off with your date if you are looking for a serious relationship. In fact, if you are tired of the whole dating drama and want to indulge in something good and longterm, then this is the site for you.

Download: Android | iOS (Free with in-app purchases)

8. Skout

Skout is not only limited to meeting dates but works kind of like social media. It allows you to meet people whom you want to date or you can make friends through this site too. You can meet people who are near and far using this app and form good relationships with them which make a pretty decent alternative to Tinder.


Through the site, you will be able to meet the people who are geographically close to you and you can date them. Or you can connect with people on the other end of the globe and be friends with them and it all starts with you deciding whether you like or dislike a profile just like in Tinder. The major difference between Skout and Tinder is that the latter facilitates the creation of a more value-filled relationship than just finding dates.

Download: Android | iOS (Free with in-app purchases)

9. Grindr

Grindr not only supports binary genders but also is a dating platform for queer people as well. It pairs up bisexual, transgenders and gay people and is an app with a dedication to them. It helps such people by taking out the need to guess because the platform is just for them. It’s a wonderful app for TG community looking for apps like Tinder.


This is the world’s largest social networking app for gay, bi, trans and queer people and was launched in the year 2009. Dating is no cake walk and especially for such people, it is a much harsher experience considering they don’t know the gender preferences of the people who they are interested in. No wonder this app is so popular around the world and if this applies to you, go for this app and you won’t be disappointed.

Download: Android | iOS (Free with in-app purchases)

10. Zoe

Zoe is for women and not just women but for lesbians, bisexual and queer women all over the world. It is basically Grindr but the female version and helps such women in all the ways Grindr helps such men. And this app is not just for dating around and for people who are looking for something serious. You matches come with a match percentage which will make it easier for you a lot.


Also, you are required to take a personality test when you join the platform and your matches are calculated based on this test. the more you have in common with the other person, the higher the match percentage and you can decide whether to go out with them based on the percentage. If you are a queer woman looking to find a date, then this app is highly recommended.

Download: Android | iOS (Free with in-app purchases)

12. Luxy

Luxy is like the blown up version of Tinder and it is not free at all which is the first thing I want you to know. Also, this dating platform is exclusively for millionaires, so don’t even think about this one if you are not one. So it being paid is quite understandable.


But being such a site, it does have its own advantages like 24/7 customer care and support and also allows you to keep your profile invisible. It also has a very restrictive policy when it comes to scams and only shows your profiles to people whom you have liked and many more features. So if you are a millionaire looking to meet with millionaires, then this one is made just for you.

Download: Android | iOS (Free with in-app purchases)

13. Truly Madly

Truly Madly is the Tinder of India and designed especially for India and is one of the largest online dating platforms in the country. Though Tinder and others are available globally, this one will work best for Indians with its specially designed features focussed on them. It evaluates your preferences and employs a matchmaking algorithm to provide you with the best possible matches for you.

Truly Madly

It also allows the users to upload photos and videos of whatever they want to better express themselves and these media are all screenshot proof, so you also have assured security in addition to all the basic features. You can be sure that these photos won’t be misused on the internet. So if you are an Indian looking to find a date, then go for this one. It is perfect for you.

Download: Android / iOS (Free with in-app purchases)

14. EliteSingles

EliteSingles does have a posh name and its name is very close to the kind of service it provides because they have a different take on dating than from apps like Tinder. They focus on matching professionals with other professionals based on their academic and professional background. This might seem like a little too restrictive for a dating site but it is very popular. If you are a person who values education and profession a lot, then this site is just perfect for you.


The site claims to have well-educated professionals using it with 90% of the member being over 30 years of age and 80% of them have a university degree. This site matches like-minded people by deciding the match based on their academic background so it does have a no-nonsense approach unlike in Tinder and many other such apps which contain a lot of fake profiles. A drawback of the site is that, currently, it is only available in Ireland, US, UK, Australia, Canda, New Zealand and South Africa.

Download: Android | iOS (Free with in-app purchases)

15. Twin Dog

Twin Dog is like a very weird but nice counterpart of Tinder with a very different take on how the matchmaking happens. This is the online dating app dedicated to dog lovers and pairs you based on your mutual interests in dogs. You can pick your date based on their dog preferences, which may seem funny and weird but is really a time pass.


You can find cute dog memes and dogs are really very important. But basing your future partner based on their dog preferences is not something I would recommend, but if you are dog obsessed, this one is for you. I don’t think you will find your one true love through the app but it sure will narrow down your options for you.

Download: Android | iOS (Free with in-app purchases)


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